Many readers raising query through comments asking about how to process Purchase Order so today, we will discuss the easiest way to configure Purchase and Sales Order Processing in tally

If you are aware about setting various option through F11 in tally, then you will not find it hard to configure various option yourself. We have already discussed some such set up in tally and all you need is to browse your tally software to explore various potentiality of this wonderful ERP accounting software. A reading on voucher entry configuration will also help you to maximize  the benefits of this software.

To enable Purchase Order Processing in Tally, you must set your accounts with inventory which you can do by creating/altering company.

here is the step by step procedure for Purchase and sales order processing in tally.

To enable Sales Order and Purchase Order Processing in Tally.ERP 9, activate the following in F11: Features (F2: Inventory Features)

Set Allow Purchase Order Processing and Allow Sales Order Processing to Yes in the Order Processing section.

When the order is placed with the suppliers for the supply of goods, the Items, quantities, date of receipt etc., details are given with the Purchase Order Number. Later, when these goods are received, the Purchase Order is tracked for the Order Details either in the receipt note or in the purchase Invoice.

The Outstanding Purchase Order reports are available in Tally.ERP 9. It is possible to know the order position of any item in the Stock Summary. Separate Purchase Order Outstanding report and Purchase Order Summary report are also available.

To create a Purchase Order,

Go to Gateway of Tally > Inventory Vouchers > press Alt + F4 or click on Purc Order

Party’s A/c Name

Select the Supplier�s name from the List of Ledger Accounts. Use Alt + C to create a new account.

Order No

Enter the purchase order number under Order No column

Name of the Item

Select the Stock Item that needs to be purchased from the List of Stock Items. The Item Allocations sub-screen is displayed. Enter the details as shown.

Due on

Enter the due date for receipt of the items. This monitors outstanding receipts.

If orders are split for different dates, then specify the due date for the first lot to be received, after selecting the quantity, rate and amount; specify the due date for the second lot and so on. After specifying the due dates for all the lots, press Enter in the Due on field to return to the Voucher Creation screen.

If you have any question or query related to tally.erp 9 or accountancy, please raise your query only at support forum

15 thoughts on “Purchase and Sales Order processing in Tally

  1. Shital majgaonkar says:

    there is a some solution for the tally ,but some solution wants about How to creat vat entries

    1. Shital,
      Entries on vat is already explained. please check the category under vat and excise

  2. received an order from mohit trad co. for 2pcs.Computer will be dispatched from delhi godown (on date 11-05-2007)

  3. discuss the order processing entry in tally 9 and
    rejection out & rejection in entry

  4. Vivek Kumar Chauhan says:

    Thank U!!!
    This Information is most useful for me……
    thank allot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. KETAN PATEL says:


  6. hi in tally if create a sales order for example say 1000 units of a product and later when i want to despatch 100 units of the product from that sales order how do i do that.

    after the despatch it should show 900 units of the Sales Order are remaining, but i am not able to do the same, as it completely removing the SO after one bill even if the balance in quantity is there.

    Please help me out.

    A…. GOODS 300 PCS
    B…GOODS 400 PCS.


  8. 1 have a customer which sale some goods to me and also purchasing some goods .so how i put it in tally .
    and how its balance shpwes mean in 1 acoount or different

  9. Dhanshree says:

    What if my due on column of date is not coming?

  10. When I open open the Sales Order voucher instead of ” Name of Item” I see ” Particulars” how do I deal with it?

    1. Hello Praveen,
      That needs a customisation to amend the default title.

      If you wish, you can join my online Class Tally TDL to learn coding and then you will be able to design the software in the way you want.
      Alternatively send me a mail to get a quote. I will change that for you for a fee.

  11. Valentina says:

    Hi… is VAT included in Purchase or Sales Order?

    1. Depends on the terms of the order 🙂

      Only the person who is doing the deal can answer this question

  12. what is the different between purchases and sales order processing and debit and credit note.

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