How to Activate TDL in Tally.ERP 9

TLD is an extension to the Tally.ERP 9 software which adds some coding to the default software.

A TDL is  Tally.ERP 9’s coding languages or a programming language which can be write in a simple Notepad or a Tally Developer Network, a Special IDE designed to write the Tally TDL Tally Developer Network is free for educational purpose and a license is needed only to secure the source code for commercial purpose.

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Tally TDL is a Domain Specific Language which helps you to control, customize, create, alter tally reporting, integrate other application with Tally.ERP 9.


You need to create a  .tdl  or a  .txt file in a simple editor like notepad or tally developer.

The code are very simple it looks like this:

[Report : My Report]

Form : MyNewForm


[Form : MyNew Form]

Part: This Part

just by writing codes or 10 to 12 simple line of codes,you can develop a fine full-fledged working Tally TDL

then save  it in .txt  give it a name like test.txt. and save the  file to your  tally folder

Once you did this, then you need to specify your tdl location file  in the following way.

Go to Tally.ERP 9 main Menu and press f12

Select Product and updates

You will find the below screen. Now press F4

You will see the below screen. in first option set to yes

TDL configration
Figure : TDL configuraiton


then in the below space, just specify location and file name where your .txt file is located for e.g.

copy this file to d:\Tally.erp \test.txt

Specify the above path here

Accept the screen and it will ask for restart of software. allow it

Now if file name you typed is correct/file exist, it will show a message of active against the file path otherwise it will show an error message

if no error then you can work with your tdl.

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