Small business accounting software as the name suggest it is an accounting software for small and medium sized company how can not invest a huge amount after software deployment for their requirement but again without a proper software they are not able to manage their business considering today’s complex business module

Small business accounting software | why it is required

Business enterprise needs to keep up the accounting in a proper system due
to need of laws as well as it helps the business unit itself to keep
control over the resources of the unit as well as to develop the business
otherwise the management will reach to a point where it find itself helpless
to grow further.The business accounting package help the small and medium
size business unit to keep their accounting data up to the point  in the
most affordable way.small business accounting software help the small and
medium size entities who are not able to invest huge bucks to implement
costly software for accounting. Business accounting program are easy
to install, cheap and affordable and also does not require heavy investment.

Small business accounting software |what should be looked for

There is a tough competition in this domain and it is really not easy to
compare the various software. what a   accounting software can
be useful for one specific business requirement but again it may fail to
meet the expectation of some other enterprise. Since every business have its
own requirement, have specific choice, different nature of transactions or
business type so a lot of commercial as well as geographical factors effects
on the expectation and the ability of the small business accounting
software.However one should be very selective and should study thoroughly
the expectation from the  business software and its ability
to cover up the same to avoid any dissatisfaction and moving to some other
ERP accounting software as it will be a wastage of the time and
resources after implementation of the earlier Small business accounting
software. It is highly recommended first a business unit conducts a through
study of its operation, different kind of documents it will be required at
various stage of operation, number of users involved in the accounting and
booking keeping process etc. Once such a detailed report has been drafted
the unit should study all the Small business accounting software available
in the market.Here are few points to be keep in this regard

01. Check the existence of the Small business accounting software provider
in the market its inception. Try to understand their philosophy. what is
their target user segment, what is their marketing policy, catch their tag
line. for e.g. there is a famous Indian Accounting software whose tag line
is “The power of simplicity ” I really love this tag line because the
software is easy to use and as simple as you can manage to work with MS
Office or MS Excel

02. Check if the vendor has an easy and informative website which offers all the related information, updatation of the software else you will be keeping busy in surfing Google for your day-to-day problem

03. Check if you can easily customize your software as per your needs or you have to do it through a professional than what will be the additional cost ?

04. Whether the trained man power is easily available ?


Small business accounting software| Final Though

A software should be so easy to the extent it is possible. Here the Tally.erp 9 acquires full marks and that is why it’s tag line ” The power of simplicity ” because it is easy to manage Tally.erp 9, It is easy to customise it


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  1. Recently I started a spareparts shop in Kerala. I am on the look out of a small accounting software free. I know basic accounting.

    Linzad NJ

  2. What is cheque Printing in Tally?
    Plz anyone Suggest me………

    1. Azad Mittal says:

      priya which tally in you are working… plz tll me this 1st

  3. MANISH SWAMI says:

    i want to know how to use tally software . cos i am working on small finance compny that is why i need this information about this account software . so pleas help me . this is my hearty request .


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