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Company creation in Tally is the first step to start working with Tally.erp 9.So, today we will go through company Creation in Tally.ERP 9

company creation in Tally | How  to go ahead

Once the software is downloaded, start the Tally.erp 9, and the below  screen will appear. It will prompt to create a company, if there is no company created or loaded and so, the  Select option is  disabled automatically. Now just read the full articles here for company creation in Tally.

company creation in Tally


Now hit Create company button and you will find below screen

company creation in Tally | First step to do?


Type  the legal name of the company and its mailing address.

company creation in Tally

Note : You may alter name and address at any time latter on you wish so.


After the address, select your county.Then select Stat

company creation in Tally
company creation in Tally


If your office location is in Mumbai from where you have to prepare books of account,and your business unit is in Delhi,then you have to select your state as Delhi and not Maharashtra.

Now you have to select method of accounts i.e. Accounts only or Accounts with inventory

If you select accounts only then you will not be able to keep the record of inventory.


company creation in Tally


Further, you have to select period of the accounting year.

Accounting year is a period for which books of accounts are being managed.

The Calendar year is the year starting from 1st January of any year and ends on 31st December of the same year.

The Financial year is a year which starts on 1st April of a calendar year and ends on 31st March of the subsequent calendar year.

A company has to comply with the provisions of the companies act in case of newly formed company.

So  any case the financial year from should be the 1st April of the calendar year for which you want to start books of the account regardless to the fact when the business was started.

The second selection is starting date of books of account. This is the date of starting your books of account. but be careful while selecting this date.

If you were maintaining your books of account on manual and from 1st April 2009, you have decided to write books in tally then your financial year as well, as books beginning will start from 1st April 2009.

for running the business you can not choose any other date then the 1st April of the calendar year.

so, books begin date must be 1st April of the financial year for all business except those which start during the middle of a financial year.

Let’s say your business starts on 1st July 2009, then the Financial year will be 1st April 2009 and books begin from will be 1st July 2009


Company Creation master Form

company creation in Tally | The Final set up

Now, accept the screen by pressing Ctrl +A, to complete company creation in Tally



Company Creation Master Form


company creation in Tally is now about to complete!


Company Creation in Tally.ERP 9


Your first Company creation in Tally is completed.Congratulation. Now you are ready for voucher and journal entry in Tally



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  1. hello friends…………….
    pls give me guideline for learning tally 9 step to step..i have little knowledge about it , i dnt hav tim for tutorial to go nd learn,i want to knw the good site whr i can learn or name book which is available in market and which is best and easy understanding

  2. Dear Mr Rana,

    We are using Tally 9 ERP. Yest was 31 March 2010 so at the end of the day I went for splitting of Company. But when I went for that a message appeared Error : Due date of Bill 50 not correct. When i saw my Purchase and sales Invoice nos I couldnt get any Bill no 50 in my data. Im stuck up as I have to split the companies. Please help me out we can chat on Gtalk.

    My mobile is … (Removed by the site administrator)

    Then I also tried to create a new company manually but I got stuck up at one place security. its is asking for Tallyvault pass word . Where do I get that pass word . I tried putting the tally password given by Tally when I upgraded from Tally 9 to Tally ERP.

    Please help me out as I have to create a new Co today and then start my worlk.

    Thanking you.
    Ms Shakuntala Aswaney
    Vice President Finance
    Mob (Removed by the administrator to maintain our reader’s privacy)

    1. Rahul Choudhary says:

      Dear sir,

      1. please check your all the opening balances reference’s, may be u used the 50 no in opening balance…ok

      2.while creating new company there is no mandatory field of Tally vault, you can skip this by pressing enter or tab button and if you press any other key than that will be your vault password and you will have to enter again this and also when creation process completed… so kindly check.


  3. give me rules of ledger entries

    1. Naseem,
      In a computerised accounting system like, there is no way to post ledger entries in any way. One need to post only voucher entry and ledger prepared by the accounting software tally.erp 9 itself.
      For voucher entry rules, please browse category of basic rules of accountings

  4. frederick Ayidana says:


    1. Dear Fredkrick,
      Sorry for late reply but this service is chargeable and ther is no trick. you need to contact an expert who can do it on a fees base. If you need to avail our service on this matter then please contact me at my mail ID mkr2005 at gmail dot com

  5. I am very poor in accountancy, dont know debit and credit. but from baground commerce. can I learn tally from you? how amny time it will take me to be a good tally man?
    can you personally help in my mail? what will be fees for this? i like this tally. why there is nothing available in indian?

    1. Dear Murli,
      I am happy for your passion about tally. I can help you in learning tally as and when the time permit me. I don’t charge anything for this.
      But I would appreciate if you learn tally on a genuine and fully functional tally software. you may contact me on my mail ID to learn tally in case you prefer to become a Tally man

      1. Hi..
        I want to Learn accounts.Can u please specify ur mailID.

        1. Kashinath Jana says:

          please tell me tally 9 book name.

  6. Dear Mahendra,
    I dont Know A,B,C,D in Tally,Im basically BioChemistry Student.But now im interested to learn Tally.Can u help me..Is it possible for me to learn

    1. Pooja,
      Don’t worry. Tally is a simple to use and simplicity is the core basic concept behind today’s success.
      Definately you can learn tally 100% as the same is very easy.
      First of all, you need to download the latest software from the then create a company as per my articles on step by step company creation in tally.
      Once you finish this two basic step then just drop me a mail.

      1. Tamal Das says:

        how can i give a company logo in tally?

    2. hello pooja i also dont Know A,B,C,D in Tally,Im basically MCA Student.But now im interested to learn Tally.Can u give me ur that i can also gain benefits as u …thanks

  7. Akash Garg says:

    Dear Mahendra,
    I have same problem like Pooja. Not actually same because i know about journal Entries.But dont know about tally. I dowload a software and create a company as per your command to Pooja. Now what i do?
    Thanks and Regards
    Akash Garg

    1. Dear Akash,
      After creating the company, you need to create some ledger account. Then start posting vouchers in the payment voucher type.just debit the expenses and credit the cash/bank account.
      Tally.erp 9 requires only practice and excercise

  8. Akash Garg says:

    Dear Mahendra,
    Thank You very much for your Guidance. I regular practice that tally i faced some problem in making inventory, sales purchase entries. But i try to solve it.
    I praticed many entries in payment

    1. Dear Akash,
      pleasure of mine. anytime you face any problem, just send me scan copy of vouchers, bills and I will guide you on Gtalk or any messenger lively how to resolve the same. but without knowing your problem exactly, I can’t help!. So when you face any problem, please be specific what is it.
      I ensure all my readers that if you have a problem then I HAVE A SOLUTION

      Finally thanks for joining with me on facebook

  9. Akash Garg says:

    Dear Mahendra,
    Do u have some exercise for learning Tally. If u have then please send to me at
    Thank You Very Much
    THanks & Regards
    Akash Garg

    1. Sorry Aakash,
      I don’t have any such things ready made available.
      Also accounting is something that you can learn and do only based on actual bills/documents.
      Examples are based on a copy of bills/vouchers and I can’t create so many bills/vouchers.
      My students who work actually with different organisation they send me scan copy of their bills/vouchers and by that way, I guide them how to make entries.
      That is the only way to learn accounts.
      Daily I receive such 10-15 requests from my readers to send them materials on their mail ID which Generally I don’t reply.This is first time I am replying on such request.

  10. Dear sir,
    thank you very much for guiding.



  11. Akash Garg says:

    Dear Mahndra,
    Thank you for for replying me.
    I understand my fault. I ensure you I will never done this again.
    Mahendra I got the Job in account Deptt. in manufacturing company My joining Date is 19/07/2010(Monday).
    THanks and regards
    Akash Garg

    1. Dear Akash,
      First of all Con grates for the job and best of luck.
      Any time you face any problem in tally.erp 9 or accounts, just contact me. I will repeat again, if any of you have a problem relating to accounts/tally.erp 9, then I have a solution for the same
      So, now without worrying for anything just join your job and in case of any doubt, just do send me a scan copy of the bill to my mail ID or write your problem with as much as details as you can so that I can understand what is the problem what can be solution.
      Again best of luck and I am sure you will do a lot of thing in life

      1. dEAR mahendra :

        I m using tally in first time before using this software i was using oracle financial ,but tally is so sample as compare to oracle.But here i also face some dificulties.I m working with matche manufacturing company & electornic compay in Congo.we r using tally soft ware but we r also facing problem in inventory.the inventory portion is more confusing .i want to find the cost of good sold through inventory outflow .but in inventory outflow report tallyy also included all transfer which we transfer internally.

        1. Hi Nawaz,
          Glad to know that you are using Tally.erp 9.
          You surely can overcome this problem. Create a new Voucher e.g. “Internal Stock Transfer ” type under Stock journal and use this voucher type while recording the internal stock transfer. Than move all your internal stock transfer entries to this voucher type.
          Once you finish this go to Stock records use Filter option e.g. Alt +F12 and select the criteria as per your requirement. you will get the desired result for sure

  12. Akash Garg says:

    Dear mahenra i have an confusion.
    suppose i purchase 2-3 items like pant and steel. when i purchase steel or paint my inventory update. But I sale the steel after paint called “painted steel”. But I have no inventory in painted steel
    so how i make sales entry.
    After sales entry i have nothing to sale But my paint and steel inventory is full.And Painted steel inventory is going in minus because i purchase no painted steel but sell only painted steel.
    How I adjust all the thing?
    Thanks and Regards
    Akash Garg

    1. Dear Akash,
      You need to pass manufacturing journal for production of painted steel material.
      In that just use painted steel as destination production while paint and steel material will be entered under consumption (source material)
      Please go through the article i have published in this regard. IF you are not able to locate the same, then I will send you the link for the same by evening today.

    2. H.M.Rawat says:

      Akash Gargjee,

      You should enter the painted steel entry through stock journal or mfg. journal firstly so that painted steel qty. enter in your inventory then you enter sale invoice.


  13. Akash Garg says:

    Dear Mahendra,
    PLease send me the link of that article.
    Thanks and regards
    Akash Garg

    1. Akash,
      At the moment, I have been busy. but can give you a quick reference.
      Just go to main menu of tally.erp 9 then select inventory vouchers. it will show you transfer of materials voucher types
      there you will find two side (Left) for source/consuption
      Here select the material which is consumed e.g. one by one paint , steel etc. then fill up the qty. leave rate field blank
      after that on right side you will destination/production entries. here just select item painted steel and fill the qty you have produced.
      please note that to use this feature inventory must be enabled in your company. otherwise you will not be able to use the same.
      I will write a detailed article on this matter in coming days.

  14. rakesh jaroli says:

    Dear Shri Mahendraji,

    I am running tally9 Multiuser Gold in my Company. I need complete guide book to run the tally specially Inventory and VAT. Can you suggest me please .Secondly, I need certification course in tally for my career purpose. where I must do the course and which is the best. please suggest.


    rakesh jaroli

  15. Dear sir,

    1. Swati,
      You can specify your confusion on Gtalk or on our support forum
      Without knowing your confusion, How I can solve it ? So, please give it a word to speak out from the mind and you will get a solution

  16. H.M.Rawat says:

    Dear Sir,

    I want to set my comp. logo in tally erp9 sales invoice. is this possible?
    if yes then how can i set it.

    kindly help me.



    1. Dear Mr. Rawat,
      Please check the site of There is a section Tally developer network. You will find free tdl extension. There is free TDL available for logo printing in invoice.
      Please download that tdl and go through the same.

  17. Dear Mahendra,

    I don’t know anything about tally.I am interested in tally very much Please help me to learn the basic steps like invoice creation purchase entry etc

    with reagrds,


    1. Kashinath Jana says:

      please tell me books name of tally 9

  18. s nandini says:

    im finished actually im working private co in that company using oracle software for accounts.i don’t know tally.i have to learn tally kindly guide me step and step.i cannot able to try for other company because of tally.other company asking tally.pls guide me in online

    1. Nandini,
      Please read the as much as possible then post your query on forum
      No online and ready made learning is available. No one have that time to prepare and invest such things.

  19. Hi, i want some usefull tips for tally from you guys. plz help me to understand the accounting / tally and its functions.

  20. kagazwala says:

    Dear Mahendra

    I am a small business owner using tally
    I am facing problem with sundry debtor and creditor
    the problem is some times the debtor becomes creditor and visa versa

    its because at time my clients pay me advance before buying goods and some times i sell on credit to the same client. What is the right way to handle this problem

    I would also like to have a complete tutorial of help by you on Tally ERP 9 if you have, because learning short short articles is difficult.

    Kind Regards

    1. Kagazwalaji,
      You have to enable reference (bill wise details) for suppliers and your clients. Then all entries should be done through reference number (advance, new ref/on account or against ) When we sell/purchase goods with same client then it is normal that there may be debit or credit balance however in this case as suggested above, will help you to get a correct position.
      Be assure there is no complete tutorial available in this world for any accounting software since accounting is generally affect by the laws and laws are ever changing so material prepared on today will become irrelevant tomorrow in view of such changes. So, you have no option except to learn short short articles

  21. kagazwala says:

    Mahendra ji

    But how to define my client

    as Sundry Debtor OR sundry Creditor

    Best Wishes

    1. Kagazwalaji,
      I also face the same problem that is we frequently receive advances from the our clients. but let me share with you how I handle this issue. A debtors is always shown under Sundry debtors group to whom we sale goods now when we receive advances from then the its mess entire balance sheet that is current assets in balance sheet show under the capial and liabilities side. This is basically very true and there is nothing wrong. But I don’t like this kind balance sheet. So, I use a small trick. I created a new sub group ” Advances from Customers” under the Sundry Debtors/Current liabilities so whenever I have to prepare a balance sheet I just change the group of all such debtors from whom we receive advances to Advance from Customers Group and after that I again change it to default position.

  22. kagazwala says:

    Mahindra ji

    ek or samasya 7.2 sey 9 ka migration
    ghambirta me pad gaya hey. Error aa jata he



    1. Kagazwalaji,
      You will be require an expert who can handle it.
      You can send me the data back up, I will migrate to and then will send you back.
      However I am using the Tally.erp 9 while you are using tally 9 so you might be require to re write that data and the process should not be interupted.

  23. Dear
    I want to know that, when I create same company name with next financial year, How to copy all same ledger accounts with opening Balance (temprorary)because last Financial year still not close. so that i will start to work (Voucher Entry) in new finacial year.
    I am very thankfull if my quiry solved.

  24. Irfan Fareed says:

    Dear Mahendra,

    I am from Pakistan. I am ICom student. I want to learn tally. I don’t know anything about tally. Read after your above tutorial now i can able to create a company. I felt, Tally is world’s best software. Please tell me more, how i use it step by step. Please Mr.Mahendra help me to learn tally.

    1. Irfan,
      First of all, you need to learn some basic of accountancy. Without knowing the basic, no one can learn any accounting software unless they are working under some experienced persons. So, if you want to learn it on your own, please read as much as possible various articles published in the blog. then create some ledgers,groups etc. Then post some examples vouchers in different ways.In case you face any trouble, give it a voice and I will clear your doubt.
      I do not know if any other way is available for self learning

      1. no sir ..i have to learn tally .can u guide me plz..

        1. Very Strange Ruvan,
          If you are not ready to pay for fees then why you are asking for fees ?
          Anway, I have crated this entire site for free stuff lovers like you and there are more then 160 articles.
          you can read all of them for free of cost and learn it yourself.
          hope I have guided you properly

  25. hi sir
    i am from commerce stream i dont have interest in tally to learn.but after seeing ur tally explanation to others i am very intersted to learn about this. what will be fees for this. i like this tally. can u guide me.

    1. Ruvan,
      Do, you really interested to learn tally for fees ? Looks like I have to think in this regard seriously to charge a fees !

    2. Rahul Choudhary says:

      Hello, you dont have any need to go anywhere, just go to tally website ( and browse the tallyacademy and you will get an academy near to you.. just go there and start your learining and about fee than there will be an average fee (mostly 4000-8000)… ok and best of luck


  26. Hi sir

    want to learn accounts can u specify ur mail id..basically i am bca student .but now i am intersted to learn it easy to learn

    1. Swathi,
      I will not be in a position to teach you or any body step by step due to my own full time and other activities.
      hope you will understand it.

  27. Dear Mahendrabhai,

    I am a software developer and in our company we are going to implement the Tally ERP 9 for Accounting and Inventory modules and we have to work on it. we are from non commerce background so we haven’t much knowledge about the tally processes. So I request you to please put some more tutorials like this for the people like me.It is very simple to understand and very helpfull. I must congratulate to you for it. I know you are also a busy person but through these kind of tutorials, I think you can solve many of probelms like mine. expecting your early reply.

    Thank you.

    1. Ishan,
      Thanks for your encouraing feedback.
      I have sent you a personal mail on your ID.
      Yes, I have been putting more and very important tutorials for tally and accountancy but it won’t be free!
      It will be available only for those people who understand value of money

  28. Hello Sir,
    I am a fresh B.Com graduate. During my graduation I have learned Tally 7.2; Right now I trying to learn Tally 9.0 at home. Please help me to find out some problem and solution for practicing Tally 9.0 at home. I mean to say some exercise for practice.
    Thank You very much.

    1. Ankur,
      No one have time to prepare example and excercise for you or anybody!
      Still you can buy a book of accountancy the best one is Shukla and Grewal which is available in Gratuation Course. If a student read that books carefully during his/her college time, then today, he do not need to ask anybody for examples for practice!

  29. Hi Sir,
    i want to know about linked company or could you tell me how to create LINKED or SUB COMPANY UNDER MY MAIN COMPANY for my clients.

    my company is a interior form so purchesed & sale both the activity/entries should be there.

    1. Hello Laxmi,
      Without knowing the TAlly serial number, I do not provide help to any one.
      Also, I have no idea about linked/sub company. if you are referring to debtors/creditors or branch company than do let me know.

  30. Hi Sir,
    tell me about create LINKED or SUB COMPANY UNDER MY MAIN COMPANY.

  31. Thanks for respons.
    tell me about branch company where i can get the information of each company sepratelly (ratio of my company money : how much we are earning from particular company & how much we are sending on that same company)where as i need not put the same info to my original company which will get audit by my AC.

  32. Hey friends if you know, can you give name of any free e-book from where I can learn working with Tally free of cost.
    You may give me name or URL of any such website.
    I’ll be thankfull to you.

    1. Prashanth,
      All the documents are available there in well explained and detailed manner. Except that, No one have time prepare A COMPLETE FREE E BOOK for you or any body.
      You may spent month and years on Google for such efforts.

  33. sadanandam says:

    sir, iam using tally 7.2 and our other branch using tally9 they send backup file & data files to me but it is not open in tally 7.2 please help me

    1. Sandanandan,
      you can never open tally 9 data
      in Tally 7.2.

      1. Rahul Choudhary says:

        hello, just upgrade into tally 9 and you will use easily.


        1. Thanks Mr. Rahul, for your advice.
          I would upgrade it to Tally 9 unfortunately, I am using Tally.erp 9 so not possible to go back!

        2. but sir we can open data of 7.2 in tally 9 is that right

  34. I am using 7.2 tally version doing accounting of servicing co,iam ok with that,now we started trading co,so stock also we need to enter,so guide me on that please,please tell me like we purchases 5 TV,that will effect purchase and sock how will enter this(we have no opening stock) tell me with above example


    1. Gajendra,
      I can suggest free tally teaching software
      01. Common sense
      02. Hard work
      3. In this world no lunch is Free!

  36. V. Ramachandran says:

    Please help me in guiding to learn tally from beginning.

  37. how to create the cost center

  38. please guide me to about how to create voucher entries in tally… and wat all should come under voucher entries?

  39. omparkash goyal says:

    i use tally 7.2 how can i transfer datta at the ending of finacial year

  40. hello!
    I hav been learning tally from basics with the same website… its very interesting.. can u pls help me with the arranged headings or sequential steps one by one to learn practically for me.. what is the next step after creating a company?

    1. Vani,
      I am glad that my article helped you in creating the company.
      after company creation, you have to create some ledgers and to post some expenses and other entries.

      1. Manjunath says:

        hello sir u can help me to learn tally online

  41. sir, am very much interested in learning tally indepth as i know only basics is it sufficient for me to work in tally with basics. am very much attracted by your site.
    kindly help me to learn more and more things in tally9 erp

  42. i dt know abt tally.plz help to me.

  43. hello frnds..
    when i enter any entry but date is no change wht resion plz tell me.
    thnx with regards.

    1. Zahid,
      Your license may be turned to Educational so first check your license status

  44. RAMAN SHARMA says:

    Dear Sir

    My name is raman sharma i want to learn the everything abt the tally to become the tally expert. from where i get the coaching abt the and where is the study the center of tally and where i got choaching for this, is there any center in the chandigarh from i getting coaching for that, for become the tally expert.

    Raman sharma

  45. kanimozhi says:

    hi friends i want step by step in POS in education version 9.0. and also TDS and TCS… thank you..

  46. mahendra sir i am running a truition centre where i m the sole tutor however i wnna treat my self as a employee and my students as income or debtor i m confused nd only acc or acc with inventory

  47. Khaja Sheriff says:

    Dear Mr. Mahendra,

    I am from dubai, we are using tally, but i am really confusion in inventory. Sales entries are made and stock out from branch godown instead of main. When i see the stock status in branch godown it shows only – quantity but no value but some of entries are shown with values pls help me how to solve this proble.

    1. Hello Khaja Sherrif<
      Please send me the screen shot of inventory where you are facing the problem.
      you can attach the screen shot at contact us page on our site

  48. i do really love ur screem shot..wat to knw

  49. hello dear sir i inform to you i was before 7 month do the Tally ERP 9. but i am not using from 6 month Tally so i am forget the tally so can you please give me some information what shall i do.i will wait you reply.

    1. Rahul Choudhary says:

      just read the local help manual and you will get update in your mind which you forget earlier.


  50. Rahul Choudhary says:

    Hello everybody,

    How can we alter a TDS deducted journal voucher which passed earlier with using the auto TDS in tally and now in alteration we dont need to deduct the TDS or create any TDS reference. please guide


    1. Hello Rahul,
      If you want to remove the TDS (which was earlier passed with auto mode) then , just when you fill up the amount of expenses then select not applicable or put the amount 0 from the pop up button.
      And If I haven’t understand your question then please fill up the contact us form with screen shorts but mentioning your correct Tally Serial Number is mandatory to get our free support

    2. Rahul,
      while altering the voucher use not applicable in the pop up. it will remove tds deductible. you can also alter amount (partially if you want to deduct tds on a partial amount only)

  51. Rahul Tarba says:

    hello friends i want to start writing accounts how can i start

  52. Vinit Kumar Jha says:

    How can I make the first letter of the company name in small letter.

  53. Vikas Agrawal says:

    Sir 1) i dont want the Amount column to be displayed in the delivery note
    2) i used tracking nos. in delivery note and now when i make a invoice the tracking no does not showup in the list
    Plz help

  54. sachin saini says:

    i want to learn tally.. plz frnds help me

  55. Hari Sankar says:

    how to change date if company got incorporated on november 20?

  56. hello Mahendraji i want to learn tally but i dont no ABC of tally presently i m working for cotton company & over here tally is must so can u help me out in this

  57. I want to create new company in tally with 200000 capital, 100000 cash in hand, 200000 computer, and 100000 good will guide that process

  58. Dear Mahendra sir

    Please clarify my below query

    we are running money lending business (we ll give loan to customer and collect amount from them)how should i entry in tally erp 9 plz guide me this process as soon as possible

    Thanks and Regards

  59. any doubt all the people i will help you but i have the little confused of bank tranctions

  60. Atmaram Jadhav says:

    sir, i want to know ,while creating company when should select ‘account only ‘ ? and when should select account with inventory? and also state reason.

    1. Hello Atmaram,

      If you want to maintain inventory select accounts inventory else select accounts only

  61. Please provide video tutorial..

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