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Tally 9 :How to start writing books of Accounts

Those people who know little bit about accounts and want to write books of accounts generally starts  writing books of accounts in tally 9 without looking some primary information.This is a risky practice and sometimes create troubles.

Before writing books of account in tally 9 for any person, firm, company, as an accountant you should know certain basic things about the entity:

1) Full and legal name of the business for which accounts to be prepare
2) Legal Address of the business.
3) Actual commencement of the business

For this you may refer to any legal documents e.g. for a proprietary concern you may look to the bank statement or SSI No and any other legal documents prevailing in the geographical location.

Otherwise you may refer to partnership deed, articles of Association, memorandum of Association trust deed etc.

Further these documents will also help you to understand the nature of business and so it will be easy to determine the groups of ledger account and transaction of the business.

After understanding this basic requirements,  you must be know  how to create a new company which I will show you in my next topic through a screen shot which will help you. After creating a new company in tally, tally 9 will automatically generate all the related books of accounts.Further I will classify how to determine the groups for any particular ledger account. So, this is a pre requisite for preparing books of accounts.

Mahendra Rana

Mahendra is founder and CEO of the I Vision Infotech, Authorised Tally Sales and Service Partner and helping Tally users to learn Tally and accounting free through this site

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Savita Divekar - 6 years ago Reply

i want to learn tally

Mahendra Rana - 6 years ago Reply

Glad to know that you want to learn tally

neelu - 6 years ago Reply

i want to learn tally

ramakrishnan - 6 years ago Reply

i had a doubt in payment mode, if i go to agst ref in payment i am not getting bill details please clarify

vikas kadam - 5 years ago Reply

i want to learn tally9 cencearly p/s give any suggestion to learn about tally9 and other version of tally………..

ashish sharma - 5 years ago Reply

I would like to learn tally as i have been working as a it executive from last 6 months but i want to change my profile now let me know about the fees structure including tax i will pay in the installations..

Mahendra Rana - 5 years ago Reply

You can inquire to your nearest Tally academy about Fees structure

majeed - 5 years ago Reply

is it possible to come as an accountant by study throw internet -tally 9
if yes pl send details

T Narayana Rao - 5 years ago Reply

Dear sir,

please send to me some documents working knowledge of tally9

mamta - 5 years ago Reply

i want to learn tally online…..tell me how do i start…

SudharaniSudha - 5 years ago Reply

hi sir

i want to learn tally how to do

Nikhil - 4 years ago Reply

How to load tally9 software

pallavi - 4 years ago Reply

i want to learn tally9 how to operate i no littel much to opperate but i want to learn more in it please u will teach me tally9

bharat raju - 4 years ago Reply

i want to learn tally

sreeraj - 4 years ago Reply

can u pls tell how to configure tally for hotels.
example:room booking,check-in.check-out and room status

arjun kumar giri - 4 years ago Reply

thank you sir…..
I got solution of problem related tally erp9

DEEPAK KUMAR JHA - 4 years ago Reply


kirit thakkar - 4 years ago Reply

dear sir, i learn tally 9. i want c.d for basic financial accounting,traders accounting & invenntory,manufacturing accounting – we want 3 c.d. tally 9. no stock in mumbai. if your distributors in mumbai please give me tel./mob no.

punith - 4 years ago Reply

i did my tally but dont have working experience. if i face interview how can i manage please reply to this mail please…..

Nitanjai kumar singh - 4 years ago Reply

Dear sir,please send to me some documents working knowledge of tally9

sudarshan Rane - 4 years ago Reply

Dear Sir,
I am Sudarshan Rane. Currently joining Tally 9 version but i am not satisfied with this can you provide Tally notes .

Sohan kataria - 4 years ago Reply

Now i am doing tally accounting course so want to get some information about can yuo please provide?

arjun - 4 years ago Reply

sir, please tell me profit in tally course

kiran - 4 years ago Reply

hi…… workin with a company as a accountant……… i dnt think so that u ll face lots of problems……no need to waist money onto couching…..u need more practice to make perfect…tally is very easy.

samir dhibar - 4 years ago Reply

i learn to tally course………………………. pls pls pls help me my friendsssssssss

akanksha - 4 years ago Reply

i want to learn tally 9

ajay rana - 4 years ago Reply

Hello sir.
. I am just starting my little Business .but I want to maintain it with tally. I start my business Nov 2011. But now I want to maintain it with tally9 . So please tell me that which last stock I have ……? Can i make a entry in physical stock or in entry values where should be affected. ..please sir help me.

MANISH SONI - 4 years ago Reply


Ajeet Das - 4 years ago Reply

I want to learn Tally erp 9, and want to join your forum. But how?,

Arun - 3 years ago Reply

I want to learn Excise & Payroll. Can u plz help me

k.p. vanaja - 3 years ago Reply

Respected sir,
I want to learn the basic of tally.
thanking you

Debojit Pachani - 3 years ago Reply

I want to learn Tally

Akif Jawed - a couple of years ago Reply

I want to write a book of basic tally erp 9.
So, I want to know that what is the process of permission.

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