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Works Contract | How to deal in Tally : Works Contracts.

Works Contracts can be managed in Tally a more systematic way

We have already discussed a lot about vat and excise in tally and also read about concept of VAT. Today we will see the concept of works Contract and how to deal in Tally

Works Contracts, on Which VAT, Service Tax and TDS are applicable can be recorded in Tally.ERP 9. Works Contract transactions can be recorded in Purchase Voucher (Account Invoice Mode)


Example: On 10-10-2009 ABC Company received Bill -0052 from  Shreya Builders & Developers for Rs. 58,384.80 for the given Work Contract.

In the above transaction – Purchase Cost of the Works Contract is Rs.54000, VAT is @ 4%, Service Tax @ 4.12%. On the Total AmountTDS @ 1% to be Deducted.

Follow the given steps to record the above works contract

Step 1: Create Masters for Works Contract

  1. Party Ledger (supplier)
  2. Purchase & VAT Ledger
  3. Service Tax & TDs Ledger

Step 2: Record a Purchase Voucher (Book the Works Contract Purchases)


Step 1: Create Masters

1. Party Ledger

  • Enter the Name of the Party Ledger e.g. Shreya Builders & Developers
  • Select Sundry Creditors from the List of Groups in the Under field.
  • Set Maintain balances bill-by-bill to Yes.
  • Enter the Default Credit Period, if required.
  • Set Is Service Tax Applicable to Yes. Select Not Applicable in Exemption Details screen
  • Set Is TDS Deductable to Yes.
  • In the Deductee Type field, select Company-Resident from the List of Deductee Type

2. Purchase Ledger

  • Enter the Name of the Purchase Ledger e.g. Works Contract Purchase
  • Select Purchase Accounts from the List of Groups in the Under field.
  • Set Is Service Tax Applicable to Yes. Select Works Contract Service in Category Name screen.
  • Set Is Abatement Applicable to No
  • Set Used in VAT Returns to Yes. Select Purchases @ 4% in VAT/Tax Class screen
  • Set Is TDS Deductable to Yes.
  • Select Payment to Sub-Contractors in Default Nature of Payment field
  • Set Use for Assessable Value Calculation to No
  • Press Enter to save

3. VAT Ledger

  • Enter the Name of the VAT Ledger e.g. Input VAT @ 4%
  • Select Duties & Taxes from the List of Groups in the Under field.
  • In Type of Duty/Tax field select tax type as VAT
  • In VAT/Tax Class field select the VAT class as Input VAT @ 4%
  • Set Is TDS Deductable to Yes.
  • Select Payment to Sub-Contractors in Default Nature of Payment field
  • Press Enter to save

4. Service Tax Ledger

  • Enter the Name of the Service Tax Ledger e.g. Input Service Tax- Works Contract  @ 4%
  • Select Duties & Taxes from the List of Groups in the Under field.
  • In Type of Duty/Tax field select tax type as Service Tax
  • In Category Name field select the Service Category – Works Contract Service
  • Set Is TDS Deductable to Yes.
  • Select Payment to Sub-Contractors in Default Nature of Payment field
  • Press Enter to save

5. TDS Ledger

  • Enter the Name of the TDS Ledger e.g. TDS- Works Contracts
  • Select Duties & Taxes from the List of Groups in the Under field.
  • In Type of Duty/Tax field select tax type as TDS
  • Select Payment to Sub-Contractors in Nature of Payment field
  • Press Enter to save

Step 2: Record a Purchase Voucher (Book the Work Contract Purchases)

To create Purchase Voucher

Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounting Vouchers > F9: Purchase

Set Up:

In F12: Configuration

  • Set Use Common Ledger A/c for Item Allocation is set to No
  • Set Use Defaults for Bill Allocations to No
  • Set Allow Alteration of TDS Nature of Payment in Expenses to Yes
  1. Press Alt + I for Account Invoice mode
  2. Press F2 and change the date to 10-10-2009
  3. In Party�s A/c Name field select Shreya Builders & Developers from the List of Ledger Accounts
  4. Under Particulars select Works Contract Purchase
  5. Enter Rs. 54,000 in the Amount field
  6. In the TDS Nature of Payment Details screen, accept the default details.
  7. Under Particulars select Input VAT @ 4%. VAT amount will be calculated and displayed automatically.
  8. In the TDS Nature of Payment Details screen, accept the default details.
  9. Under Particulars select Input Service Tax- Works Contract  @ 4% and press enter to view Service Tax Bill Details screen.
  10. In Service Tax Bill Details screen – in Service Tax field enter the applicable rate of Service Tax (instead of Default rate of service tax).

In the present works contract Example we have taken 4.12% as the Rate of Service Tax. Service Tax Bill Details is displayed as shown


"works contract in tally"

  1. Accept the Service Tax Bill Details screen
  2. In the TDS Nature of Payment Details screen, accept the default details.
  3. Under Particulars select TDS- Works Contracts and press enter to view TDS Details screen.
  4. In TDS Details screen
  5. select the Type of Ref as New Ref
  6. In Name field select the default Bill Name – Purc-6/1
  7. In Nature of Payment field select Payment to Sub-Contractors
  8. Assessable Value and TDS Amount will be displayed automatically


Note: TDS will be calculated on the total amount of Rs. 58384.80 (Purchase cost of Works Contract + VAT + Service Tax)

  1. Press enter to accept the TDS Details scree
  2. In the Bill-wise Details enter the details as shown

Works Contracts

Completed works contract Purchase Voucher screen is displayed as shown

  1. Press enter to save.

Check the Reports for details on Tax Deducted

  1. TDS Computation for TDS Dedcuted.
  2. Input Serice Tax details after making the payment to the Party and then check Input Credit Form.
  3. VAT Computation for VAT details.

Finally, you should also know the concept of taxation like vat, tds excise etc which may help you to understand how to incorporate taxes in your accounts.


  1. Pradeep Agrawal

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    1. Dear Pradeep,
      We provide this service through our associates.

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    1. Dear Dev,
      Thanks for your input. About sales, I will write next time

  3. Amiya

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      1. uma

        sir please tel me hw to create, display multi ledger, multi user

        1. Uma,
          There is already an article explaing how to create multi ledger in tally.
          Please use search option or find category filter under ledgers/groups in tally
          and what do you mean by creating mulit user ?
          are you using Tally Gold ?it is useful only for Tally Gold

          1. jaseer

            we have lot of works in contracting and we are run this accounts through job wise accounts how it activate in tally software

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    1. Hi Vikas,
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      I will check your query with more specific details tomorrow by I afraid that in default tally, it might be not possible. Let me try tomorrow.
      Otherwise we have to ask Bharatbhai’s help

  7. noushad vt

    sir pls help me , how to create a project accounts in tally ?

    1. Noushad,
      Every accounts are created based on the nature of transaction. When we are not clear about our query or do not know how to present the query in a meaningful way, no one can help us to solve the same

      1. S.Chitra

        Dear Sir,

        Ours is a SSI Unit. Our management is asking us the prepare the networth statement on monthly basis i.e. Production (only labour charges) vs expenditure in tally itself. I have tried and found the solution that production can be entered through Opening stock and the same can be billed through sales account.

        But we are having sister companies also. We are doing the job work for them as well as they are doing the job work for us. We have to show all these in the production value.

        I would like to know how the pass all these internal transactions in tally, then only I can produce the fulfilled networth statement. I need your help please.


        1. Chitra,
          It is not possible to help everybody personally on commercial matters.
          We generally help only our clients so, I am helpless in this regard.
          But tally have published all the relevant materials step by step guides which is available for free of cost.You should read the same and I am sure you will get idea how to record your transactions.

          1. S.Chitra

            Dear Sir,

            Thanks for your reply.

            As per your advice I will go through the relevant materials published by tally.



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  14. chandrasekar

    preparing purchase Order:

    Product = Rs.4693.50
    Excise duy 12% = Rs. 563.17(Rs.4693.50*12%)
    Education cess2%on Exciseduty= Rs. 11.26(Rs.563.17*2%)
    secondary higher edu cess1%=Rs.5.63(Rs.563.17*1%)
    freight = Rs.200
    TOTAL (RS.4693.5+563.17+11.26+5.63+263.68+200)=5736

  15. ricardo

    We are providing labour to other companies on hire and raise the invoice. Can you suggest the best way to tackle this iissue with tally erp 9. So we have one rate which we pay as salary and the other rate charged to the client at higher rate than the rate paid as salary. How to tackle this issue ? With and without payroll enabled.

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  20. Saju.S

    Dear sir Can you please help us to make the works contract bill with 7% tax as per Kerala Vat rules. and to generate the bill as per the approved format of kerala Gvt in Form 8C

  21. Hello, I have a printing press and need info how to set work contract @ 20% with vat 5% for west Bengal. I use tally 9 erp silver single user.


    Bill amt of printing 20000 sheets of paper – 10000

    less labor charges @ 20% on CTP => 2000
    add output vat 5% on 8000 (10000-2000) => 400

    Total comes to 8400.
    Now add labor charges 20% on 8400 => 8400+2000 => 10400

    How to implement this in Tally?

    Plz help

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    it will be really helpful for me if u can let me know how to exactly prepare job accounts seperately in tally from beginning till end?


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  24. theena

    we are doing road work for once constructions company against job work. they are deducting our jobwork invoice 2% tds 2% works contract and 3% retention amount .
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    Hi Sir,
    All of details provide from Purchase end, Can any one tell me with example as below.

    1: – ABC Construction Company
    2:- NBCC Limited

    ABC Company rise a RA Bill for civil construction to NBCC Limited an amount of 150000.00 so ABC construction company how can get entry in his tally.

  26. charles

    My question about works contract,
    You have been given a contract to install a security system.Project Value is $10000.
    The project is to be undertaken in a period of two months.The 1st month you want to raise a Tax invoice of $3000 and the final invoice of $7000 the following month.Project expense is $3000.How do you post this transaction in Tally ERP 9 so that in the first Month you can be able to generate a report that shows you have not generated a tax invoice of ksh.7000

    1. A better way to handle such thing is create a sales order and then assign the same while raising the invoice. you will get the pending SalesOrder/Invoices pending to raise!

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