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Release 3.0 tally.erp 9 |new features coming soon

Release 3 of tally.erp 9 of Current series A is due and it will be available soon to all the tally users.  Yeah, There are some long-awaited and expected features for which tally community was looking since a long time.

  • Here is the brief features that will be available with release 3 of tally.erp 91)Auditor’s edition enhanced with form 3CA and 3CB
  • Now you can enter Multiple addresses for the Company and for Debtors and Creditors in Master ledger
  • Complete  Jobwork  module for manufacturers with excise compliance
  • Rs symbol  We love India and how can we miss our currency symbol ?
  • multiple outstanding entries will be available.
  • if  you want to insert your company logo, in the bills etc.., it can be done ! now no more need to customise for logo print or any TDL!
  • auto back in customised path/folder. An enhanced feature  of the earlier release 2.1,and now you can set your own path/folder to take auto back up of your data
  • Customer can select the reports he sees often and add it to ” my Favorites “
  • Pre order closure is available.
  • As mentioned in my earlier post, Form no. 16 for employee and tds on salary module will now be available.
  • last, but not least,call the expert toll-free no charge! see the picture below now for any of query just call a tally expert from tally software free of cost and get solve your query in no time.

oh! I forget to tell you that all this features will be available only to licensed tally users and whose TNS is active. If your TNS     had been expired then you may renew it now. You have no reason to use a crack version and miss the wonderful features Still if you than, I have to say a big sorry to crack lovers!


  1. I am waiting to know these features. Thanks for updates. Please tell me how to add it to ” my Favorites”. Is there a option in new release?

    1. “My favorites” is something like bookmarking a site! in Tally you can bookmark /save your formated report so that you don’t need to format your required report again and again. Each time, you will get it with fresh and updated data.
      Just wait, within couple of days, I might have my hands on this ALPHA or BETA edition of Tally.erp 9 and I will come out with more details and screen shots with detailed features

  2. Armstrong N

    I would like to learn Tally.

  3. syamasundar

    Dear sir,
    What is the advantage rather than Tally ERP 9 to
    Release 3 If there are any advance features are included what are they and where will be the concerned material will be available now

    yours faithfully

  4. syamasundar

    I want now Tally ERP9 release 3.0 complete materail(study material)

    1. syamasundar

      please inform me where the TallyERP9 release 3 material

  5. syamasundar

    I know already tally I want to know tally ERP9 release 3 now

  6. Shiwani Kumari

    I am waitting to know these release, I want to know complete informations in new relesase.Please inform me where the know tally.ERP9 release 3 material.

    1. Shiwani Kumari,
      just subscribe our newsletters if you wish to get the updated content in your mail box. the content will be published on the site as and when it will be available so in case you do not wish to subscribe to newsletters than comeback to this site as per your convinince

  7. sita ram soni

    pl modifie the TDS module to deduct automaticly as the ledger to whom we mark TDS applicale aqnd rate. It is most necessary in multiuser tally. I had requested time and again prevoiusly


    We are using Tally.ERP 9 series A Release 1.61 build 3 with customized software. We are using multi users with multi location.

    Our main issue is that the configuration file changes frequently. We have to spend most of the time managing configuration setting (F12). There should be some permanent solution to this. Once we set the configuration it should not be changed without permission.

    In earlier version there was option to make it Read only of tallycfg.tsf after setting, and it was working perfectly.

    We have tried to set Read only TALLYCFG.TSF FILE in tally.erp 9 but Tick mark of read only is removed automatically and our configuration gets change. If we put any other office files it remains there.

    Kindly resolve the problem at the earliest possible or let us have a solution to above as this has become very complicated.

    Your prompt action in this matter would be highly appreciated.


    1. Hello Rupesh,
      Here is the steps you can follow
      01. first modify Tally.in file for all the client machine by specifying the path file of Tallysfg.tsf to server machine only. in that case, whatever changes you made in server will be applicable for the client machine.
      02. now quite Tally from the server machine and then go to Tally.erp 9 folder
      03. Right click to Tallycfg.tsf file then select property
      04. Select security
      05. If you using windows 7 then there will be find a list of users who are allowed access to this file.
      05. Modify the user access permission by deniying ” modify” in the permission field
      06. save it and check the same
      I have not checked this for F12. I had followed this process for F11 Company operation and it is working fine here. So, I believe this should also work for F12 else you need to buy a TDL which is of Rs. 2000.00

  9. Sumanth


    My name is sumanth. i wanted to learn this course online. as i have zero knowledge on Tally and dont know wwhere exactly this Tally ERP is used(in which companies)/ request you to give me a feedback/advise on how to start up with this course.

  10. milton

    A company having reconciled bank account in Tally 9(Reconciliation thru tally) ,after splitting the company data, reconciliation is not reflecting . How to solve this problem???

  11. Sanjay Sarode

    Now, In this release Tally has given Receipt & Payment Report. It shows wrong report in case of Current Liabilities group.

    It does not show ledgers in subgroup

    When it will be solved?

    1. Sanjay,

      I am surprising to see your questions, Because when you had asked this question, Tally.erp 9 Release 3 was not in Air. Not sure what are you referring for ?
      And do you know what is receipt and payment reports in Tally ? It is something different than what you are understanding!

    2. kishore @ 9848487789

      by rewriting your data it will show perfect.

  12. m lakshmi rangaiah

    when ever we go on internet tally should automatically up date with out our konwledge for your licensed consumer for better

  13. Suraj Kharpi

    Hi i am suraj from Goa. I have got .tcp file to change the bill format of tally 9 which is working good. but i need to change some content of .tcp file. The problem is i cant read or edit .tcp file. please help me to solve the problem.

    Thank you.

    Suraj Kaharpi.

    1. Suraj,
      A TCP generally created by the developer in encrypted mode.
      Something like password protected.
      You can edit /modify only if you have build it yourself or the person who had developed this code.
      So, better to design your own code or contact the person who had delivered the TCP file to you

  14. Suraj Kharpi

    sir, Can i get the different sample of Bill format as per my requirement. If yes on where i can get. looking the preview of bill format can i download. file must be TCP or any other suitable for Tally.

    Suraj Kharpi.

    1. Suraj,
      Do you think that somebody on this earth will be free to design various sample invoice codes and will place it over net so that “people like you” can use it for free ?
      First thing is that designing a TDL code requires high skill and no one will be Free to design such “useless samples ” which can be useful for mass purpose.
      So, better you learn TDL and design it for you and for the benefit of general public so other people can download it.
      Or contact some Tally Integrator in a professional way give them your sample requirement and be ready to pay a “Fees”
      the third option is keep searching “Google ” and other Search Engine … but…. you will never get it….

  15. Aakash Sonejee

    Respected Sir,

    I am a first time visitor for this site. Great Layout. I have Multi User of Tally but mine is a small enterprise and we work on LAN only. With this Tally Net Subscription we get the adavantage of using tally over Internet but for us this feature in not suitable. Is there any other option available with TALLY which will enable us to upgrage out stat file to 138 from current 108. I have also customized three other reports which I am using currently and one other TDL for Bill Printing.

    1. Hello Sonejee,

      Based on Serial number, I have found that currently you are using Release 1.61 and Release 138 is not compatible with this Release older than Release 3.
      TNS is not just for remote access. over the time being change, Government changes it policy so frequently and a software provide needs to update its software to keep pace with the same as well a software in itself needs to improve /add additional features utilities for the benefit of the software users and here TNS comes to picture. You can get such free updated version of software only if your TNS is active.

      BTW, I am also from Rajkot and if you need to upgrade your TNS, than do let me know. It will be my pleasure to assist you in this regard.

  16. Vijaya

    Hi Mahendra

    I am working in a company(Bangalore) which got license of Tally.Net erp 9, Karnataka got the Vat hike so i couldnt find the Var Tax class of 14% and I contacted the Service centre they suggested to download Release 3, I want to know whether we hav to pay any seperate fees to enjoy the latest release please.


    1. Vijay,
      If your TNS number is active than you are eligible for a free upgrade else you have to renew your TNS only than you can use the updated Release of Tally as well as latest Stat version.

      you can know your TNS status from your dash board of Tally else let me know your Tally serial number, and I inform you if your TNS is active or expired

  17. Manish Kumar Pandey

    I want to downloding latest vers. of Tally Erp9.
    So, pls. give me path in my E-mail-Id.
    My Contact No.0925xxxxxx

    Manish Kumar Pandey

    for xxxxxxx Controls

    1. Manish,
      You can download the latest version from the site of Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd

  18. jashad a

    i want to upgrade my tally erp 9 release 1 to release 3.1 Is there any crack available to do

  19. Hamed A. Othman

    please help me how to put logo tally erp9 in invoice

  20. ismail saiyed


    i will go to abroad for the job after 3 months, will br there my work as a tally salesman,now i know to tally erp 9 as write but there i have total feild change in tally becouse there i have work is solve the tally problems, tally errors, install to tally version,so plz i want to help for how to helpfull the and how to handling to ours customers who sells to tally version..so sir reply to me some example and ideas for my new job.

    yours faithfully,
    ismail saiyed.

  21. Manish

    We are using Tally ER9 Multiuser. We Need to secure old vouchers from alterations/deletions by users. We have tried using the backdated voucher security feature by disallowing alter/delete on back dated vouchers and allowing print display on them. However by doing so the voucher details (Narrations) are no longer accessible when we drill into them. Is there any workaround available.
    Another question is how to setup Tally security for some users who need a complete read only access to all featyres. something like the way tally educational mode works.

  22. ismail saiyed

    how can be open to tally when we forgot to password?

  23. subash

    I am working in a company which got license of Tally.Net erp 9 silver–3.1, so i couldnt find the Vat Tax class of “13.5%” and 4%.but my problem is purchases/sales of many goods in different vat class recorded in one bill ,

    what is the procidure recorded different vat class + service in one bill (Tally ERP 9)

    1. Subhash,
      Release 3.1 is outdated and does not contains updated vat class/ latest vat rates
      You need to have latest release of Tally.erp 9 along with the latest stat release which contains up to date vat rates.
      Sometimes we becomes too selfish and too narrow. We would love to help only those clients who purchase the software through us or renew their TNS through us.
      You can also buy premium support from us. surely we can sort out purchase/sales with different vat rates
      Choice is yours else Free support is always available on Google.com and our site https://www.tallynine.com through our 200+ articles. you need to read all carefully. Its totally FREE

  24. Suraj

    I have got Tally 9 Rel 2.14, i have seen that when we press F9 (Purchase) in accounting Voucher it only ask to put Ref No. but not Supplier Invoice no. & Date so how should i configure to Put Supplier Invoice no. & date. Because I have seen Other Tally 9 rel 2.14 it Shows there but how i dint no. so please help me to sort out this problem

  25. hitesh

    Hi ,
    Can U give current prices for tally erp 9 auditors version for single and multiple user for ca

  26. gokul sharma

    dear sir,,

    pls suuggest me .

    for sales man’s any feature in tally 9 ,which was show sale calculation for companies any sale person

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