We have seen some articles on how to set up tdl in tally, how to write a basic tdl and how to create a new filed in Ledger Master in tally

TDL is useful to add value to your existing Tally software and by using a tdl you can enhance the usage of your default tally.

No, Software can suit  needs of everybody. This is true for Accounting software as Accountancy is a result of day-to-day commercial activities and legal compliance and changes in the laws make the accounting software more complex.

However good thing is that there are professionals who prepare add-on for a software which fulfill the gap between the general feature of a software and the user specific requirement.There are professionals who develop various TDL which are useful for tally user who need it.

Address book  TDL is such an add-on for tally users helping you to keep a complete address book of your clients,suppliers etc. The details is captured from the accounts ledger master and you don’t need to fill up any extra field. Further, you can easily print labels,envelop etc through this address book TDL.

Performance of this tdl can be viewed on you tube

You can  buy this TDL for Rs. 1850. It will work with your tally serial number only.
and yes, If you don’t want to buy it, you still can get it for free. for more details please refer my post on tallynine.com giveway and win free Gifts
If you need it, just post your comment here or fill up the contact us form
Please post your queries on support forum only

6 thoughts on “address book TDL in tally buy it now!

  1. Dear sir,

    I want to Address book TDL Trail for my Tlly.ERP9,

    What I Do

    1. Jitendra,
      No Trial is available!
      You can buy it for Rs. 1850.00 or can get it free of cost by winning in the contest which I will arranging shortly.
      It will be designed only for a particular Tally serial number and it won’t work with any other tally.erp 9 software.

  2. vijayaraghavan says:


    i want tall.erp9 tdl files

  3. I want to take print out in one ledger, the problem is huge amount print out needs to take the print out, differentiating by cheque no. so giving one click print to take all the cheque nos separately. Also same title name for all. Need solutions.

  4. I need address label printing , will be happy if i get a demo copy



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