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Learn Write your first TDL in Tally ? Tally TDL are the Programming extensions to amend the functionality of the Tally.ERP 9 Software. In Other words it is known as Tally Customisation. You can customise your invoice, add, edit any extra column in the sales invoice or in any voucher, reports, customise your printing and much more you can do by learning the Tally TDL. Tally TDL is the 4th Generation programming learning.

Free TDL Wow! : Write your first TDL in Tally.ERP 9

Here is an example of an amended ledger master. This Image is a result of the TDL codes wrote by one of my student of the lifetime Tally TDL Course 

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write your first  tdl in tally

Now today we will discuss the basic of TDL and will write our first TDL programme.

Believe me, it is very very easy to write your first TDL and it does not require any special knowledge or experience!

First of all, you need to memories following :FirstReport uses FormForm uses PartsPart uses linesLine uses FieldsA Field is the real container where the data is displayed.You Don’t need to understand it! This is a universal rule for Tally TDLNow, Let’s prepare our first TDL program.Open your notepad from the windowsand Write below codes. I would prefer you to write yourself without being copy paste. it will give you practice and in TDL self-practice is the most important thing one need to learn Tally Developer Languages.

Learn how to write your first tdl in tally

Here is the coding structure of a very basic TDL

[#menu:gateway of tally]Item:myfirst tdl:Display:My Report[Report:My Report]form: myform[form:myform]Part:my Part[Part:my part]line:my Line[line:my Line]Field:First field[Field:First field] set as : “Let’s Start learning tally”;; end of code

Now save this file with a name suppose myfirsttdl.txt in notepad and then copy paste the same in your tally folder

Now start your tally software and follow the guidelines how to activate TDL in Tally.ERP 9.You don’t need to have a licensed software of either tally nor tally developerIt will work in any software and you can learn tally TDL very easy just by following such simple programming codes and a self-practice.

set as : “Let’s Start learning tally”

now follow the articles on how to set tdl in tally and activate your first TDL.

Now, start your tally and you will find screenshots as per below.

you will find an extra menu in your default menu with the name my first TDL

Want to see a video to Write your first TDL in Tally

You can also watch the video to create your first TDL report on your own.

hit the same and you will find your first TDL program. You don’t need to know any prior coding knowledge. You don’t need to buy any license to learn TDL.

IF you like the teaching, then do share your feedback.

If you have any query or need any guidance then please post a comment.

You can learn complete TDL online by  joining my course  online Tally TDL Course.

You can find out more about the course chapters and projects you will be learning.

Tally TDL online Course

We are fortunate to have awesome testimonials from our students where students shares how this course is helping to learn TDL online.

80 thoughts on “Free TDL Wow! : Write your first TDL in Tally.ERP 9

  1. Mukesh Mehra says:

    I like it very much it works. Can you suggust more to develop tdl.
    I am using Barcode printing tdl in my tally . but the problem is that the printing of barcode is in vertical line. i want to use this in horizontal line & want to change the content of Tdl.Kindly send more details of the below to change the tdl in own style. I want to change the barcode style also.
    Here is the tdl.
    ;; Sri Ganeshji : Sri Balaji : Sri Pitreshwarji : Sri Durgaji : Sri Venkateshwara

    [#Form : Sales Color]

    Add : Print : EI LabelPrinting

    ;; Adding Label Printing Report to the already existing Report/s.

    [Report : EI LabelPrinting]

    Form : EI LabelPrinting
    Object : Voucher

    [Form : EI LabelPrinting]

    Part : EI LabelPrinting

    [Part : EI LabelPrinting]

    Line : EI LabelPrinting
    Repeat : EI LabelPrinting : Inventory Entries
    Scroll : Vertical

    [Line : EI LabelPrinting]

    Field : EI StkItem Label
    Explode : EI MoreLabels : $$Number:$BilledQty > 2
    Space Bottom : 1

    ;; Explode part starts

    [Part : EI MoreLabels]

    Line : EI MoreLabels

    [Line : EI MoreLabels]

    Field : EI STkItem Label
    Explode : EIMoreLabels : $$Number:$BilledQty >($$ExplodeLevel+$$Line)
    Space bottom : 1

    ;; Explode part ends

    [Field : EI StkItem Label]

    Use : Name Field
    Set As : If $$IsEmpty:($StkAlias:StockItem:$StockItemName) then “(“+$StockItemName”)” +
    else “(“+($StkAlias:StockItem:$StockItemName)+”)”
    Style : Bar Code

    [Style: Bar Code]

    Font : IDAutomationHC39S
    Height : 10

    ;; Font used to print the alphanumeric/numeric values as Barcode

    [#Object : StockItem]

    StkAlias : $$Alias

    ;; End-of-File

    1. Dear Mukesh,
      Welcome to Free Learning tall 9 and accounting.
      I am happy that you like the article.Surely I will write more about TDL and more example. Because it is the example and real program which help to learn tally and the TDL.
      About the tdl code you have published here, I will look into the matter at the earliest and we will discuss this matter and further coding on support fourm

      1. Hello sir,

        how shall i Al
        ter the ledger in voucher screen without escape from the voucher screen.

    2. i have a not change invoice formate by it’s classname
      Help plz..

      [#Form:ExciseMfgr Invoice]
      Add:Options:RetInvoice:@@IsExciseSales and $ClassName Contains “OGS 12 .5%”

    3. sir i want tdl for printing rtgs forms

  2. sir, we are a manufacturing company and we are providing fabrics for more than 600 customers each customer has a different types of rate for the same product, is there any option to maintain the rate master for teach customers

    1. Haider Reza says:

      Yes , You Can maintain it in Tally by using price level

  3. Dear Mahendra ji,
    we are seeking more posts regarding TDL language. the first tdl works well
    Thanks a lot

    1. Ram,
      Surely, You will see more post about TDL actually right now it is hard for me to manage my time schedule.

  4. hi everybody
    can any one help me in my report, i want to print my cash book which should show Cash bank and one extra total (Cash+Bank) column in my cash book

  5. Johar chhil says:

    Sir i would like to have Percentage fields in pricelist so that it could automatically calculate rate according to percentage given by taking MRP value and VAT from the stock item which we are entering at the time of creation of stock

    e.g : Name: Bleach MRP: 120/- VAT : 14.5%

    so if we enter 20 in percentage field the rate in pricelist should display 83.84

    i.e 120/- * 20% = 96/- the 96/- divide by 1.145 = 83.84

    1. Johar,
      This is a chargeable service.
      Please fill out the contact us page on our site

  6. Sir i would like to have Percentage fields in pricelist so that it could automatically calculate rate according to percentage given by taking MRP value and VAT from the stock item which we are entering at the time of creation of stock

    e.g : Name: Bleach MRP: 120/- VAT : 14.5%

    so if we enter 20 in percentage field the rate in pricelist should display 83.84

    i.e 120/- * 20% = 96/- the 96/- divide by 1.145 = 83.84

  7. Sir please write a program for including pictures in an invoice and to customise the height and width of an invoice.Thank you.

    1. u can print logo and pictures if u provide emaild id i can send source code to u

  8. Rajesh Nath Goswami says:

    Dear Sir,
    I want customised Tally for Fee Collection and School Management System. How to solve this.

  9. hello, i like your style and process in reporting the message. pls provide me coding for school by Rafi

  10. Dear Sir,

    I want to add sales voucher class with ledger.

    pls help me.

    1. Sudhir,
      Your requirements is so strange that, I am really unable to understand it. never hear anything such so far!

  11. Mahendra i like your articles. so helpful to all new developers. Buddy i am also a beginner if you can help me. I have created two Sales voucher types 1)Sales A and 2)Sales B when i print Sales A the title should be Invoice but when i print Sales B i want Inv-Del to be printed can you please help me how to go about it. It would be better if you can give me sode code which i can use it solve my problem.

  12. Giridhar.V.R says:

    Refering to my Querry 22.10.2011 at 9.52 P.m, our Tally Serial Number is : 7xxxxxx. Request you to guide for making appropriate correction in the above TDL Codes.

  13. In Tally possible for Auto Batch Numbering if it is possible then how give me details

    1. kiran Dham says:

      here it is the code for autobatchnumbering

      in the field you have to write the code,

      it will increase the number for every voucher you save..
      hope it works..
      kiran Dham

  14. Hitesh Kumar says:

    I need a top margin while printing the POS Invoice, how can i do that, please help

    1. kiran Dham says:

      Sir you can identify the default part then add your optional part then delete margin and add your own margin
      Hope it helps..
      kiran DHam

  15. Chetan mandalia says:

    Dear sir,
    i have made two tdl , one is for export contact address from ledgers and other is for voucher no in bank reco mode as i have use this option for cheque no and that voucher no not apperaed in the bank reco mode hence i have made that. I have all these are learned automatically by seening the tdl of sweta computers.
    i want that you have given one tdl for running balance but it is with some error, i have that cleared. pls let me know how can i add my openning balance with running balance And i want to now formula for +-/*intdll

  16. RAFI AHMED says:

    hello sir
    Good Day
    I like your posters and happy. I want to create and view TDL file with UDF. Can u pls help me

  17. Sir,
    I am tally user can you send me the .tdl file for creating a monthly sales of the same stock and printing it in a sales format thanks

  18. Dear sir Mahendra,

    I am using Tally 9 ver2.14, for printing Invoices.
    The option of “Stop printing vertical lines/borders” doesn’t seem to work. I have a dot matrix printer and I need this option to be set to YES. However the final print has vertical lines in it. Is there a correction patch to this bug?

    Please help. (I prefer the neat mode, as the dot matrix mode does not have the desired appearance of Invoice)

    Thank you very much

  19. Dear Sir, I m from Bangladesh.
    A problem in tally 9 i face. There is no opening balance in group summary for Income or Expense group, But it is ok for Asset or Liabilities group. How to solve it sir. Another thing, may I have a tdl for displaying and printing opening balance in Cash Flow.

    1. Eco,
      I am not getting you! In accountancy Income/Expenses can’t have closing balance and so they can’t have opening balances too!

  20. Sir,
    I am tally user can you send me the .tdl file for ledger view on trans screen

  21. S.Ramachandran says:

    Sir, I am regular tally user. I want to print tally invoice in A4 Sheet and I want acknowledgement part from retailor or debtor part having acknowledged stocks and promise to pay the
    same amount as per the above invoice with seal and signature. that acknowledgment part may be 8 inches * 2 inches in A4 sheet. in which party name invoice number and date and amount of invoice to be printed. this tdl have to work on dot matrix and laser printer also. kindly advice how to make tdl regards. S.Ramachandran

    1. Hello Ramchandran,
      We highly value all our readers and I am glad for being you our regular reader.
      Regarding, your requirement, it is not that easy to explain as it needs complex coding, a lot of codes to be prepared,modified etc. I would advice to your hire a professional and he will do it for sure.

      Otherwise, you need to study whole TDL language

  22. tallyganesh says:

    Dear Sir,
    i made on sales invoice
    the amount & amount in words coming in INDIAN RUPEES only
    when i make sales invoice in foren currency it is not coming in foren curreny
    pls tell me source code

  23. rahul potter says:

    how to learn tdl language by first student who known about tally but no known about tdl.
    your faithfully
    rahul potter
    aacountant (HOD)

    1. before starting tally tdl basics concepts of programming should be clear , object orinted concepts and how program works

  24. Sureshkumar K says:


    I wud like to learn TDL. Please let me know the ways. I completed TDL course by Tally. But I could not follow it.



  25. Harsh Vardhan says:

    Dear Sir,

    I want to insert one more column of Dis.Amt. before the amount column in sales voucher.

    And get the net amount after deduction of dis in % and dis amt.

    so plz tell me how can i do??

    1. kiran Dham says:

      Hi i am having the sample code for the same
      send your mail Id i will forward the same to you..

  26. Elavarasan says:

    Hi sir,

    I want to know how to configure tdl in tally 9 gold for data import using notepad format whereas the same is available in ERP9 in the configuration settings please help me how to do tdl config in tally 9 gold

  27. MUSSA KYSMBOL says:

    Hello Sir,
    Thanks for your article it is very interesting,sir am the tally user and my base currency is Tsh. and my other multi- currency is US$,can you help me to get a tdl code that will show me both my figure in my invoice print out?base on my exchange rate?
    example to have the colum that will show:
    Vatable Amount (Tshs) xxxxx
    Non Vatable Amount (Tshs.) xxxxx
    Vat Amount (Tshs) xxxxxx
    Total Amount (Tshs.) xxxxxx

  28. poornima MR says:

    Hello Sir,
    I developed one module in TDL i want to integrate that into balance sheet in tally ERP.9. please help me in this problem. how to Connect my module to tally balance sheet.

  29. Dinesh Asopa says:

    Dear Sir How to Open tdl file pl

  30. Chadnrakant says:

    Dear all please help me to get values from payment voucher of purchase details like Purchase voucher number, purchase voucher date

  31. uma ganesh says:

    Dear Sir,

    pls tell me the code for Tally Logo

  32. mahesh chauhan says:

    sir i want to learn TDL , by joining your academy pls give me details how can i joint & learn.

  33. sir am interested in buying RTGS printing tdl source code.

  34. dear sir,

    please advice me i want to add feature in tally showing profit in every sales entry its possible???

      1. its possible by tdl can you please help..


  36. Dear Mr. Mahendra Rana,
    It seems you are an expert in TDL. I am a Tally ERP 9 users and I am retired now because of my health. So what I do is helping my country men how to run business and the most important is knowing what is our work results daily. I usually recommend them to use Tally ERP 9. I actually been involved with Tally since the first time it came out.
    So, now I work from my home, basically in bed to help people to train and install Tally,
    I just realized that Tally is using a special language which is TDL9.
    Do you know is there a TDL 9 online training. I would like to learn the TDL so I can be able to help my client (which is usually on probono basis), to modify Tally to suit their needs.
    Since I can not travel anywhere only to Singapoore to my Oncologyst and Pain Management Specialist, of course I can not go to any training courses and sit for 8 hours, I will collapse.
    Could you help me whether there is some body that trustable and can teach me through Skype the TDL programming.? It is like a special tutor for me. Of course I would not mind to give reasonable Remuneration for it. I am not rich, both my husband and I are basically ill. My husband had Osteoporotic he just broke 6 spines and operated, both of us are in wheel chair. Most of the time I work in my bed not sitting up but ___/ 135 degree, as I am in pain most of the time. it is a long story.
    If you can not find such on line course, would you tutor me please. My name is Mira Hassan, 55 years old living in Jakarta, Indonesia.
    Thank you for your kind attention

    1. Hello Mira Hasan,
      Thank you for comment. I am impressed with your learning desire. Unfortunately, there is no online tally tutorial is available and no developer will teach it online to the best of my knowledge. However, I will ask some of my known sources but chances are less because they can’t find enough time to teach it as they themselves runs short of time in offering the solutions.
      If you are interested to learn the basic Tally TDL then I can offer you the coaching but I won’t be able to offer you extensive training.
      My skype id is mahendrasinh.rana

  37. Prasanna Pathak says:

    R/sir Thanks for taking stand for us in TDL
    folder link (Dropbox) send by u is not working

  38. I am interested in learning TDL Programming. But I would like to go through few trial tutorial before I enrol for paid tutorial. Would like to invest if I find myself motivated. Thanks

    1. Hello Sumit,
      Sorry we are not looking for people who wanted to invest
      I suggest you not to join the course it won’t give you a so called “return”

      I want and welcome only those students who have a passion to learn something new and not those who want to make an investment.

  39. bimal patel says:

    Hi Mr. Mahenra
    This is Bimal Patel
    i am interested in tally developer 9, and learn so many thing in tally by Youtube video. but its regarding how to clear tally errors. I have a knowledge of programming of VB, Oracle and other but do i need tally developer 9 software to learn or create TDL. if yes then how do i get free download and from which sites. is there any book or any online classis where i can learn TDL programming.

  40. Giridharan Varadharajan says:

    Subject: Item Allocation.
    Creation of Bale Nos in Item Allocation and retrieving the same in Main sales Voucher.
    The Five lessons were simply superb. Step by step approach.
    The author has indicated the Probable mistake the student would commit and he has given the solution.
    I Think no other platform in India would teach like this.
    Even the Tally solutions would not do so.
    I thank Mr.Mahendra for doing this wonderful service.

    I have learnt a lot of thins in TDL Through Him.

    It is only through him I think we can become a complete TDL Programmer.

    1. Hello Giridharan,
      Thanks a lot for your kind feedback and I am glad that the course is useful to you. You will learn a lot of things

  41. Varadharajan Giridharan says:

    please save

  42. Giridharan Varadharajan says:

    I went Through You Module On negative Stock Blocking Playing with Field.
    Wonderful teaching with precise explanation.
    After your Lesson I understood the Following.

    1. Since we are in the sales Voucher Creation and we want to Block the Negative Stock

    We Found out the field as VCH Batch Billed Qty.

    But In that Default Field We find only 2 switch statement one for Stock journal and other for Not Stock Journal.

    So We have to search In Not for Stock Journal.

    We get the optional field VCH Batch NrmlQty which we have to modify

    In that field We have Notify Negative Stock Which has global Formula or system formula ” Negative stock format”.

    So We can create our own system formula and substitute the same for ” Negative Stock format.

    If we use the Notify and Control with same expression Notification will appear and the cursor will not move any more since control is used.

    Very good lesson learnt.
    With your teaching and guidance we can move further, understand more in TDL.
    Hats off to you Sir

  43. perfect and I am glad that you really like it.

    your feedback is very important and it encourages me to go further with a more deeper interest

    unfortunately very few students like you who are so passionate and encouraging.

    Thanks again for the loving feedback.

  44. Sumesh Kala says:

    Hi, i recently started using tally and your site has been really helpful. Thanks a lot.
    Can you tell me what is the code to set system date as current date on start up?

  45. I m interesting in lern tally program ( TDL ) Kindly send me FULL details. i.e. fee, durations, vanue

  46. sir how to customize tally pos voucher , please tell me

  47. md nayeem akhtar says:

    helloooo sir,
    it would be great if u help me out in correcting the tdl i have cause it is not working.
    thanks and regards
    Md Nayeem

  48. sir i want tdl purchase entry add Transport name LR Number and number of Package
    how to do its

  49. can somebody email me TDL for attachment of documents(various format) in master (Account Info)

    1. Develop a habit of buying the things or learn it yourself. Because I doubt if anyone is free to do charity.

  50. VIJAY MANDORA says:

    Need Tdl Developer who can gives Solutions with yearly contract basis

  51. Narendra khandelwal says:

    Please share seal and signature TDL File

  52. Vipul Patel says:

    Hello Sir,
    Can you please post TDL to add Multiple discount column in Sales Invoice. Thanks.

  53. sir,
    can u post tdl codes for the simple format company name font&style change

  54. Hello Mahendra,

    It will be highly appericiated if i get the help.

    This is the collection created.
    [Collection: RTSAllVouchers]
    Type: Voucher
    IsODBCTable: Yes
    Fetch : *, AllLedgerEntries.*, LedgerEntries.*

    By doing above i am not getting the salesman name column in the table. What needs to be done on this.

    Thank you

    1. Hello Shiva,
      Unfortunately, I do not offer any ready made a ready solutions this way to anyone. Not even to my paid Students.
      Instead I offer a way where they learn how to get the solutions on their own.
      So, I am sorry in this regard.

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