How to do TDS entry in Tally : TDS in Tally.

TDS in Tally is one of the frequently asking questions on most of Tally Support forum.the law about TDS in India is like a mind-blowing game and its reporting and compliance is getting more and more complex. However Tally.erp 9 offers all the reports promptly from the software itself if ledgers are configures perfectly in Tally and entries about TDS and payment of TDS passed in a correct way. Not only this it also help you to generate TDS certificates Form No. 16 for suppliers as well as form No. 16a for employees in Release 3 of Tally.erp 9 through payroll

Tally had initiated a very forward step in tally.erp by enabling the TDS applicable to expenses ledger account and now the ledger related to TDS offers advances set up which is useful for perfect management of TDS in Tally like lower deduction of  TDS, TDS deduction in same voucher and many more

A detailed step by step guidance is  uploaded here which will help you to work with TDS in Tally in a hassle free way.

Remember in tally.erp 9 it is more complex to make TDS entries but it is necessary to get a complete and informative reporting on TDS and so we have to welcome it hoping that Tally will cor rectify some major problems in its next release.

you can download the Step by step TDS Manual  for TDS in Tally from here

If you face any problem relating to TDS in Tally, than post your comment here along with your Tally serial number and we will be glad to help you.

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