Axis Bank Cheque Printing in Tally.ERP 9

"Axis bank cheque printing"

Axis Bank Cheque Printing in Tally.ERP 9   is Tally’s one of the amazing  feature which I like very much because   Cheque Printing in Tally.ERP 9 reduce the manual work load. It is easy,fast and very convenient. Cheque printing in Tally.ERP 9 within an accounting software help accountant to the great extent. it avoids error in writing cheques. Preparing cheque in accounts is a boring  and time-consuming routine work. Those Tally users who have accounts with Axis bank can be benefited from this article by learning Axis Bank Cheque Printing in Tally.ERP 9

Cheque Printing in Tally.ERP 9  how to go ahead

If you have an account with axis bank than surely this article will help to set up the Axis Bank Cheque Printing in Tally.ERP 9 in Tally. All, you need to have to put the dimensions of  the cheque in mm.

First of all, Create a bank ledger for Axis bank under Group bank account. Once you create the ledger, Press F11. In Accounting Features, you will find an option set cheque printing. Set it to yes. Now Set yes to Alter Cheque Printing Configuration. It will display a pop-up window asking the company name and the bank for which you wish to print cheque. Once you press enter it will ask you to fill up the dimensions of the bank ledger. Please follow the screen shot as mentioned below and accept the page.

for other banks like HDFC, SBI, Bank of Baroda, PNB, you can alter this dimensions using the actual dimension of your hard cheque and a scale. its is very easy to set up yourself.

Axis Bank Cheque Printing  Dimensions in Tally

Here is the screen shot of complete dimension printing of Cheque from Tally.erp 9

Axis Bank Cheque Printing in Tally.ERP 9
Axis Bank Cheque Printing in Tally.ERP 9



By applying a little little trial and error method, Axis Bank Cheque Printing will help you to do this thing FREE OF COST and I am sure you will be happy by doing it yourself. Cheque Printing will work on any printer but my favorite is HP1029

Axis Bank Cheque Printing in Tally.ERP 9  Final thought

Cheque printing will help in error free speedy work and you don’t need to prepare manual cheque from Tally. The moment you post a payment voucher, the cheque will be printed from Tally just giving a print command to print cheque. Isn’t it that great ? The first step I suggest to any organization who are interested to set up a system is to set up cheque printing from Tally.

If you face any difficulty, than just drop your comments here, I will be glad to assist you.

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