TDS Entry in Tally ERP 9 step by step procedure

TDS Entry in Tally ERP 9, is a further step of Tally.erp 9 to become a truly ERP solutions.Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd is continuously adding more and more advanced features to the software and TDS in tally erp 9 is one of the major useful feature which is very useful for finance people like me.

In this post,I will explain  a general idea about TDS Entry in Tally ERP 9 and if you want to know step by step TDS configuration in tally.erp 9 then refer my post onTDS Entry in Tally ERP 9? I have uploaded a complete TDS set up manual for tally users which you can download free of cost. I have also upload a TDS help file which is a pdf file will be very useful for TDS Entry in Tally ERP 9

TDS Entry in Tally ERP 9 |how to set up in Tally

Tally erp 9 introduced a concept of calculating TDS based on the nature of expenses. Now, you can deduct tds on expenses whether revenue or capital nature. you must follow the step by step guide for TDS Entry in Tally ERP 9 to learn how to set tds in your accounting software.

To understand TDS in an accounting software its better to understand what is tds and how a manual entry will be look like. Once it is understood, TDS Entry in Tally ERP 9 will become a child’s play for a Tally user.

TDS is a tax deducted at source that is when the supplier issue a bill,  the recipient of Services is responsible to deduct TDS from that bill and must credit the same to TDS payable account. the expense will be booked for full amount, however the supplier’s account will be credited less by the amount deducted on account of TDS



TDS Entry in Tally ERP 9 | Examples and Journal Entries

Suppose a job work done through M/s. ABC and Company for Rs. 1 lac. Let’s see how to pass TDS Entry in Tally ERP 9 for the same

Dr. Job work Expenses Rs. 1,00,00.00

Cr. ABC & Co. 97774 (net of TDS)
Cr. TDS on payment to Contractors 2226

Now the sum so deducted towards TDS e.g. Rs. 2226 is a liability to pay it to government within the stipulated time.

TDS Entry in Tally ERP 9 allows to deduct TDS at the time of booking of an invoice or an advance payment.

Release 3 and onwards made TDS Entry in Tally ERP 9 more stable and more easy to manage. In addition, all the required reports now can be generated by pressing a few keys only.


  1. Dayaram Vasudev Dorle says:

    Dear sir, madam,
    My Name is Dayaram , I am passed TYBCom. I am pratice
    of Accounting in a CA Firm for last one month , have problem in journal Entries, vat & Excise , Tds and Account entries .
    so, please give me solution with simple example and entries with narriation.I am waiting for your reward

    Thanking You,

  2. Mahendra says:

    Dear dayaram,
    I have already posted some articles with examples on journal entries, vat,cst, excise tds etc. please browse my old articles. if it does not help you, then please specify your problem with more details. just by viewing example, one can not solve his/her own problem without understanding the root of problem. So, better let me know what kind of problems you are facing, and I will help you how to solve it. Also please do not forget to mention version of tally software you are using.
    best regards,

  3. kanchan dogra says:

    Dear sir, madam,
    My Name is kanchan . I am passed my 10+2. now i am doing accountants professional course
    I have problem in jounral entries of tds excise duty tcs service tax.
    so, please give me solution with simple example and entries with narriation.I am waiting for your reward

    Thanking You,

  4. Mahendra says:

    Please join my network on facebook and let me know your specific problem to solve the same. General articles about journal,tds,vat excise I have already posted on my site with examples. Without understanding what problem you are facing, I can’t help you

  5. Mahendra says:

    Remove all against reference from the payment and then deduct tds.after that you can again use payment against related reference

    please revert back if it does not solve your problem

  6. rahul says:

    In tally9.erp, in statutory configuration dere is field set/alter vat details, wen i set dis field to yes, it is automatically set to no..wats is the problem? and can u mail me some tds deducting sample to me?
    i want to deduct tds on contractor.

  7. Mahendra says:

    Are you referring to creation of a sub contractor ledger account ? I don’t know how to help people who even feel shy to post a query with full details !!!

  8. Sanjay Kumar Ajmeria says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am working in tally 9.ERP as Billing cum Store Keeper, but I want to know accounts like TDS, Please inform me how to deduct TDS and what are relative enteries. I want to know all entries of TDS with details and examples.

  9. Mahendra says:

    I have already uploaded entire tds procedure on rapid share in the article for which your commented. Now I don’t understand what you want more

  10. Mahendra says:

    It is very simple,
    Dr. Fixed deposit
    Cr. Interest received on FDR
    Please post your queries relating to how to do on our our support forum

  11. Sukumar says:

    Sir Is This Group are Correct?

    Sundry Debtors Sundry Creditors

    TDS Receivable TDS Payable

    Security Deposits Service Tax Payable

    Retension if any

    Works Cont tax Collected

    This I am asking because if at all we accounting an invoice we can

    enter the Ref No in each of the invoice itself which will show us

    the bill wise collections from each party & vice versa

  12. SHYAM says:

    I am a business man I used to maintain my accounts manually and I learnt tally from brainware but learnt to get the degree only….but now I can guess what I have missed at that time and our faculty they did not have any experience in paractical accounts….I hav e prob….I manufacture steel furniture ….and with many ingredients a furniture stands its finished stage…..Will it possible to maintain detalis acoounts of all ingredients i.e if I purchase any ingradients stock of individual ingradients will increase and after manufacture it will decrease …lets have an example…… 1/4/2010 C.R.C.A sheet purchased 100 kg. rs. 5000, paints purchased 3ltr. @ 250/Ltr. Rs. 750.00 and labour for making the above 1 pc. finished items Rs. 700.00 SAY WEIGHT OF 1PC. FINISHED ITEMS IS 50 KG.

    on 10/4/2010 I sale it out ,,,,, and how can I pass this manufacturing journal AND how can i have the report of stock like this on 10/4/2010 C.R.C.A sheet 50 kg.(50kg. consumed ) and paints nill (as full consumed)AND AS PER FUND PERMIT I WILL MAKE PAYMENT OF LABOUR.PLZ.plz REPLY as it is a very giving me trouble …… Ravin cooch behar

  13. SHYAM says:


    sALE OF 3 PCS. ALMIRAH @ rS. 5000 15,000.00
    Total 15,450.00

  14. SHYAM says:

    Sale 3pc.almiah Rs. 15,000.00
    I have charged Delivery charges Rs. 450.00
    subtotal 15,450.00

    OUTPUT VAT @ 12.5% Rs. 1,931.25

    Total bill value will be 17,381.00

    what to do to pass this sale entry in cash or credit…..plz. reply.

  15. Mahendra says:

    Dear Shyamji,
    Thanks for contacting us. Tally.erp 9 fully capable to solve your queries and problems.
    You need to enable the inventory module.
    I am sending you personal mail to resolve your issues. Don’t worry. I will guide you to make your accounts perfect. You will get all the reports whatever you want

  16. Mahendra says:

    Dear Shyamji,
    Passing of sales entry in cash or credit depends on how you made your sales ?
    Suppose you sold 3 almaries on cash base, then you have to pass the entry as per below
    Go to voucher entry,
    Select F8 in party name select Cash ( It will be a debit account in your books of account)
    Select Local sales account ( it will be a credit account in your books of account)
    Select the item name almarih(if you haven’t created any ledger then you will be required to create an item ledger
    then select the qty 3 and then rate Rs. 5000. it will capture the amount of Rs. 15000
    Now Create an another ledger account for freight charges and fill the amount of freight Rs. 450
    select out put vat @12.5 it will automatically caputure the vat amount of rs. 1931.25
    you will see the bill total amount of Rs. 17381.00
    If you face any problem, please contact me on Gtalk I will solve it

  17. PRIYANKA says:

    how to book a purchase bill where 75% of invoice value has 12.5% VAT and 25% is on labour charges . As well as account for TDS for the Same?

  18. RAHUL GAUTAM says:


  19. vamshi krishna says:

    Dear sir/ madam
    I am working in firm. I have to enter my propriter personal bank statement in tally 7.2. Last we did not enter his bank statement. now how can i take opening balance? could you please guide me how to entry of service tax and TDS on salaries.

  20. Mahendra says:


    When you create /alter any ledger account, you will find an option opening balance at the bottom of the screen. if still confusion, then pl. contact me

  21. aastha says:

    we had tally version ago.nw we have tally 9 erp. same data i have transfer to tally 9 erp. but i m fining problem in tds entry.. new ref option is nt coming. will u pls help me!!

  22. anil desai says:

    presently i m working in a ca firm just facing a problem while making entries of tds,service tax sir could u just explain the procedure

  23. Mahendra says:

    Dear Anilji,
    Without knowing your problem e.g. what problem you are facing … How I can help you.
    I had already write a detailed article/procedure on tds , service tax. please go through category of respective area and if still found any problem then you are most welcome and I will solve the same.
    Alternatively I can explain the same through live chat

  24. munendra rathore says:

    i want some help of tally 9 ,tds,vat,esi,tds challan i want more info about these topics please send me some info on my mail & my cell no. 9529834849

  25. ashwani sharma says:

    u entered tds entry in tally 9.0 its very easy prosier.
    thrir are simple 4 entry in tally 9.0
    1. name of cata that u paid tds name that u deduct tds

    2nd deduction voucher alt+s

    3.payment of tds
    4.payment of amount that person

    erp9 proser
    only 3 entry

    1st entry for categry and deduction for tds tax.
    2. payment entry of tds of gov of india
    3 payment of amount of person
    regards:- ashwani sharma (cpca)

  26. pratik says:

    when the advance salary paid to Employee . what is the entry will be made if the TDS will aplicable

  27. Mahendra says:

    The entry will be as under :
    Debit Salary advance
    Credit bank account
    Credit TDS payable on salary

    In future, please post your query on Support forum only

  28. MUKESH MALI says:

    ANS:- AXIS BANK ——DR….20000
    TO CAPITAL———-50000
    TO COMPUTER………..500

  29. kavita says:

    Dear Sir,

    muje tally entry help chahiye humne ek product purchases kiya wo muje tally mein capitlized (fixed asset) mein dalana hai pls rply.

    Thanks & Regards

  30. pardeep says:

    press f7 go to jurnal and pass the following entry
    product {name of asset} a/c dr
    to cash a/c
    put that asset under fixed asset

  31. sagar says:

    i have one account of air travel agency. i dont know how to enter their purchase and sales entry. Because they have only commission or service charge income. and they are not prepare any seprate commission or service income they include in his sales bills.
    for examle,
    Air travel agency book ticket Rs. 5000/-. and they sales 5400. so how can i enter purchase and sales entry in tally.

  32. rajan says:

    Hi Sir,

    I need TDS entry for company. Paying tax for income 2009 April to 2010 march.

    i heard there is any prvovisional entry will come.
    Can you please explain me with entry to email id .

    Thanks for your support and valuable time

  33. Srinivasan B says:


    I am facing a Problem while booking in Tally Erp 9. How to pass entry for transaction having VAT and suject to TDS? Example. Job Worker charge VAT on his bill and TDS to be deducted on the transaction amount.

    Pls advice.


  34. mithlesh says:

    Dear Sir

    I have complete my b-com in 2010 and I want do the job as Accountant But not clear a concept so what i do to do the this.what is the important thing and also tell any books name that help me in concepts.

  35. hodam devkishore singh says:

    sometimes deduct now field in tds in tally erp9 work some times it does not work what is the real problem and when and how it is to be used?

  36. sk.itifa says:

    dear sir
    my name is itifa am working as accountant .i have one doubt related to tds on salary how to pass entry in tally .suppoase mr.x salary is 35000 how to deduct tds and pass entry in tally .sir reply me .

  37. Mahendra says:

    TDS on salary in tally will be available by end of November, 2010. till that time, you may do it manually throuh a journal voucher

  38. Mahendra says:

    You need to create a Voucher class for vat adustment for this purpose.
    Please check all my articles on vat and excise and voucher class. you will find it somewhere how to create a vat adjustment voucher class

  39. Mahendra says:

    You can’t change Tax rates! Why you want to change it ? If you are using outdated version of tally, then you require to upgrade your tally to latest version

  40. yashvir singh says:

    Dear Sir, Madam

    Sir, i have done in 2004 and mba finance – part time – in 2007,but i am working as a data entry operator. can i go to accounts field now if yes then how.please tell me

  41. Ritesh Rana says:

    Dear sir,
    will i have to upgrade my license version for change TDS software is not taking any rates in TDS deduction voucher so how can i shrotout this problem.
    Thanks allot sir for reply my question.

  42. Mahendran Nadar says:

    I have complete my b-com in 2010 and I want do the job as Accountant But not clear a concept so what i do to do the this.what is the important thing and also tell any books name that help me in concepts.

  43. pradeep says:

    sir please give me ur gltalk id i m new join for one software company i have many problems regards to ledger entries,tds and vat.i will contact u in gtlk

    thanks pradeep D chandra

  44. venkat says:

    Dear sir,

    we are labour contractors,how to service tax, tds entries in tally erp ex: cash received from works contract 50000/- (including service tax) tds deducted.

  45. Kalluri Lakshmi Prasad says:

    Dear Sir/madam,

    I pleased to see your valuable website and you too. Briefly about myself as

    Basically I am B.Com Graduate, passed out in 2004. I started my career in 2005 but in wrong path, I was attracted about salary in Marketing. Joined as a Sales Executive – Credit cards with MNC Bank and worked for more than 3 and Half Years. Later I promoted as a Sales Develop manager with the same company with my dream package.

    But unortunately, I worked only one year and quit from the profession itself.

    Now I jumped my profession from Marketing to Accounting in the year of 2009 December.

    But I am not comfortable, bcoz I am unable to make JV, TDS, etc., I changed 2 Companies as of now. One of my cousin said, he will guide me in this matter, but he is hopeless, becoz of his attitude.

    Please help me out how to prepare JV’s? Why Should we mke JV’s etc.,


    Prasad – 9533819825

  46. Mahendra says:

    Dear Laxmi Prasad,
    Pleasure to have your feeback.
    Yeah, you will not be able to make journal entry without understanding/knowing the basic accountancy or working under guidance of some experienced person.

  47. rohini says:

    dear sir, i have a problem to calculate discount & vat so i request you. plz solve my problem .

    question is….
    mr. raichand the following items for khan traders.
    ram 50 pcs @ 450 vat 4% disc. 50%
    cabinet 10 pcs @1100 vat 4% disc. 30%
    hdd 10 pcs @1080 vat 4 % disc. 48%….

    thank you sir…………..

  48. abdulla says:

    i am working in pvt ltd company
    we are making invoice with delivery charges.
    in tally delivery charge received will come under which group(income) and if i cash received by cash sale how to transfer from cash sale to petty cash in tally

  49. Mahendra says:

    Without a Tally serial number, no one can operate or work in Tally!You may find it from the top or below info panel of your tally software in numeric value however
    If you don’t know your Tally serial number then just start your Tally software
    then take a screen shot of the same and mail me.
    We provide support only to licensed users of Tally
    I am sorry but we wanted to discourage users who are using hack /cracked version of tally.
    Hope you will understand it

  50. Rohan kumar says:

    Dear sir,

    I have a doubt in in branch account in tally 9 . I do not know how to maintain the books of accounts in books of branch account as well as in the books of head office account. Also tell me the books which is open in the books of branch account.

    With regards.
    Rohan kumar

  51. Sachin says:

    We are using Tally ERP 9
    We have made monthly payment to Mr. A (Professional-Doctor) from April till Oct 10 (total 7 entries) and have not deducted any tax till Oct 10.
    However, we have received bill for Nov 10 and after adding all payments including Nov 10, amount crosses Rs.20,000/-.

    Kindly let us know how to deduct tax while making payment of Nov 10 bill since tax has to be deducted taking into consideration payment from Apr-Nov 10.

  52. Sachin says:

    We are using Tally ERP 9
    We have made monthly payment to Mr. A (Professional-Doctor) from April till Oct 10 (total 7 entries) and have not deducted any tax till Oct 10.
    However, we have received bill for Nov 10 and after adding all payments including Nov 10, amount crosses Rs.20,000/-.

    Kindly let us know how to deduct tax while making payment of Nov 10 bill since tax has to be deducted taking into consideration payment from Apr-Nov 10.

  53. Mahendra says:

    Hello Sachin,
    I have already responded on you date 29.12.2010 that I do not provide any support to any one unless you mention your Tally serial number along with your query.
    So, please do let me know your Tally serial number if you want a solutions of your problem.

  54. anuska sharma says:

    dear sir
    i have joined a mnc company as accaontant ,
    now i m facing a problem,
    eg: we pay cash salary to mr A Rs5000/- including TDS of 250. how i make the entry Please sent the JOURNAL ENTRY,

    SIR how to get TDS CERTIFICATE printed from TALLY9


  55. Aparna says:

    hi, i am read some tally entry in your feedback. i like it your suggestions pls tell me how to make entry for purchase, sales with quantity, per item rate in tally erp 9. how to maintained opening stock & closing stock Pls tell me. Can you provide any link for any query about tally erp 9

  56. Mahendra says:

    Thanks for your feedback.
    Currently I am not able to help Tally users except our own clients who buy software from us.
    Our clients do not need any link to get any help

  57. rajesh says:

    hi, i dont know how to enter the journal and payment entry in tally 9.2 for:
    i have rented out a shop. the licensee deducts from the rent the tds of 10% and gives a cheque, which i deposit in the bank.
    pls tell me entry in tally records.

  58. Vinod says:


    I am pursuing CA and want to learn tally. could you please suggest some good institutes for the same.

    I have put up in JP Nagar, Bangalore.

    Waiting for your valuable suggestion.

    Thanks and Regards,

  59. nethra says:


    If a Construction company receives a overdraft facility from Bank how to make entry in tally 9.0 As we are having our current account in same bank and maintaining all transactions.

    So, kindly i request u to give me the suggestion for this.

    Awaiting for your reply. Hope i ll receive ASAP.


  60. Tarun says:

    I m using tally9erp release-3. Inventory & Accounts Integeratated

    Please tell me how can be salesman commission be managed/accounted in tally. I have around 23 salesman and running a retail/wholesale shop

  61. Ranjana says:

    Dear sir, madam,
    My Name is Ranjana I am passed MBA (F). I have problem in journal Entries, vat & Excise , Tds and Account entries .
    so, please give me solution with simple example and entries with narriation.I am waiting for your reward

    Thanking You,

  62. Mahendra says:

    It is not possible to provide free support to everybody. Free support is always limited.
    If you wish so, you can join our premium membership and post your queries there. we will guide you step by step for all your queries related to Vat, TDS excise etc.
    It is a paid membership forum.
    Hope you will understand our limitation.

  63. mamatha r rao says:

    dear sir , can we use tally in financial institutions, can I get interest on deposits and loan automatically

  64. Anand Singh Bisht says:

    I have suffered with the same as above problem Please Guide me and send me the solution of that.

  65. sagar kumawat says:

    u entered tds entry in tally 9.0 its very easy prosier.
    thrir are simple 4 entry in tally 9.0
    1. name of cata that u paid tds name that u deduct tds

    2nd deduction voucher alt+s

    3.payment of tds
    4.payment of amount that person

    erp9 proser
    only 3 entry

    1st entry for categry and deduction for tds tax.
    2. payment entry of tds of gov of india
    3 payment of amount of person
    regards:- ashwani sharma (cpca

  66. chaitra says:

    Dear si/Madam

    My name is chaitra, Kindly clarify my below details:
    Am working in Tally Erp 9 software, just one week back we have installed , on creating of ledger i.e, Freight charges on which under shall i select
    and accept the same

  67. Nitin Goel says:

    Journal entry for simple
    TDS Deduct the party for other party for ex example:-

    Ram hasbeen paid to commsion 50000/- Dt: – 31.03.2011
    1. Commsion on sale :- 50000/-
    2. TDS Dedducted :- 10%
    So Math Matics Calculation 50000*10% = 5000

    Journal Entry Justyfy:-
    31 March 2011
    Commmsion Dr. 50000

    To Ram Cr. 50000

    (for Ram paid to commision)

    31 March 2011

    Ram Dr. 5000

    To TDS Cr. 5000

  68. balachander says:

    company given – 100000.00
    service tax 10.3% – 10300.00
    TDS deducted 2% – 2206.00
    How do u pass Journal entry in tally

  69. Rajesh Kuma Jha says:

    Hi ,

    Kindly help me hot to Made Sales Return and Purchases Return Voucher Entry.


    Rajehs Kumar Jha

  70. Kumaresan says:

    Rajehs Kumar Jha

    Hi Rajes Kumar Very Good Evening.

    for Example:
    Purchase Transaction :

    Purchase Account (Dr) 100
    All, Vat and Excise Account (Dr) 10
    To, Supplier/CreditorAccount (Cr) 110

    Purchase Return Transaction

    Supplier/Creditor Account (dr)
    To,Purchase Account (Cr)
    To, VAT/Excise/Local Sales Tax (CR)

    Sales Transaction.

    Cestomer /Debtors Accont Dr
    To, sales Account Cr,
    To, VAT/Sales Tax A/c cr,

    Sales Return :

    by, Sales Account dr
    By, Tax Account dr
    To, customer Account Cr

    Tally Group:
    Ledger Group

    Purchase – Purchase
    Sales -Sales
    Purchase Return – Purchase
    Sales Return – sales
    Vat/Excise /Sales tax – Duties and Tax (liablities)

    Sales Returm —credit memo/note
    Purchase Return – Debit note

    Tnk reg :
    M.Kumaresan, coimbatore , Tamilnadu

  71. m. venkatesh says:

    Dear Sir,

    How to entry the tds entries in tally. rent every month Rs.25000/= every month end payable entry then next month 5th payment. what are entries in tally.erp9.

  72. Mangesh says:


    Please tell me my party sales goods sold in shop and they claim vat which inclusive in mrp.
    They wants to vat return purpose vat amount on Handloom products.
    But Now afterlong time to verify only that entry in is it

    Sales Reg.
    Cash a/c. Dr.
    Cash taxfree sales (shop) Cr.
    Cash Taxable sales (shop) Cr.
    Vat Taxable 5 % Cr.
    Discount allowed Dr.

    is this correct entry.
    Please reply sir.
    Thanks & Regards,

  73. vani shaik says:

    helo sir,
    i am working in a private co.,,,,pls help me in this transaction,,we puchased 100 pens from ABC co.,with petty cash amount,, wat will b the entry. how is shows in purchase register

  74. Shiva Barhate says:

    Dear Sir.
    Would you like to sent all the Taxation Entries with narration.
    Sir also update me new changes in all types of tax.
    i am desperately waiting for your mail.
    Please give me all the details as early as possible.
    Thanks & Best Regards.

  75. rahul maingi says:

    how to enter goods in transit (purchases) entry in tally to show goods in transit in pn l in tally

  76. Chand pasha says:

    How to deduct TDS on salary in tally.ERP9 or can i use book keeping methode plz reply me it’s urgent for me.

  77. sumit kumar jha says:

    dear sir
    can i maintain all financial entries in TDS.Income Tax.sales tax.vat,dvat,service tax.
    plz tell me
    tank u

  78. Ranu says:

    Dear Sir,

    how can we pass the March TDS and TCS payment voucher entry in April of next year through Payment helper.

    My problem is that we create new firm for new financial year therefore march balance payment of TDS and TCS are not shown is april of next financial year when we pass the payment entry of TDS and TCS in the month of APril.

    Plz tell me how can solve this problem
    Thanks & regards

  79. Jyotsna says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have a problem to post an entry of salary professional tax, req. u to solve my problem.

    question is.

    1. if Mr.ABC – salary is Rs. 11000/- recd. in cash.then professional tax. amt will be 200/-.

    what will be the correct entry in tally.

  80. Ranu says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am using Tally ERP.9 Release 1.6 (Series A) and stat 111. I tried to replace the stat by stat 153 but this stat not working with my current release 1.6 so what i do for updating stat

    Our Tally.Net subscription has been expired

    Thanks & Regards

  81. Mahendra says:

    You need to set up payroll auto processing in Tally. It will require some basic set up. Once you do the same, it will process entire Salary in automated way with all earnings and deductions and you need not to worry for the entry!

  82. Ranu says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have a one more problem.

    In J&K all industreis get remission order against Local sale from Commercial Tax Department after submision the sale tax return problem is the when we pass the sale voucher entry and show the VAT FORMS report Report show the wrong figure. Example is given below:-

    X Dr 1103
    Sale 13.5% Cr 1000
    BED Cr 100
    Edu Cess Cr 2
    S H Edu Cr 1
    Less Price Adj Dr 53
    OutPut Vat 5% Cr 53

    Total Invoice Value is 1103

    Amt will be shown in Return (1000+100+2+1)= Rs.1050 and Vat will be shown in Return = Rs.53 but fact is that amt shown in report Rs.1103 and vat Rs.53 and vat payble report show the Rs.53 as vat payable balance but in actual we will not pay the vat because firstly we deduct amt as price adjustment after than we mentioned same amt of tax which is deducted as price adjustment

    Note; In J&K state we all submit the Annexure I for claiming remission order but now till date no provision mentioned in tally

    Ledger Group are given as under:-
    Sale Sale
    Excise duty & Taxes (excise)
    Price Adj duty & taxes (other)
    Vat duty & Taxes (Vat)

    Please tell me how to solve this problem

    Thanks & Regards

  83. Ranu says:

    Dear Sir,

    At the time of Entry passing of TDS on Salary (journal voucher) which nature of payment we will select under TDS (Type of duty)

    We want that when we select the TDS helper (payment) than TDS on salary amt will shown in report automatically

  84. santosh says:

    i am facing dificulty in current account and term loan account entries and in bank details just payment are more without having having ballance in current account please help me out, i am waiting for your help sir…

  85. GOURAHARI JENA says:

    I want to known,when i make a bill in tally the final rate of a item & vat rate display automatic,(final rate & vat not display) please give procedure in my id

  86. Mahendra says:

    Not sure, what problem you are facing ?and what you are looking for ?
    Please send your query with screen shots to our contact us page along with your Tally serial Number else it won’t be responded.

  87. K.NAGARAJAN says:

    Dear Mahendran

    How do i get Tally Serial Number….. I downloaded it from internet but not able to enter the vouchers. I am ready to pay for it. Pls help me.

  88. bhagya.v says:

    dear sir,

    i known to create to ledger and group in tally but i not getting to create vochers, please requested to tell which auothor book i can refer for deep solution then tell me which web site i can get prolems to do in tally please sir i want only problems regarding tally with basic sir i known theroy but i want specific prolem which reference i can refer it requesting to sir
    thank you

  89. anoop says:

    hello sir please shown an example ( a work model or question) of manufacturing journal in tally erp 9.I am working in a computer institution in Kerala State I,m teaching tally and t want to show the work to the students . I,m eargerly waiting your reply thanking you maya

  90. sachin gupta says:

    sir can u tell me i am unable to seach in fb can u tell me your fb id as soon as possible

    have a good day


  91. vivian says:

    If i pay the sales tax is RM 5000.00 but i got the sales tax deduction from purchases goods, if i can deduct RM 1,000.00 so the total sales tax i pay is RM 4,000.00.

    How to do the transaction in simple method? thank you.

  92. Ramesh says:

    I have to make a sales invoice and i have to give cash discount to the party because he is making payment within 15 days through cheque.

    I want to know whether cash discount is given before VAT rate or should be given after VAT?

    For Example:
    Item Name Qty Rate Total
    Tubelight 20 Nos 40 800

    Less:Cash Discount 2% 16
    VAT 14.5% 113.68
    TOTAL 897.68

    Item Name Qty Rate Total
    Tubelight 20 Nos 40 800

    VAT 14.5% 116
    Cash Discount 2% 18.32
    TOTAL 897.68

    Which one is correct.
    Kindly Reply.

  93. Mahendra says:

    Cash discount has nothing to do with billed value or vat.
    Cash discount is a post sales transactions and you can’t give its effect in advance that means you have to charge full vat otherwise it will be accounted as tax evasion.
    you can give a trade discount in your sales invoice without any issue!

  94. Sameer says:

    want to edit the entry of TDS wherein I have entered one wrong reference of bill no. & amt in the column of “against ref.” appearing below party name. In short want to delete that wrong bill reference and amount.

  95. Ajay says:

    Dear Sir
    Basically i am a recharge dealer, i get trasfer balance from my bank account and resale to my party, so by one means balance in hand is my current asset, is it right and at the time of saling balance should i pass payment entry or sales entry ? and how to maintain that recharge balance account ? means i wanted to get that rechrge account balance is credited when i transfer amount from bank and debited when sell to my party.


  96. Nawaj Maldar says:

    Hi Sir

    I have one problem
    I join a new company but in previous year (2010-2011) many entries purchase and payment are post in tally but not provide reference to payment

    this year split company Due to I face problem in provide reference for previous year transaction
    and due to outstanding report create incorrect

    how to clear previous year transactions

    Ledger outstanding

    1-Apr-2011 to 16-Dec-2011

    Date Ref. No. Opening Pending Due on Overdue
    Amount Amount by days
    04/10/2010 1 29615.00 Cr 29615.00 Cr 04/10/2010 438
    28/10/2010 B/2 – SLAB-2 14807.00 Cr 14807.00 Cr 28/10/2010 414
    03/08/2011 B/LOFT LINTEL STAGE 14807.00 Cr 14807.00 Cr 03/08/2011 135
    Sub Total 59229.00 Cr 59229.00 Cr
    16/12/2011 On Account 44422.00 Dr 44422.00 Dr
    14807.00 Cr 14807.00 Cr

  97. SHABEER AHMED says:



  98. Nawaj Maldar says:

    When i see the outstanding report here report show incorrect details like on account purchase or payment

    my issue
    previous year not maintain tally good by other person
    purchase entry book with new reference but when payment paid against this bill in tally not show the purchase reference for that payment show as on account

    current year we spilt the comapny in tally

    but in outstanding report pull the previous year transation show one purchase entry and one payment opening bal on account

    how to clear this problem

    Ledger : 1-Apr-2011 to 17-Dec-2011

    Date Ref. No. Opening Pending Due on Overdue
    Amount Amount by days
    04/10/2010 1 29615.00 Cr 29615.00 Cr 04/10/2010 439
    28/10/2010 B/2 – SLAB-2 14807.00 Cr 14807.00 Cr 28/10/2010 415
    Sub Total 44422.00 Cr 44422.00 Cr
    17/12/2011 On Account 44422.00 Dr 44422.00 Dr
    14807.00 Cr 14807.00 Cr

  99. jitendra Parmar (Jitu) says:

    Dear Rana Shab,

    Very Good Evening Hope you are fine.

    I am Jitubhai… a former employee of Hitesh Industries. I think now you can remembered me.

    Sir, I am proud of myself that I had done work with you at Hitesh Industries in year 2006-2008 & I had gained some of the experience from you for Accounting Data Entry using Telly Software. I am really thankful to you.

    As you are the one of the top Intelligent accountant of the Accounting History, I humbly request you to provide my easiest way to learn Telly 9 in short period to become Top Data Entery operator as well successful Accountant like you.

    Waiting for your reply soon on my mail



  100. Mahendra says:

    Hi jitubhai,
    What a surprise to see here!
    How can I forget my collegues who worked with me. I am so happy to see you after a long time
    Well Right Now I shifted to mangalore recently

    regarding learning Tally, unfortunately, there is no easiest way to learn it.All you need is to start working in an Account department in any company. The day-to-day work are the best teacher!

    If ever you any confusion or doubt in accounting of any kind of entry, I am always available here to help you. but Again Accounting is a very practical subject and every company have different nature of business, different types of accounting treatment, nature of transactions so, its not easy nor possible to offer any ready made solution in this regard.

  101. Jitendra Parmar (JITU) says:

    Dear Rana Shab,

    I am very happy that my dear collogue shifted to Mangalore.

    Thanks a lot for your timely precious suggestions in regards of learning Telly.

    As stated by you that Account is Practical subject & it is depend on the nature of business of one company to another, then also I keen to learn the telly at any cost from the basic from my GURU of Account Mr. M. K. Rana. Therefore for learning telly at Home through theoretically as well as self practice on computer at Home, Please kindly suggest the BEST REFERENCE BOOK TO LEARN TELLY (Covers all Chapters) & LATEST TELLY SOFTWARE which is internationally approved & helpful for future.

    Meanwhile, at present I am working As an PA to Shri Kishorbhai Kadvani – Chairman of GIDC-Lodhika Association & looking task of his personal account through manually. Now to earn more though Telly Data Entry of 1-10 company in single day in GIDC – Lodhika, Shapar, Metoda & Halamtara, I therefore think that there is large scope for Account rather than other department in any Indl. Company.

    Please kindly suggest whatever suitable for me.



  102. Mahendra says:


    There is no complete and ultimate book on Tally. However all basic and advances tutorials are available for free at These are very helpful. If you need, I can recommend you Online Video Tutorials to learn Tally. Few of my known people have purchased those CDs and informed me that it is really good to learn Tally so you can try with them. Click here to get such CDs It’s not much costly.

    Yes, in Metoda, there are some Companies who needs part time accountant. You may have a good scope in this regard for sure.

  103. Krishnakumar12 says:

     We have received labour bill from xyz this bill we have to deduct the TDS amount.what is the entry for this and under what heading it will come

  104. ch.vkmurthy says:

    Dear sir,
    I am a new person with work on tally please tell me about the tally entrees and create balance sheet and trail balance.TDS entry.


  105. Selvi says:


    In tally erp9 how to take printout sales invoice as contionusly. i need to take printout more than 100 Invoices / day. pls suggest me. Which option i go to enable.

  106. charity says:

    good morning sir, can i ask something about the journal entry for a subsidiary company(y) in which the parent company(x) has these entries in the debit side which are investments in equity-y and accounts receivable-affiliates and on the credit side is cash in bank. ? what is the compound entry for this transaction?thanks sir.i highly need your answer.thanks

  107. vikram says:

    how to pass entries for tds expenses, display amount spent in budgets, and make statuatory deductions like pf esi festival advance etc in tally 9

  108. Samrendra says:

    My Querry is in Tally how this case is Handled?
    1. Item Amount is Rs1000/- and Bill sent by Supplier of Amt 1500/- Later Found Rs. 500/- for Reject Qty), now while doing voucher entry, how tds amount will be calculated by Tally if TDS @ 2% then TDS Appliacble Amt will be how much and how this tally wll handle? Also if next bill comes of Rs.1000/- then what will be TDS applicable amount ?
    How this is handled in Tally ? Kindly advice..

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    of their physician or some massage expert Masaż gdańSk.
    4. Bringing a small kit of a hairbrush, mousse, and some
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  110. JYOTI S. GAWADE says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am working on software development company.

    we are make FD in bank .

    after 1 year we got interest on FD that in more than 5000/-

    so, TDS is liable.

    So, my question is it entry will be receipt or JV.

    IF it JV so please guide me how to pass entry for that TDS Receivable

    Thank you,
    And Best Regards.

  111. ashok tiwari says:

    Iam working in a job work company. i want to work in tally 9, how can i work for materials receipt & materials out record.

  112. rabina maharjan says:

    dear sir

    my name is rabina & i am working in pvt firm as an have a problem to entry tds and its group.sir plz tell me how to entry previous years tds and current year’s tds in current year and in which group should we put previous year’s tds in current year.

  113. dharveer sharma says:

    Sir i want to take advice to you i have do job account post but after 6 year before change my profile so my confidence is lose can i stat again


  114. dharveer sharma says:

    Sir i want to take advice to you i have do job account post but after 6 year before change my profile so my confidence is lose can i stat again


  115. Aruna says:

    Dear Sir,
    Please tell me sir,mechinery parts and repair tax bill, how to make journal entry in tally erp 9
    eg. Party name network and sales
    14.5% purchase carbonbush etc.. 450.00
    vat applicable 65.25
    handling charges 100.00
    total amt 615.25
    purchase entry is correct or journal entry is correct, Can you please explain me with entry to email id


  116. mohana priya says:

    i have doubt how to take payable list becz i have bal amount on sbt they are saying diff amt.present list how to take. onen more doubt how to reconcile the bank statement.

  117. manjuvanishree says:

    i have an security service company i want to use tally in account how it helpful to me what are entries i can do???

  118. RV. Yogeshwar says:

    I am a freelance worker. I have trouble in entering salary TDS working. I created TDS on contractor, professional or technical, etc with exact sections under duties and taxes in tally. But there is no section available for TDS on salary. I need the section for TDS on salary to get select in tally under duties and taxes, for that what i want to do. or there anyother provisions available to get this option.

    I spoken to one expert, he said that sec of TDS on salary not available in ledger. But this option is available on Payroll. Can you detail it please.

  119. Hello RV.

    You were rightly advised that the TDS on salary is covered under the Payroll Feature.
    So, you need to enable Payroll in Tally.ERP 9 and then you need to configure the employee master, salary master, leave and many things after that you need to pass all salary vouchers in the payroll Vouchers.
    If you need my help in this regard, you can hire me through Vcita. at the site on the right side bar there is an option to hire me

  120. karabi says:

    Dear sir
    i am karabi..i m trying to learn about TDS..I d’nt know how to make tds entry in tally erp 9..please help me sir..

  121. Vinod Gotam says:

    dear sir,
    i am vinod from punjab. i want to knw all about taxation and entries. do you have any pdf file or any other way to give me all detail regarding taxation. my mail id
    i also want to join your facebook page plz send me link.
    thank you sir.

  122. mukesh kumar mandal says:

    sir i just want to configure vat computation in tally erp9
    so pls tell me how to genrerat vat computation file in tally for vat return

  123. Hello Mukesh,
    In Tally.ERP 9 Vat computataion generate automatically, but you need to configure your Sales/Purchase /Debtors/Creditors ledger and item ledger properly. And also need to pass entries accordingly.

  124. IMRAN KHAN says:

    Sir my self imran khan I m a accountant in contruction firm my problem is related to TDS
    our earth movers service which providind us crane and jcb on contract basis . her toatal bill was
    more than 250000/- as per TDS rule the limit is only 30000/- if transaction is more than 30000/- tds should be deducted 1% .My client is ready to deduct tds . but are company manager ask him to receive pyment in a small amount on monthly basis 40000 pm .so how should i calculate tds on these amt . sir plz reply as early as possible.

  125. Shalini,

    Professional tax or any payment entry is to be passed through the payment voucher.(F5)
    Debit the professional tax and credit bank or cash by which you paid the tax.

  126. Ya i know payment entry. after payment i am checking Professional tax ledger it was showing closing balance. i want close that balance what i can do i am asking you please help me.

  127. Shalini,

    I am not getting you. There are 2 types of professional tax. One is on Employee- staff and another is firm’s professional tax. If you are posting for the second one, then it will have a debit balance. the professional tax should be created under the indirect expenses group for firm’s professional tax.
    And if you are posting Employee professional tax, then it will have completely another entries as well as grouping of the ledger too

  128. vani says:

    i received commission from company , 1% tds deducted on commission how i pass entry of TDS deducted

  129. vani says:

    hi sir please help me
    TDS deducted company on commission
    what is the entry for this and under what heading it will come

  130. Kanchan says:

    Hello Sir

    I want to know how to do this entry..Rs.65425 paid to Chopra adevertisement agt.bill no-22 after necessary Tds deduction

  131. deepak says:

    Dear Sir
    my accounts basic concept is weak pls guide me how strong my account concept . Then do as a accountant job.

  132. Pihu pandey says:

    I m pihu
    I m facing problem in TDS entry.plz help me
    I m using Tally 9 educational software

  133. Priti Maccha says:

    Sir I am a housewife but I want to learn tally sir tell me how to vat and tds entry in tally step by step plz tell me setting options also

  134. Rohit Kuamr says:

    freight service – 95000
    service tax 14 % – 13300
    sbc .5 – 475
    kkc .5 – 475
    total amount -109250
    payment received – 107065
    how to make entry of payment received in tally also of tds.
    please reply soon on my email also .

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