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Allocation of Expenses in Tally|How to do ?

Old reader of the blog are well aware that sometimes ago, I have written about how to create item ledger with vat and excise and how to pass zero value entry  in  Tally which generally used for gift items or sales promotion.

For last 2-3 days, I was providing remote support through Team viewer  to one Tally user based at Doha – Qatar who was facing some problem to track additional cost like Custom Duty/ transportation /freight charges etc.

Tracking such expenses is necessary to decide your actual cost of purchase. So, Today I am writing about how to track additional cost of purchase using Tally.erp 9. This feature is having a bit limitation that is you can use it only if the additional cost was charged by the supplier of the goods within same bill. To track  additional cost charged by a third-party, you need to take help of a Tally Integrator. Let’ s see how to use this feature in Tally.


In many situations, more than one item  was purchased where the expense incurred is charged as a lump-sum amount. However, to give an effective cost including the expense to each of the items, additional costs of purchase option is used. This process is automated and allocation of the expense to stock item can be done on a predefined basis.

Note: These expenses posted using Additional cost on Purchase features, do not affect the relevant nominal ledger accounts but update the cost of the Stock Item, i.e., the additional costs incurred are updated without actually affecting accounting, only the stock value goes up.

Using Additional Cost of Purchase

Enabling Additional Costs of Purchase

In F11: Features (F2: Inventory Features) under Purchase Management, set Track additional costs of Purchase to Yes.


Now create a new ledger or alter an existing ledger to track additional cost of  transportation expenses.


Now, you need to alter the group of such expenses as displayed in the below screen.

Using Additional Cost of Purchase
The additional costs/ expenses incurred can be allocated to each item based on:

  • Quantity


  • Value

The following set-up activity is required to appropriate the additional costs:

  • Alter the Parent Group of the expense ledger accounts, e.g. Indirect Expenses. (Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounting Info > Groups >Alter > Direct Expenses).
  • You will find a new option – Method to Allocate when used in Purchase Invoice.
  • If you want to appropriate the ledger accounts under this group to stock items either by Quantity or value, you must select the respective option. For ex: Select Appropriation by Qty.

Here we have just discussed how to set additional cost in Tally and to set Leger/Parent Group to give effect.I will write in future about how to pass a purchase entry to track additional cost. So, come back here else, subscribe to our newsletters and you will get it directly in your mail box when it will be published.

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About the Author

Mahendra is founder and CEO of the I Vision Infotech, Authorised Tally Sales and Service Partner and helping Tally users to learn Tally and accounting free through this site

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Nuwan - 5 years ago Reply

Mr. Mahendra,
I am happy that you share up my matter with other tally users. Anyway, it is very appreciate if you can include sample entry for easy reference
sample entry for easy referance

Mahendra - 5 years ago Reply

Hello Nuwan,
Thanks for coming out with your feedback. I appreciate it.
I am planning to put more examples and more detailed tutorials on as many aspects as possible but that will be limited only to clients of I VISION INFOTECH and our premium members.

Shofiya - 5 years ago Reply

how can i enter over time salary Expenses?

pradip - 5 years ago Reply

how to enter additional cost purchase in tally

NISAR - 5 years ago Reply

Hi Sir, i hv a doubt , i’m using ERP 9 , am in manufacturing field…i hav many additional cost while making manufacturing entry, once i add those additional cost, it will help to get the exact price of manufacturing, but its not entering into the journal automatically…

eg.. Additional cost of “Polishing” is not automatically entering into the “Polishing” ledger even after i choose “Polishing” in additional cost section… i hv to manually enter the cost into the ledger after every manufacturing….!! is there any method to solve this issue…

thanks in advance…

Kartik shah - 4 years ago Reply


I am referring the above for Tally 7.2

abhi911985 - 4 years ago Reply

if i made entry additional cost of purchase in purchase invoice , then how can i track additional cost of purchase
for each purchase invoice  under purchase register book ?

infovppk - 4 years ago Reply

In Purchase Voucher when i enter the Item rate & Qty  NO pop-up screen comes up asking for additional cost details.

uresh bhagat - 3 years ago Reply

i want to know-grouping for custom duty tally erp 9

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