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Using A hacked Software ? look before you leap

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I just posted an article why I love original tally to use and I found some interesting response from some of my readers which reveals that there is mass unawareness in the public and people are not aware the benefits of using an original software and so they work with inferior quality goods/services.

Piracy is a global Issue however India is the softest target for hacked software users and developers.

The cause of high level of piracy rate in India is mainly due to public unawareness. People are not aware that using a hacked software is a legal crime, an anti moral action and one should not use the same. It is like an act of theft. Further to above, people are even not sure the immense benefits they can avail as a genuine customer. They are just misguided by some criminals who sells cracked software.

There are stringent provision in Indian Cyber laws against using, selling or distributing hacked or cracked software.If you are going to use any such pirated software then check the below provisions before you get impression or heavy fine just to save some 2-3 k bucks.

Under Indian law, a copyright holder is entitled to the remedies of injunction,
damages and account of profits against an infringer. A sub-inspector of police,
who is convinced of the infringement or possible infringement of the copyright,
can seize all copies of the work and materials used to make the infringing copies,
without warrant, and produce them before a magistrate.
If a person knowingly and for gain, or in the course of trade or business, infringes
or abets in the infringement of the copyright in any work or other right conferred
by Indian copyright law, he is liable to be imprisoned for a term between six
months to three years and to pay a fine between Rs. 50,000 (US$1037) and Rs.
200,000 (US$4150). Where an offender uses an infringing copy of a computer
program on a computer, he is liable to be punished with imprisonment from seven
days up to a maximum of three years and a fine between Rs. 50,000 (US$1037)
and Rs. 200,000 (US$4150). If the offender in the above cases proves that the
infringement was not for gain or in the course of trade or business, the court may
not impose imprisonment but can impose a fine up to Rs. 50,000 (US$1037).
Further, if a person knowingly makes or possesses plates to make infringing
copies, or publishes a sound recording or video film without the required
particulars, he can be fined and imprisoned for a period up to two years.

Here in this context, I really appreciate the stands adopted by the Genuine major software maker to bring down the

piracy rate in India.  Anti-piracy education and enforcement campaigns spearheaded by the software industry, governments and law enforcement agencies have made commendable progress in bringing down piracy rates.

If you think that you can benefited by using a cracked software then Let me say buoyantly that ‘Software piracy benefits only criminals’

The user can’t get the rich benefits of the original software

No support from the make of the software company is available

If held by the anti piracy enforcement agency then the user is liable to imprisonment and a heavy fine.

In 2006, In Microsoft V/s others, one dealer of such pirated software was fined up to Rs 20 lacs  by the H’ble Delhi High court. User as well as seller and distributor are equally liable for using such hacked software. The enforcement agency have power to seize all computer systems using a hacked software.

So, I will advice you always insist to use for an original software only to work on a computer. If you believes lthat using a hacked software is much easier and convinient then an orginal software, then I would recommend you not to use any software. Its better to work manually or without a software rather then doing some illegal things.

Finally, one should always remember that ” Software Piracy only benefits Criminals”

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  1. pavan kumar

    Thank you sir for your support in providing knowledge in tally.I had learnt about TDL language for which to customize according to our needs.I had gone through tally provided material in TDL iam not able to understand the TDL language.I had enquired about TDL course in tally but they are providing only for partners.So, I request you to kindly provide the notes on TDL Language.

    1. Pavan,
      Thanks for your input. I will post the same as and when the time will permit me.

  2. Jai

    Sir, i bought Tally ERP9 1.6 version, due to the update i received I am informed that Tally 1.81 is available so i downloaded the Tally 1.81 and installed now i am working in tally 1.81 is this piracy

    1. Dear Jai,
      Your tally.erp 9 software is a licensed software and not a pirated. Don’t worry. I have also checked your tally serial number. Everything is fine
      If you face any problem, in working, you may contact me at any time.

      1. Dear Jai,
        It J. Patel it requires customisation or some specific utility

  3. shaitan singh

    simple use for tally tutorial book ,web site

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