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Multiple Job work in Tally helps to manage job work more efficiently.

Let’s assume a Business owner is a manufacturer of materials. He purchases Raw Material ( Yarn) and then processes it to final material.

He purchases from various creditors including interstate purchases from Ludhiana. And then processes it to Fabrics.

Yarn- fabrics Dyeing Finished Items so, he will need to manage Multiple Job work in to keep the track of material movements and processing time

Step 1.Would be to purchase the yarn from a supplier.Putting it under the Godown named Yarn RM.

Step 2 . Now we will transfer this raw material YARN to the first job worker who converts/transforms this Raw material YARN into knitted fabrics.

Once this fabric is prepared, the Job worker 1 sends this to the 2nd Job worker who will dye the fabrics in various formats as per the owner’s guidance and send back the items to the owner.

Now often the owner loses track of how much material is there with the 2nd job worker and incurs losses due to improper inventory management

In this stage we want to keep track of which material is in which stage.

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Multiple Job work in Tally | How to Start

Now the first step being that of purchase of raw material yarn being stored in our godown

This yarn is stored in the Godown named OUR YARN in godown


Now we need to transfer this raw material Yarn to our first job worker who will convert this yarn into Knitted Fabric ( Step 1 of the job worker’s process).

Since it is Job worker 1’s duty to convert this into Knitted fabrics we pass a stock journal


Multiple Job work in Tally | The process

This journal can be passed when the Yarn is transferred from our Yarn Godown to Job worker 1’s godown. Or if You want to keep exact status of the inventory being processed. You may pass the entry as a stock transfer from our Yarn godown to job worker 1 godown and the Name of item being Yarn itself. Only when the Yarn is ready you can pass another voucher the day yarn is converted into Knitted fabric.

Multiple Job work in Tally | Material movements

Now after this work is done, Job worker 1 transfers the knitted fabrics to Job worker 2 who dyes the knitted fabrics as per the business owner’s guidance. The business owner tells him that out of 65Kgs that he( 2nd Job worker) has received he has to make 7 Kgs of a material (RTC1) and 8Kgs of RTC2 etc.

We will show that under dyeing voucher.( Accounts Voucher Type  Create)

This also gives us the opportunity to add the labor costs/transportation costs that we may have to pay. Thus we arrive at the actual cost/kg.

Before that let us transfer the knitted fabric from the job worker1 godown to job worker 2 godown (Bhowmick is the job worker 2) as shown below


Now once the Knitted fabric is transferred to the 2nd job worker. He will process it and make different items from it.

In the industry lingo these are termed as RTC1, RTC2, RTC3,…. Etc.

Now in this we actually have a process where the main material is being spilt up to make a lot of different components.

Here we need a concept which is just the reverse of a manufacturing BOM.( for that we use –ve signs)

Now when the knitted fabric item is created we enable the BOM for that and create it as :-


Since the Unit of manufacturing is not fixed we have given some random values. And also note that we have used negative values as this is just the reverse of a process where one component is being split up into different components and hence why we have used –ve values.

Dyed Knitted fabric — RTC 1, RTC2, RTC3 … and these RTCs are being produced at Godown – job worker 2 Godown .


This is the dyeing Voucher( Actually a manufacturing journal) in which Knitted fabric is being split into a number of Final goods item as RTC1,RTC2 & RTC3. Also unused Knitted Fabric is obtained ( by pressing Alt-C at the quantity field of the co-product/By product part and then calculating


This report gives us the value that 25Kgs is pending with Job worker 2 against this voucher, and can be used in future.

Now once the RTCs are ready we need to transfer these RTCs back to the owner’s godown. This is done on 20thapril as :-



Also you can also show these transfers under a new voucher type as :-

Jobworker2 to out godown voucher(created under stock journal)



Now we have our materials in our godown but RTC3 is still with Job worker 2.

Multiple Job work in Tally | Report Analysis

We do a simple godown wise analysis:-

Display Statements of Inventory Godown—Primary and then Detailed view

This lists what inventory is present where that is in which godown.


It also shows that out of the total 10 RTC1 manufactured only 7 have been transferred and 3 are still with Job worker 2 godown.

And the sum total of items is 100(perfect break-up of the Yarn that we bought initially) as shown.

We can exactly know which item is where and how many items are to be received perfectly.

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