e payment TDS now days becomes compulsory for almost all tax payers. Here is a very useful and handy tool to make e payment TDS more efficiently and without any error

e payment TDS Concept of online payment of  TDS

Nowadays online, payment of TDS and other taxes is mandatory for most types of accesses and every time the tax payer is requires to fill up details of name, address, PAN,TAN and other details. Its  a boring work and if you have made mistake in TAN or AY etc. then you have to deal with bank/Assessing Officer which will bring further trouble to you.Today, I am giving a wonderful utility in excel file which will help you in a great way.

e payment TDS |Excel based software

This utility is  developed by Fast Facts Computer Systems Ltd and I have found it through net though not remember exactly from where I have found it.
All you need to fill up your details i.e. name, address, TAN. PIN City, Name of bank through which you wanted to pay your e tax and save it. Now hit the submit button and you will be redirected to NSDL challan site. where you only need to fill up the amount of Tax and you will then again redirected to respective bank payment gateway.
Then you can use this sheet throughout the year. I am sure this utility will help you in many way. Thanks to the fast facts computer systems Ltd for the same.
Please note that it is an excel file so you have to save it.
you may download it from the below link :


Many of my readers complain that they are not able to download the sheet from the above link.
Here is an alternate link  :http://rapidshare.com/files/330042839/ePayment-Autofiller.xls

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