Tally.erp 9 Web Control helps you to control your Tally software over the web.


Tally.erp 9 Web Control : Why you should use it?

Tired or using Control Center in Tally.erp 9 ? go for its web-based version Tally.erp 9 Web Control . Web-based version of Tally.erp 9 is easy to manage and  personally  I feels that Tally should offer only web-based control center and  remove the inbuilt software feature as it makes the stuff unnecessary complicated.  Tally.erp 9 Web Control is more user-friendly and easy to use.

Here is the process to use Tally.erp 9 Web Control

Tally.erp 9 Web Control” how it works ?

1. Go to web site of Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd
2. on left top side, there is a login id and p.w. field



3. fill in your Tally.net id and p.w.
4. press login it will take you to web-based control panel and will show your account profile management page




5. Click on Action  and it will give you two option

a. Change basic details

b.  Change Account ID



Here you can change your Account ID, Company Name etc basic details


Similarly  on Address option, you can fill /edit your address

The below section of Account profile management will show your Tally serial Number, your preferred partner and other details

6. Click on your Tally.erp 9  serial Number

The Next page will show your complete Product Details, licensing, product version Admin Email ID etc.

Here in license details again there is an Action option which will allow you to surrender your license through web.

Tally.erp 9 Web Control : What Else you can do ?

You can keep your company profiles up to date, you can manage your TDL configuration, can upload TDL to accounts, thereby you need to enable tdl everytime when you upgrade your software or change the Tally folder


The biggest benefit of Tally.erp 9 Web Control is that it helps you in surrendering your license  over the web, if your system get crushed without surrendering your existing license. Prior to Tally.erp 9, it was  complicated and troublous to reactive your license however with web-based control facility, any one can easily handle the licensing issue without involving Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd support guy.

Do share with us do you use Tally.erp 9 Web Control ?

3 thoughts on “Tally.erp 9 Web Control ? Manage your Tally over web

  1. john flucture says:

    i would like to learn tally from the basic. i can join in facebook if i know ur id

  2. I was giving printing of current liablilties grop the same printing was coming upto 4064 and then it is stuck up

    Please advice us how to give printing from page no 4065
    in tally erp 9

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