UPDATE : as on date 5th April, 2010, the latest release of tally.erp 9 is release 1.61 build 3 which you can download from the download section of my site

As anticipated,Tally just released its latest release 1.6 and I guess it might be the last release for the current Series A as Tally is planning to launch now series B as per its calendar at any time after April, 2009.

The highlights of this release are listed below. However I will explain you the same with more insight. Bold sentences are my personal comments under each highlights

Data Synchronisation for Distributed Business Environments

Data synchronisation is now revamped with new capabilities and behavioral changes to make the process simple, fast and wide-ranging. Some of the new capabilities include enhanced performance, one way synchronisation, online snapshot and sync after save.

This feature is more useful for branch accounting as they have to frequently updated reporting to HO. Also useful for sending data to your auditors.

Statutory Audit Tool & Schedule VI reports for Auditors’ Edition

A new powerful tool is provided for Auditors for performing the Statutory Audit. This tool which is divided into two parts is aimed at providing all the necessary functionalities that an auditor would need to analyse the Books of Accounts, discover exceptions and highlight deviations.

Schedule VI report is required only by Companies (Private and Public Companies).As per Companies Act, every registered company must prepare its balance sheet and financial statements as per format  prescribed under Schedule VI. So this updating in tally.erp 9 is very useful for audit purpose. It will save lot of time of auditors

Data Analysis
This tool provides the flexibility to load and compare financial data of two years (Audit Year & Previous Year) and check for any deviations with a step by step approach.

Generally this feature is also very useful for companies as companies requires to prepare their balance sheet representing current and previous year. however the feature is of the same importance for other business units also.

This section aims at providing the capability to scrutinize and Vouch the available transactions. Flexibility has been provided to enter the audit comments on the entire data or sampled data or specific data.

This feature is useful for auditors for audit purpose. However majority of CAs still follow traditional methods of auditing and they do not take advantage of the latest trends in accounting and auditing. even staff of CAs is also not trained enough to understand working of tally’s latest technology

Financial Statements
Financial statements like Schedule VI Balance Sheet and Schedule VI Profit & Loss A/c Statement can be generated as per the Schedule format specified in the Company’s act. New functionalities like Cut (Move), Paste (To), Undo etc. will simplify the process of classification and reclassification.

Quick Setup (Wizard)
Quick Setup is a new feature which has been introduced with Tally.ERP 9. This is Single Window Statutory Masters Configuration screen which will help you in configuring all the statutory masters required for the effective use of a particular statutory module.

It will be useful for all general tally users

Stock Query
A separate button S: Stock Query has been provided to display the Stock Query Report for an item during the Voucher Creation/Alteration screen.
If you are maintaining inventor then definitely you will like this feature

Mass Emailing
A new Mass Emailing facility has been provided to help the user for sending multiple Emails to the respective recipients on click of a button. This facility will help you in sending Outstanding Statements/Reminder Letters to the Parties, send Confirmation of Accounts to the Parties and send Pay Slips to all or selected Employees.

Wow! I definitely love this feature as each month I have to send pay slip to lot of employees and till date every time, I have to generate individual pay slip of each employee and can send only to a single employee. Now I will be able to save my time means more time to surf over net!

Batch Report
Using the Item-Batch wise report you can now view a report of the stock item for a particular batch.

Multi Page Excise Invoice Printing

A feature to print Multi Page Excise Sales Invoice is now available using which you can print details like Stock units with details of “Duties passed on”, tax registration details of the manufacturer and stock unit details.

I am sure if you use tally’s excise module, then you will like this feature also.

Finally, this is not end but more feature are coming so keep visiting again and again

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