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Suggestion to Improve Tally.ERP 9

Tally is  the famous  Indian ERP accounting software, and  is offering so many amazing advance features to its users on a constant basis which is very much appreciated. I have no idea about Tally’s inbuilt application platform however, from my profession of teaching and accounting, I can suggest some features which may increase user’s overall experience with Tally.erp 9 and the same is very beneficial to small and micro SMB who can not invest huge amount after SAP, Quick book or other customized Software. Further to above, no other ERP accounting software can beat job prosperity which is available only for Tally Accountants.

features require in tally

Enhanced Ratio Analysis in Tally

Ratio Analysis help managers to understand financial position quickly and help them in immediate decision-making and I really appreciate that Tally is providing Ratio Analysis however the facility is now limited only to few Ratio which cuts the usability of this great Managerial Tool.Let’s take example of  equity ratio or net worth ratio. It is different from debt/equity ratio which is already given in tally but equity ratio shows the relationship of shareholder’s fund and total asset. So, if it  has been available in Tally.erp 9, then it will be easy to analyze the solvency of  a company. Another example is of interest coverage ratio. Again Tally.erp 9 offers  interest calculation facility but it lacks an automated interest coverage ratio. If it will be in tally, it will be more helpful to compare net profit and fixed interest charges and to analyze loan and debt.

If you need to learn more about Ratio Analysis, then just drop me a line, or you can read in more details about various Ratios on my blog.

Fixed Asset Register

Maintenance of Fixed Assets Register is a statutory and compulsory need under the Companies Act, 1956 (now, Companies Act, 2008) and there is large number of private and public limited companies are using Tally.erp 9 as their sole Accounting software as well as to manage statutory compliance.However as on writing of this article e.g. 1st December, 2010, maintenance of Fixed Assets Register is not available in Tally.erp 9 which is a big cons for private/public companies which are using Tally.erp 9. Apart from the statutory need, Fixed Assets register is also helpful for other small and medium SMB to  track of asset in a systematic manner.So,  that the user can easily capture important details like  an asset purchased, depreciation, sale and remaining part of asset etc.

Missing Elements to be a  Complete ERP System.

Tally has now converted Tall.ERP 9. It means it has all facilities for integration of businesses . But when we watch other Enterprise resource processing software  like Quickbook, Economic Accounting Software, we may feel that many important things  is still missing in Tally.erp 9 to make it user’s darling software. for instance, electronic fund transfer (EFT) and decision support system (DSS), credit /debit card payment mechanism, HR management etc.

Don’t forget to share your views on the above subject. If you feel something also is missing in Tally.erp, then just share it here.

About the Author

I have received the post graduate degree in commerce from H.P. University in 2004. I started my career in 2001 as a part-time teacher in S.O.S. Children Village of India. I have also taught commerce classes for 8 years. I have also started to write a blog where I teach accounting and you can learn basic and advance concepts and solve your accounting problems.

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vikas baheti - 6 years ago Reply

Concept of commiission agent or incentve based sales ,auto consumption of components for more than one manufacturing item is missing

Mahendra Rana - 6 years ago Reply

Hi Vikas,
Yeah Agreed with you but I believe that by launching of Series B and C, there will be everything in Tally!
Series B will be available during 1 or 2nd Quarter of 2011. Development at Tally is happening very very fast.

rajalakshmirao - 6 years ago Reply

thank u sir i am 6 yr exp in a/cs but i want to become expert accountant what to do

Rahul Jadhav - 6 years ago Reply

As per my tally teacher 7.2 version is better than 9 for payroll. In tally 9 payroll procedure is very legnthy.

Rahul Jadhav - 6 years ago Reply

Can I get free online tally test for improving our knowledge. If you can provide online test please send me link on my email address.


disha - 6 years ago Reply

how to calculate interest for any ledger ?

Mahendra Rana - 6 years ago Reply

You are luccky that you got such a very learned teacher. Just request your teacher to prepare 60 employee’s payroll processing with PF, Income Tax, professional tax calculation in 10 minutes Tally 7.2! and then do let me know what he says !

bhabutmaljain - 5 years ago Reply

please provide some solution for consignment sale which is pending since long karnataka still their is commision system.

Mahendra Rana - 5 years ago Reply

A query with full details is always much appreciated. only than a solutions can be provided. also you must mention your Tally Serial number

Mrs. K.D. Punekar - 5 years ago Reply

pl. advice to how to manage asset register in tally -9 ? or is there separate programme for asset register ?

PARDESHIBHARATSINH - 4 years ago Reply


Priya Joshi - 4 years ago Reply

please give the option of selection of address in Multiple Invoices i.e. Office Address Invoice & Godown Address Invoice

Mayur Verma - 3 years ago Reply

hi all there is a problem with tally what I observe is that when I enter a voucher, an account or along with inventory entered twice or thrice amongst many accounts tally is not able to show all the references together like I debit ramesh’s a/c with some inventory then ajay’s a/c with another inventory and again debit ramesh’s a/c and pass the voucher tally would not able to show both references of ramesh’s a/c with inventory while give sum of both entries (as 40+40=80) a/c debited with 80 but showing only first reference not second and third or others of ramesh.

Mahendra Rana - 3 years ago Reply

In ledger voucher summary it will show only first ledger name. It doesn’t affect your accounts. Press F1 and you will get full details

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