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Video on Interest and Penalty on Service Tax in Tally.erp 9

As you all know, that I am also working in Finance and Accounting department with one company and I am  looking entire accounts of my company. In spite of  more than 16 years experience  with Tally,I still not did not know many useful features available within in Tally.erp 9. Recently, I wanted to generate service Tax challan G.A.R. 7 from the Tally.erp 9 itself but the problem I was facing that it does not capture the penalty and interest code in the challan.

Now, instead of searching it over Google, i simply raised the problem on support center of  Tally.erp 9 because accounting data and matter is always considered as confidential and you should ask it only to authorised people instead of searching over Google.

I just got response in 2 hours from the support center and it was really very easy to set up interest and penalty in Tally.erp 9.Tally support center sent me  explanation along with an attachment to set up interest and penalty on Service Tax payable screen shot to generate G.A.R.7 correctly

What wrong I was doing that, that I had created interest on Service Tax ledger under duties and taxes and then service tax but after viewing the attachment, I realized my mistake that interest and penalty account  to be created under expenses (indirect )Group. I did it and it worked like a charm

So, the moral of story when you face any problem in Accountancy or Tally ask it to authorised Tally service providers or direct to Tally Solutions. Use your Tally.erp 9 support center to solve all your query related to Tally.erp 9. Explore the Tally as much as you can.

I have uploaded  a small video tutorial on the same which will help to understand it in a better way. The video tutorial is self-explanatory and you can browse  You tube for more tutorials.


  1. Farzana

    Res Sir / Madam
    I want to learn Tally. Please Teach me Tally please………….

  2. R.Shenbagam

    Sir, i am new to tally, I want to know how to see the balance sheet and p & L with details , standardly only the main heads are listed

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