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Tally License | Why One should buy a paid Software

Nothing is more pleasure then using a licensed software and same is so true when the matter comes to using worlds most simple to use, yet powerful business accounting software. Tally license is the right to use the software legally and to claim the support in case of need.

We can define a licensed software  as a paid Software which comes with all features including the awesome support from the Company itself as well its Service partners

It is like India’s Microsoft (Windows)  due to poor copyright protection rules and lack of strict legal provisions for software protection in India. Further to above, Many small computer and software vendors spreading  a misleading information about not to use original license just to earn some 2-3 k.That is why out of every 10 user, 7 are using a cracked version of tally.erp 9. It is a matter of common sense that goods things always comes at  a reasonable price.

Generally people who are not aware of the benefits of using a Tally License, uses Crack Tally license keys and puts their business into risk.

A crack software may help you to save some buck however in reality it cost a business much more. Because cracked user can’t get the support, a pleasure of using a genuine software and further to above, many vital features of the product does not work on such version which are available only to a genuine user of tally.erp 9.It is the original software only which will increase your professionalism and enrich your knowledge in the related area.

People should be aware of the using a licensed software. A Licensed software always comes for a price. If you doing a job in a company which, does not use a genuine copy of the software, then you should explain your management the benefits of the original software. If your management do not support you and only interested to save some buck, then I would advice to leave such firm immediately.Because a management which is not able to evaluate the value of an accounting software, how it can be able to value its employees ? No matter how your work is good, your management will think only about saving cost

Crack Tally.ERP 9

Let me share here my personal experience. Wherever  I  joined in  a new company in the Finance department, I always insist and convince my management the benefits they can derice by using a Tally License  Because, using the genuine software, has helped to increase my capability, my knowledge in the field of accountancy and tally, understanding various statutory requirement and procedure. I got all this things only due to using a genuine software. I never attended any tally course or classes nor have ever I asked anybody how to manage tally ?

Fortunately due to my passion of using a genuine tally, today I am earning a handsome salary and working as a chief accountant with one MNC Company. Just a clarification, I will give sole credit to tally only to get this job because my company was looking for a person who can handle tally 9.

One of Free Learning tally 9 and accountancy reader Mr. Anil asked the difference of using an original  and a crack version of tally. My best response is that a person who will draw more salary regardless of his post on using an Original  licensed software then the one who work with a company which is using a crack version. The reason is that original tally enhance your capability and professionalism.



  1. Rachit

    Can you please let us know which features you are pointing out that don’t work in haked version of the software. As you sound professional so I think you can point-out the diffrence specificly.

    waiting for your reply.

    1. Good Question Rachit.
      First and most important feature which is not available in a hacked version is the SUPPORT. a SUPPORT from the maker of the software company itself!
      Getting support (after sales service) is fundamental right of each and every customer which you can NEVER NEVER get if you use a hacked version of the software.
      You can’t ask for support openly!
      Its like living in USA or some other country without a legal citizenship, a hidden life! Can never enjoy basic rights which are available only to legal citizens. Same things apply to an user of the software.
      2nd Things, check the cracked version with an original version. you can not calculate TDS/VAT /excise/Service Tax correctly nor can get perfect reporting with a cracked version.
      Lot of my readers who are using tally.erp 9 with serial number like 123456 or abcde (hacked version!) informed me this.
      and the most important thing is why to use inferior quality products/ service ? Only those people who do not understand value of quality can go that way.

      I have seen that those accountants who are working on a hacked version of tally are totally unqualified/semi qualified and they can never enhance their skill due to this.They lack of self confidence can’t get better job where they can use a Genuine software proudly.If every person will stop using a hacked version then the business man will have no option except to install a genuine software.

  2. vikas baheti

    it was one of the nice article against crack version of tally,it remindede me a scene from “three idiots” of sharman joshi’s interview in which he reply his employer that-abhi toh attitude se jeena sikha , when questioned against his straight forwardness

  3. Gyaneshwar

    There is also one advantage of using cracked version. It does not expire and all your old tally data are visible without always importing statutory data. So as a back up it is better than original as original will change the data every time the version upgrades. And good luck getting a support for an old version.

    1. Gyaneshwar,
      I do not agree with you.World is changing ever. everything has one day to expire! This in the only Rule of this world.
      If we talk about tally, then even with an original tally, It is the TNS which will expire after one year and not the tally license. Be sure tally license and TNS are two different things.
      Further to above your saying that ” original will change the data on every upgrade is not correct” yes it was a case when the tally 9 was upgraded to tally.erp 9 but its a history now.
      I have been upgraded my tally every time, and i never face any serious problem in fact up gradation to tally.erp 9 helped me a great to complete my audit work within 4 days only which otherwise was scheduled for 10 days. My auditors got the all reports immediately from tally.erp 9 without any hurdle which I had to prepared manually If i stitched to old version!

      So, better to use original only.

  4. VIVEK

    i want how to copy a single voucher entry in same company

  5. himanshu

    hello Mr.Mahendra i have a genuine tally erp 9 license tell me how will tally help me if I loose my data due to accidental formatting of my computer

    1. Himanshu,
      Your query/request is very strange….
      Accounting data is very sensitive and confidential things and Tally solutions do not store its client data anywhere nor any client would like a third party to save its data ? So, Tally do not save/store your or anybody’s data then how can they help to recover your data ??? Don’t you think that your expectation is somehow unreasonable and far from reality?Taking care of your data is solely your responsibility. If you are not able to protect/maintain your data then you can upload your data to my site at your own risk! you can restore it any time if you accidentally format your computer. (No Guarantee! please do it at your risk only)

      Hope I am clarifying the point very well.

  6. Great things, you have shared in above educational content but I think, companies who are using crack version of tally must be punished. Not just leave the job but complaint against such company to police will be good proof of you that you are in right side. Thanks.

    1. Dear Vinodlji,
      I believe educating people is more a good idea. If you are working in an organisation which is using a crack version of tally, then just explain management the benefit of using a genuine software as using a crack version is illegal. Generally a professional management always agree with you and if they do not install a genuine software then just leave the job and find a more suitable one.

  7. Manoj

    We are using tally erp 9 genuine version and its worth for the money paid. but the sad part in India, the more you are open and frank in terms of tax payment or any thing like that… you will be the first one get suspected and get scrutinized. For eg: in India if you are the highest/honest tax payer, the govt and the authorized officials will treat you as a thief and they will findout something out to penalize u. but in other countries u you will be treated as a VIP.
    I love my country and have lots of hope that we will change. For this we should have a proper system in place.

    1. Manoj,
      Glad to hear your feedback.
      However I believe things are improving slowly. It’s we the people of India which will make the country great or worst to live and this duty is imposed on every individual. if ever citizen will act honestly without caring others, than surely the country will get progress and honest people will not suffer. so, individual efforts are more important.

  8. Amit Mehta

    Hello Sir,

    I heard very much about you..

    I faced following problem in tally, Can u Sort it out? Please..

    1. How to export form 202A in excel file provided by commercial tax gujarat for lumpsum dealer..

    2. For Exporting form 201A, How to describe party name in cash sales (Tax Ivoice)

    3. Rounding off covers under which head? Nd while exporting to 201A, It does not include rounded up amount.

    Please sort it out sir….

  9. shailesh

    nice i m using tally crack vern.but i suggest my management to use for licence vern. then they are agree & today i m installing tally erp 9 latest version.

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