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TDS Example in Tally

TDS Example in Tally will help the user to get hands over Tally.erp 9.

TDS Example in Tally | SIMPLE

WAY of Using TDS

My Business Need:- I own a firm and I need consultancy services from a reputed consultancy firm Eloite. How do I account for the payments that involve a TDS.

Taking consultancy from a company requires that I need to deduct the TDS applicable and then pay the remaining amount to the service provider.

Since consultancy is being provided (Fees for Professional Or Technical Services) is applicable in this case.

Now let us go through the step by step to learn TDS Example in Tally

1. A journal entry is passed to account for the consultancy services taken, we will assume that the total service charge is Rs. 1,00,000.

Now first step is to configure our company for TDS, the easiest way to do this is through the Quick set up that has been provided

TDS Example in Tally | The step by step process with example

1) Go to gateway of Tally and then press K( go to Quick Set up)

2) Now go to Tax Deducted at Source

3) Fill in the company Details

TDS in Tally

4)Expense Ledger as

"TDS in Tally"

5) Fill in the Tax Ledger as

" Tax ledger "

6) Party Ledger

"party ledger in Tally"

Step 2->

Once the setup is done this way,

We are ready to pass a journal for the same

Go to Accounting vouchers and then press F7 for journal mode of voucher entry

1) In the Dr. mode Select Consultancy services

2) Enter 1,00,000 in the Dr. column

3) Press enter and then select Fees for Professional Or Technical Services and the assessable value is 1,00,000

4) In the Cr. Field , we give the name of the Consultancy Provider( here Eloite)

5) Press enter and select New ref and automatically the correct fields are selected like :

"TDS Entries in Tally"

6) Press Enter again and then a screen is obtained as

7) Then in the second field select 10000 as the Dr. to account for the TDS

"TDS screen shot"


8) Keep Pressing Enter and then select TDS on consultancy and automatically 10,000 is selected .

9) The final voucher is shown as

"TDS Voucher entry "

9)Now the payment is made to the service provider – the payment is made for 90,000 obtained above .Go to the payment voucher and then select HDFC bank ( U can also keep Cash)

And in the particulars column select consultancy provider-Eloite

And then type the amount in the amount -90,000 in this case

TDS Example in Tally | How to see reports

10)Now when the payment is made to the creditor, we may need to see the TDS reports

Go to to Display- Statutory reports ->TDS Reports ->Outstandings


Select the report that you need to view , When I choose TDS Payables


Step 3 ->

Now let us make the payment to the Government and for that pass a payment voucher

Go to Gateway of Tally and then to the payment voucher.

Then Press Alt-S for auto fill of TDS details


In the section select Fees for Professional services

The deductee status be Non-company

Press Enter and come to voucher.

A break up of all the Tax Details is seen as:


Press Enter and save the journal.

Now go to Display –statutory TDS reports and then TDS Challan Reconciliation

Press F5 to reconcile.

Now when you want the correct FORM 26Q or Form 16A , You have to select the correct time period . In this case since the voucher entries have been made on October 30, 2011 therefore the time is taken to 1-4-11 to 31-12-11. The time period could also be 1-10-11 to 31-12-11.

And the correct report is obtained as :


I am sure, you will like the TDS Example in Tally article . If you have any query, you may ask here and I will resolve it. But please make sure you read our comment policy before you  post a comment.













About the Author

Hi Just like you, I am one of the souls on EARTH who has a desire to be able to maintain my accounts accurately and be most efficient in using the powerful features of Tally. Currently I work as an accountant at a firm in Durgapur. I am a Tally lover and would be happy to solve your queries related to Tally, however I may not be able to reply to all the queries instantly but will surely try to solve them and give u a solution( provided I get free time from my daily work :) )

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chaitanya - 5 years ago Reply

than you very easy to’s to nice

Nitin Mishra - 5 years ago Reply

Actually my exp due for the month of Jan but payment made in 12th Feb , when tds will deposite.

I LOVE TALLY - 5 years ago Reply

I did not understand your question

spandnana - 5 years ago Reply

i want information about service tax means wt is the rate in presence & how could be entered in tally?

spandnana - 5 years ago Reply

what is the meaning of TDS? how can we calculate that one? wt is the rate in different ways?

I LOVE TALLY - 5 years ago Reply

Thanks Chaitanya

I LOVE TALLY - 5 years ago Reply

Service tax is shortly going to come on It will explain in detail how service tax can be used in tally.

Mahendra Rana - 5 years ago Reply

TDS is liable on either payment or invoice date which ever is earlier.It has nothing to do with due date of payment.

suppose you book an expenses invoice today, you are liable to pay tds before 7th of the next month regardless whenever you make payment for that expense to your supplier.

And if suppose you pay advances to your supplier your are liable to pay tds before 7of the next month even if you have not received the invoice!

I trust, this will clarify doubt of many users!

navaid - 5 years ago Reply

how to maintain manufacturing firm account in tally
because manufacturing features is not available in tally,accunt like stock issue,stock received,process,

N S R MURTHY - 5 years ago Reply

how to maintain manufacturing firm account in tally
because manufacturing features is not available in tally,account like stock issue,stock received,process,

Manjunath - 4 years ago Reply

In which head of tally we can entry the Students fees & Advance take from management,

mangesh - 4 years ago Reply

Respect sir ,
i am tybcom student & i am just complet the course of tally 9 sir i am confusion in create ledof ger TDS deduction what am selected the group this ledger in following transaction
suppose abc provid job work to xyz so which abc recevid the job work payment from xyz that time how may entrys in abc company & what is group selected that the tds deduction payment

Siddhesh - 4 years ago Reply

Hi, I just want to know the whole TDS information in tally 9 ERP. Plz sir help me.

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