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TDS on Salary in Tally.erp 9| Coming soon

As you all know that release 2 of tally.erp 9 hosted so many advanced and important features like Job and recruitment, remote edit, SMS in tally and tally users excited with these new features. The only feedback for these innovative features a tally user can say is “just wonderful”

However Tally’s R & D team is working hard without a break, without self-satisfaction and trying to offer more and more important features and utilities to tally user. All I can say a BIG Thanks to Tally R & D team.

Today, I am very much happy to tell all of you that in its next release e.g. Release 2.1, Tally will offer one of the most wanted TDS feature that is TDS on Salary for payroll.

Currently Tally’s TDS automated system works fine and is exhaustive for all TDS head except the TDS on Salary however now this feature will be available to all of us by end of November 2010 according to first information. Since I am using Tally.erp 9 payroll module I know how much value of this facility will be for me and my company because now, we have to calculate TDS on salary manually.I don’t like manual work for accountancy and statutory compliance as the same is time-consuming and if you are using tally.erp 9 then there is no sense go manually for your statutory compliance work  when all such compliance have to be done  within your tally.erp 9 for TDS, excise, Provident fund, payroll, service tax etc. With release 2.1. it will fill up the gap of missing of one most required important feature to set up a complete automated Payroll System in Tally.erp 9

There will be some more useful features will come out with Release 2.1 and perhaps release 2.1 will be the last release for Current series A of Tally.erp 9.  That is after release 2.1 of Series A we will see more advanced Tally.erp 9 system with Series B

if you feels excited about this feature and love Tally.erp 9, then you should renew your Tally.net license to take the advantage of this modern state of Art software otherwise you aren’t able to activate this new release if your TNS is expired.

You can renew your TNS or buy a tally.erp 9 product online direct from Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd. keeping us  your preferred Tally service Partner. Check our list of our happy customer


  1. sushil sakpal

    Dear Sir,
    Thank you for you supporting us in tally.

    I have a quetion e.g. “What is the different between Direct & Indirect expenses.

  2. anjali

    dear sir,
    can u send me notes on TDS if possible.

  3. anjali

    plz send me excel file of salary sheet, epf, esi
    so that i can know how to calculate it

  4. bipin bihari dhal

    can send me a note about tds and payrol

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