learn tdl | how to create a new field in Ledger Master ?

So, far a great response to our first TDL program its time to go ahead.Before  you read this article, you must know how to configure TDL in tally otherwise you will not be able to use the TDL.

Once again I have to remind that TDL is domain specific language and its  Tally’s programming language which help you to customize your default tally reporting, menu etc. It is very easy to learn tally but you need to have great hands of practice to learn the same.

There is no book available in the market to learn this programming language!

Below is a programming code which will help to create a new field in your ledger Master  creation/alteration mode.

;; user who are interested can learn tally tdl,
;;UDF definition
[System: UDF]
MyUDF: String: 1000

;;Modify Ledger Master entry screen and add a line
[#Part: LEd Other Details]
Add: Line: MyLine

[Line: My Line]
Field: Short Prompt,My Field
Local: Field: Short Prompt: Set as: “City: ”

[Field: My Field]
Use: Short Name Field
Storage: MyUDF

;; End of code

In the above code what we have created is known as UDF (User Defined Functions)

The above code will create a new field namely CITY in your default ledger master

On the same way, you can create any other such UDF you wish so.

The screen shot is as below

Try to create such more UDF yourself. I am always there to help you in case of need.

Please post your query related to TDL  on support forum only