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Business specific ready-made Tally.erp 9

So, far we all know about the default tally.erp 9 which is suitable generally to any business type without any advance integration orcustomization.

Now many Tally Integrators have built very comprehensive business specific solutions in several areas, some of which are detailed below. I am sure many of you will love this business specific ready-made tally.erp 9 for your requirement.

  1. Educational Institutions
    The education solution covers the management of areas like Fee management, Transport management, Hostel Management, Stationery & Inventory Management, Department Management and Payroll tightly integrated with Accounting. This helps your institute avoid the need for multiple & scattered IT applications. These are mature solutions and are in use across the country.
  2. White Goods
    The White Goods & Home Appliances solution addresses Sales Management, Purchase Management, Branch Management, Service Management and more. Our partners have implemented these solutions in many reputed businesses successfully.
  3. Hospitals & Nursing Homes
    Comprehensive solutions that cover the most exacting needs: OPD, IPD, Investigation, specific accounting needs MIS.
  4. Automobile Sales & Service
    Vehicle purchase, sales (and associated processes), vehicle servicing, SMS alerts, reminders and more – these solutions cater to the needs of 2,3 & 4 wheeler sales and service dealers. Integration with the vehicle manufacturer’s Dealer Management Systems (DMS) completes the solution.
  5. Clubs
    Dedicated solutions for clubs and similar associations. Include membership management, guest rooms, facilities, charges, billing, reminders and associated accounting needs.

Please spend time reviewing the features that are available for your specific domain. And we’ll get the appropriate Tally Integrator (who built the solution or his sales partner) to meet with you. You will jointly discuss the fitment of the solution, additional feature requirements, implementation, training and costs. Note that these solutions are built, supported and serviced by the partners themselves.

Please feel free to Contact us for other specific business solutions you need and which are not listed here.

Note that many business requirements can actually be met directly by


  1. vikas baheti

    TExtile Business is what i’m looking forward to.

  2. Krishan

    Automobile Sales & Service
    You have mentioned above that you have developed a programme Tally integrater and customized it to the needs of a Automobile sector
    I will like to see the demo of the above -if you please

    1. Dear Krishan,
      Thanks for your interest in our customized module.
      I will upload the demo/features tonight on my site as well as admin module
      In admin module, you can set rights of different tally users working on a multi tally system. for e.g. purchase dept can post entries only pertaining to purchase, sales only pertaining to sales etc.

  3. Krishan

    Further is Rice Business if there is any customized programming

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