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Buy Tally.erp 9 Gold & Get Exclusive TDL free

As you all know that we are promoting usage of licensed version of Tally.erp 9 as using a hacked software is not a good thing. It is a loss for a software developer as the company who invest a  lot of time,money and skill to develop the software can’t get the full reward of its such investment. It is a loss for the nation as the Government loss the revenue by way of taxes.A cracked seller can never issue you a Tax Paid invoice. This is a biggest loss for the country and a shame on the part of the seller of a hacked software as well as buyer too as he can’t get a Tax Invoice for the software he is purchasing. Tell me if you can get ?

Why we do not feel shame while using a crack software ? using a crack software is illegal. against morality and an anti social act. On each and every small occasion of winning in cricket game,some exceptional case, people start slogging India is Great ! India is shinning but I can’t ! Because We don’t encourage people, companies who do hard work after invention, who spends huge amount and their valuable time after research and who give us better life. We do not recognize the value of original and that is why India is on top rank in software piracy ?  Since most of us deal with cracked stuff only, we can not understand great benefits and value of something original.

Just greed of some rupees brings a shameful position to every citizen I can’t understand how can we proud ourselves  when we can not have a capacity to check a difference between original and crack ? By using a crack software, surely you will be able to save some money but, than you can’t ask for support openly from the developer /authorised partner of the software developer! Getting support on a software is a fundamental right of its buyer which a cracker can never enjoy. They have to look for support in hidden way in the same way! They can’t get the latest updates, they can’t get the benefits of latest technology! They have to prepare almost reports manually that means no meaning of using a software !

Anyway, instead of shouting slogan for so-called greatness of country, I can contribute to educate people for using a genuine software. I am trying to educate people the benefits they can get from the licensed software, The rights they can get with a licensed software, The value you can get by using a licensed software. and if money is more material  for you, than I am starting a special campaign to encourage usage of a licensed software.  If you are using a hacked Tally, you can migrate to genuine Tally and can get avail gift from us.

Below is a video of a TDL which is very useful for Tally Gold user (Tally Multi user) you can define right of different users so that they can work within such defined limits. This TDL is worth of Rs. 5400 however if you buy a Tally.erp 9 Gold edition through us, you will get it Free. However, I believe that biggest gift of using a genuine software is the Latest free updates and unmatched free support from the developer/service partners which can never evaluated in monetary terms. Just check out our portfolio and it will tell you the story because I never known to these clients in  till date.  However our support made it possible to have them with us without any single telephonic or marketing call/email.We are thankful to them for entrusting us and using Tally.erp 9 Genuine software.

If the above video do not work, you may get it here

So, what you waiting for ? Grab this offer before Release 3.0 of Tally.erp 9 hits the market. Trust me, you won’t regret  for using a genuine software.


  1. vikas baheti

    Simply Superb.Mahendraji

  2. bharat

    Great … other tally partners must learn from you. Keep it up mahendraji.

  3. imtiyaz

    hi mahi sir

    At the moment i m using tally silver rel.A, whats the difference between tally
    gold and silver . I have 1 query suppose if tally going to be expire on june 2011 but i need create co. From 1 jan. To 31 dec.
    At this case the data will be save or not .

    1. hellow imtiyaz,
      Tally gold is used on multi computers which are connected through LAN
      your Tally will never expire. N you will never lose lose your data

  4. asananddevsingh

    Anyone , Please tell me how can i use functionality of  HTTP Post . and get the return value online.??

  5. Shivkrupa jewellers

    Hello sir i am purchase tally erp 9 in june month for my jewellery business but i am fancing with problem how to create entry of gold sold to processing pls told me sir

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