physical stock voucher and register in Tally.ERP 9 offers to maintain complete inventory system in your accounting data base. As said earlier inventory management in Tally provides a complete inventory solution. recording  production and consumption voucher in tally help to get access to your stock at any time which is very useful for preparation of balance sheet as well quantity recording which generally you have to give  to your statutory and other auditors.

Generally sales, purchase and manufacturing voucher entries help to keep a track of stock quantity however some incidents arise that there is a difference between your actual physical stock and the stock as per your tally records. In such case you need to pass a physical stock voucher as explained below.

Physical Stock Voucher is used for recording the actual stock which is verified or counted.  It could happen that the Book Stocks and the Physical Stock do not match. It is not unusual that the company finds a discrepancy between actual stock and computer stock figure.

Physical vouchers will be useful for recording purposes only if you have configured inventory vouchers to ignore physical stock differences. If you have configured the vouchers so that physical stock difference is not ignored, then all transactions subsequent to the physical stock voucher will use the balance as mentioned in that voucher

To view the Physical Stock Voucher,

Go to Gateway of Tally > Inventory Vouchers

  1. Select the button F10: Phys Stk from Button Bar or press Alt+F10.


Enter the stock taking date.

Name of Item

Select the name of the item from the List of items, for which physical stocks need to be recorded.


Select the Godown (Godown will appear only if, Maintain multiple godown is activated  in F11:Features :F2:Inventory Features), in which the Physical Stock taking was conducted.

Batch / Lot No

Select the Batch number (Batch details will appear only if, Batch wise details are activated in the Stock Item Master screen) for which the Physical Stock quantity is to be recorded.


Enter the Physical Stock quantity

Physical Stock Register

A Physical Stock Voucher is used to record the actual stock of a particular stock item. In the inventory books, the actual balance of stock in hand as on the date of voucher entry is shown and the difference in stock is automatically added as inwards or outwards as the case may be. The cause of discrepancy can be recorded in the narration field of the physical stock journal voucher.

This register summarises the stock adjustments made during the reporting period. An analysis of the stock recorded in the register gives us an insight into the causes of discrepancies to ensure that timely action is taken.

To view Physical Stock Register:

Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Inventory Books > Physical Stock Register

here you can view the physical stock register by navigating the same.

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  4. MOHANAPRIYA says:

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