learn tdl | how to create a new field in Ledger Master ?

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So, far a great response to our first TDL program its time to go ahead.Before  you read this article, you must know how to configure TDL in tally otherwise you will not be able to use the TDL.

Once again I have to remind that TDL is domain specific language and its  Tally’s programming language which help you to customize your default tally reporting, menu etc. It is very easy to learn tally but you need to have great hands of practice to learn the same.

There is no book available in the market to learn this programming language!

Below is a programming code which will help to create a new field in your ledger Master  creation/alteration mode.

;; user who are interested can learn tally tdl,
;;UDF definition
[System: UDF]
MyUDF: String: 1000

;;Modify Ledger Master entry screen and add a line
[#Part: LEd Other Details]
Add: Line: MyLine

[Line: My Line]
Field: Short Prompt,My Field
Local: Field: Short Prompt: Set as: “City: ”

[Field: My Field]
Use: Short Name Field
Storage: MyUDF

;; End of code

In the above code what we have created is known as UDF (User Defined Functions)

The above code will create a new field namely CITY in your default ledger master

On the same way, you can create any other such UDF you wish so.

The screen shot is as below

Try to create such more UDF yourself. I am always there to help you in case of need.

Please post your query related to TDL  on support forum only

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  1. dev says:

    Dear sir,
    kindly suggest me to account a deemed seller business. there is material sale involved as input in work order.
    like we do civil work including material.
    i do want to know how to make sale bills for the same. suppose we are giving a running account sale bill to customer for the 30% of the total value of contract. and we will receive the payment after deductions of wct and tds.
    please help me.
    and let me know that how to make entry of wct deductions and tds (deducted at customer end).

  2. dev says:

    if deemed sale is accountable under work contracts sale.
    there is two type of work contract one is done in state and other is outside.
    which % is applicable for both.
    and how to calculate the sale tax payable for the same. there is input on purchases but how we will calculate output payable after deductions of inputs.
    i think after getting the solution of making work contract sale bills. there will be output vat.
    and kindly suggest me should i calculate service tax receipts without making service tax output entry in sale bills.
    thanks mahender sir.
    i know there is solution for the same. i havent get at any tally centre here nearby in mohali, chandigarh. everyone is teaching by books.

  3. Uma Ganesh says:

    Dear sir,

    what is the code for company service tax

    iam use this code but it is not working


    please tell me the code

  4. Mahendra says:

    Right now I am busy. but u can search it from mfgexcise.900 file from the default TDL file (Use Vat TIN No. for search)
    Further to above, you need to specify the code as : $STNNumber:Company:##SVCurrentCompany ohterwise it wont’ work
    Try with CST number $InterStateSTNumber:Company:##SVCurrentCompany and do let me know

  5. bharat says:

    dear sir
    i want to a tdl for printing lenth
    bcoz i have a account for itc & there much more
    customer & they puchases 2,3 item only
    so tally print fully page for it, but accounting in busz its modifing in half paper size.
    pls suggess me how to work ,

  6. Mahendra says:

    It may cost Rs. 5000.00 No free service.
    If interested than Send us your invoice format and the Tally.erp 9 serial number. The TDL will work only with the specified serial number only.

  7. G.jayapriya says:

    i want to create a bill book in tally .how to create bill book we are selling ups we are the athorised dealer of apc ups so we want to entry the bill so pls tel me how to create the bill book

  8. Dani says:

    I like to add a field in Sales Invoice’s Item entry part. Which Part Name I can use for this like [#Part: LEd Other Details]. If there have any list of Existing such Part Names?. Kindly help me.
    Dani Josemon

  9. Mahendra says:

    It depends on the area of the part which you intend to modify. by this way no one can suggest because in Tally, many times part contains part!
    you can see all the part definition, name etc in Detaulf TDL software . Click to Navigate than jump to definition or just press Ctrl +j and Select part in definition type and you will get it

  10. prajith says:

    i want to a tdl for printing lenth
    bcoz i have a account for itc & there much more
    customer & they puchases 2,3 item only
    so tally print fully page for it, but accounting in busz its modifing in half paper size.
    pls suggess me how to work ,

    I also need this type program can u send one demo copy works in educational

  11. kama punj says:

    The way by which you are giving training of TDL is very good.Any person having knowledge of tally can learn TDL

  12. kama punj says:

    Sir, in release 3 when we change the quantity manufacture in voucher alter after saving production voucher, tally is not changing components.
    say for manufacturing item a one we consume item B one pc. We enter production for 500 pcs tally consume 500 item B we save the voucher. After saving we come to know the actual production was 600. When we change the quantity from 500 to 600 tally is not changing the quantity of Item B as 600. It remain 500 and we have to manually change the quantity.

    we want TDL so it should change

  13. Mahendra says:

    Kama punj,

    I am not sure what are you referring for ?
    Are you using the BOM ? if not than you should try for BOM
    and once you enter a consumption and payment vocuehr, you have to manually alter the qty if there is difference in product/consumption

  14. Jigar Shah says:

    Before updating to version 3.1 the stock query in sales entry showed all the last rates sold to that respective party only but now it shows the rate of that item sold to any party.So we cannot find the rate of item sold to entered party???

  15. Jigar Shah says:

    I want to learn a TDL which can increase the size of declaration given in the sales entry.

  16. Manikandan says:

    I need to Add a three additional Lines in the Tally.erp9 invoice.

    Anyone suggest me the codings of the TDL.

    I await for your reply.

    Thanks & Regards,


  17. Rakesh Tripathi says:

    how to extract tds details with party address in tally i export etds return 26Q but in this export address is missing so please guide me

  18. Bhavinshah says:

    i m bhavin shah . i m software developer can u pls let me how we can put Date Expression In TDL File so after we can fetch From tally…..

    Regards Bhavin

  19. Mahendra says:

    TDL language is complete different. you need to know the perfect coding as the same code applies to different reports and different functions so, just by knowing one or two codes will not help you.
    kindly refer the free tdl codes available with the Educational version of Tally.erp 9


    Dear Sir, i want to activate cash discount column in sales voucher but want to remove the discount coulmn in the simple format printed invoice.

    kindly contact me on 80xxxxxxxxx. i want the customization

  21. amit jain says:

    dear sir, i want to add bank detail such as bank name,a/c no.branch.rtgs no in invoice @ is should be optional. like terms @ condition. so please send me text code of this

  22. jigar says:

    tdl for share market long term , sort term, intraday calculation & report in tally
    thank you

  23. Johar says:

    I want to add cost price in stock master, so that at the time of entering purchase voucher it directly takes the cp from the master.

    I need tdl for the same


  24. naushad ahmad says:

    Sir i want to be a TDL developer. what should i do to do that? & what is the requirement to be a TDL developer..

    Please reply as soon as posible

  25. Noor says:

    Please let me know how to create the udf using xml tags. I want to execute the TDL action from my vb.net program.


  26. Abdulkader Najib says:

    i have an optical shop where in i have to take advance payment against retail sales.. i enter my sales in POS voucher.. the problem there i no provision for accepting advance payment in tally..
    please provide me with a solution

  27. Hello Pavan,

    The said article is only for a guideline nature it wasn’t full-fledged TDL code. like I haven’t defined the UDF there.

    A full fledged with complete source code along with explanations of every line and images is available at registered student section.

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