cash+entry+1before going to actual accounting entry, one should know the basic of accounting and debit and credit rules to under stand which account in tally should be debited and which should be credited

On special request of one tally nine reader, I am posting here how to make cash deposit and withdrawal entry in tally.

I will let you know a very simple way to record deposit and withdraw transactions in tally whereby you don’t need to use contra (F4) button in tally.

Go to voucher entry and press F12 Configuration
Use single entry for payments/receipts/contra “Yes”
Now Set use payment as contra to “yes”

and accept the screen by pressing CTRL+A

now suppose if you have to withdraw cash by self cheque from axis bank
then put the date of transaction

Then in the first ledger account type the name of the bank say axis bank and press enter
now for the second ledger account select cash account and type the value of the amount to be withdrawing from bank say rs. 1,00,000.00 and press enter

write the narration and accept the screen and its done!

on the same way, you may enter transaction of cash deposit. in that case the first ledger you have to enter is cash and the second is of the bank e.g. one that ask for amount.
This is very simple

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    1. my frnd mohammed , u jst go to display option from gateway of tally & u will get Accounts books option & in that another option called cash/bank account through these you can see cash or bank statement.Am i right Mr. Mahendra sir

  2. Hi Mahendra,

    Could you explain how to bring the “cheque details section” in the above voucher (The bottom left section in your screenshot)?
    Is this done using TDL or is their an option in TALLY itself which i must have missed?


    1. Hi Mukesh,
      This features are available in Tally.erp 9 version. If you are using an old version, then it may not be available!
      If you are using tally.erp 9 and not able to get this feature, then please do let me know. I will fix it.

  3. hi
    when i try to enter the contra entry by multi currnecy it is not accepting
    for example
    Bank Dr AED 20000000,
    Bank Cr USD 544,365.81
    Exchage rate 3.67400025
    fraction amount one fils is coming. how to solve this?

  4. hi
    can you guide me about receipt & payment (settings) to pass journal entry.

  5. hi i want to know how can i carry forward my legers without there balance bcoz we have recipt and made payment on account i want to start recipts and payment invoice wise

    1. Hello Harshit,
      I do not provide any support if a query is posted without the Tally.erp 9 serial number

  6. mang guite says:

    you mean to say, i cannot use educational mode?? i about to learn tally, just download 9 rel 3

  7. hi i want In Receipt Details of Currency and In Print in erp9.3

    1. Mital,
      Already told you, that can be done only through a TDL

      1. sir i want to learn tally erp 9 will u help me in this

  8. sir, please reply me with a example of cash to cash contra entry.

  9. Sir, how do i record cash transfered from SBI bank to SBI bank in Tally.what is the procedure/steps…coz when i tried to enter this in Journal its not showing Bank…can u plz help me in this.

    1. seenivasan says:

      Sir, how do i record cash transfered from SBI bank to SBI bank in Tally.what is the procedure/steps…coz when i tried to enter this in Journal its not showing Bank…can u plz help me in this.

  10. sir please tell me cash deposite entry in contra


  12. we entered purchase entries in tally7.2.
    if we purchase goods then give cheque to that person.
    he cheque draw at bank.
    after we get bank statements.
    then we entered in payments.
    here our entry at both purchase & payment.
    now will change or delete purchase entry?
    please reply

  13. Dear sir,

    How to double entry with inventory.
    exp . Ambica traders we purchase Inventory. we are maintain account with inventory. how to entry tool & spear in indirect expense.

  14. sir, how to enter the contra entry if the deposits in bank what entry will come
    Accounting Voucher Alteration (Secondary)

    Contra No.13
    particulars debit credit
    Cr Cash 115,130.00
    Cur Bal: 439,178.15 Cr.
    Dr Emirates NBD Dirham A/c. 115,130.00

    cash received from customer and deposited the same


  15. How to entered Dairy accounts in tally

  16. khaj moinuddin says:

    sir how to enter a ow chque return entry in tally give details

  17. kailash ratad says:

    Dear sir,

    how to make service tax entry in tally erp 9 pls advice

  18. RASMI TRIPATHY says:

    want to do entry of payment made through owners personal cheque and cash to parties. how it will be done in tally what ledger to be created and what group.

  19. RASMI TRIPATHY says:

    want to do entry of payment made through owners personal cheque and cash to parties.

  20. if a bank releses one crore fund to a pvt ltd company what type of surity they will ask

  21. can you guide me how to make salary payment in tally

  22. Sushanta Datta says:

    Hello, would you please tell me how to do the entry where cash is deposited to Bank by Third Party (Say Mr. X) through NEFT to my Bank Account ?

  23. KEVIN NAMUSISI says:

    dear sir, l need to know how to record this if acheque is written in my name to withdraw money from the bank and pay it out as cashh am so confused and also how can l; record this if asingle cheque is written including different transactions or payments how can l record it.. please help me am avery fresh accountant who needs to learn so much about tally but its confusing me alot…. this is my first job and am so challenged.. please help l will be very glad if my request is granted. tx alot. om

    1. Hello, Kevin,
      You can describe your problems clearly so that I can help you but if give me half half information then how can I help you?

  24. prashanti says:

    hello sir could u please tell me how to do contra entry in tally erp9.

  25. Darshan Jain says:

    what will be entry for bank withdrawal?

  26. Hi,
    How i should pass the withdrawal form bank in Voucher.

  27. Deekshith says:

    Hello sir,
    how to enter the IMPS charges, NEFT and Bank charges in Tally

  28. Dear sir,

    Please help me how to entry Bank statements in TallyERP9.0,

  29. Sir,
    My boss has withdrawn money through cheque frm his personal / proprietorship a/c and used the same for paying bills of the purchases made / services received (painting, polishing) etc . How to record this transaction in tally9.

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