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Why extensions? Why are these not part of the product?

Adding a feature to the core product is not a simple decision. Unless a feature is adequately broad-based and appeals to a larger audience, we do not typically build it into the product. However these do meet specific needs and this is our endeavor to make the more commonly needed extensions available.

What is needed for an extension to work?

The process to install these TDL (Tally Definition Language) extensions is best done via the Control Center. Each extension comes with a detailed user manual as well.

Do these extensions work with Tally 6.3/7.2/8.1/9?

No. These are for Tally.ERP 9 only. Tally 8.1/9 users are eligible to move for free to Tally.ERP 9 (limited time offer), and Tally 6.3/7.2 can upgrade at a low price (write to us at or send TALLY by SMS to 56677).

What support can I get for these extensions?

Limited Email support is available. Write to us with the details, Tally.ERP 9 serial number and the extension name to Please do not contact our toll-free or customer support for this.

What about my data? How will it be impacted? What if I want to uninstall?

The great thing about the Tally.ERP 9 architecture and TDL extensions is that your data remains unaffected when you add these extensions or decide to stop using them. No data or database migration is needed to be done.

I use synchronization. Do I need to install these extensions at all locations?

No. Use these at the locations you need to. The power of our architecture, database design, and synchronization ensure that you will not face issues in synchronization.

I need changes and some more features added. How do I get this done?

The TDL source code is also available on this page. Please contact your Tally Partner or contact us by writing to us here for information on the nearest partner who can discuss with you and make the changes you need (for a charge).

I am not able to locate an extension I need.

Please contact your Tally Partner or contact us by writing to us here for information on the nearest partner who can discuss with you and build the extension you need (for a charge).

After visiting tally solution’s site click on tally developer then select free feature extension and you will get all the free tds for logo printing, auto backup of tally, invoice customization,automatic bank reconciliation and many more

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Mahendra Rana

Mahendra is founder and CEO of the I Vision Infotech, Authorised Tally Sales and Service Partner and helping Tally users to learn Tally and accounting free through this site

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sandeep - 6 years ago Reply

I need double date field in voucher entry and also in report ie. english date and bangla date. How do I get this done?

Naimesh Bhatt - 6 years ago Reply

Dear Sir,

LIC Premium and post recaring in which voucher i post

i m new in tally pl.

Naimesh Bhatt

Mahendra Rana - 6 years ago Reply

Dear Namish,
LIC premium will go the Insurane premium account( or capital account in case of partnership) post recurring payment will go to investment /deposits
just debit the insurance premium/capital account and credit cash or bank account

Murli - 6 years ago Reply

I want tolearn tally… can you help me? If you can send me some thing lke this thanks fir that.

Mahendra Rana - 6 years ago Reply

I am not a magician. can’t help you in this regard

rahul - 6 years ago Reply

i am using tally 7.2 i want to increase font size while printing plz help me

Mahendra Rana - 6 years ago Reply

You can’t increase font size in default tally. for more details please contact me

Sushant - 6 years ago Reply

Hi Mahendra,
Do you have any idea on how to add logo on sales invoices for tally 7.2.
For tally 9 it works great.

Mahendra Rana - 6 years ago Reply

I don’t prefer to provide support for Tally 7.2.

Valan - 6 years ago Reply

How to increase in font size in cheque printing

Mahendra Rana - 6 years ago Reply

By hiring a Tally Developer you can increase font size in cheque printing. Else you need to learn Tally TDL
You may join our online Course

raja - 6 years ago Reply

how to upload photo at ledger creation area

Mahendra Rana - 6 years ago Reply

uploading photo in ledger creation area requires customization of Tally (A Paid service)

Vishnu - 6 years ago Reply

I am unable to find the code for logo printing on invoice from tally 9 erp. Please provide the link and instruction to use it.

Mahendra Rana - 6 years ago Reply

Hello Vishnu,
Just wait for few more days, now logo printing will be available within The Tally.erp 9 itself. but it will be available only to licensed Tally users and whose TNS is active

Hemant - 6 years ago Reply

Hi vishnu,

Pls refer the below link

Manu Sebastian - 6 years ago Reply

pls upgrade tally ERP, then custamize your logo, more information pls contact,

AHMED - 6 years ago Reply

Dear Sir,

Is there any option to book addtional expenses such freight cost, custom charges to purchase to determine the cost of materials [to get the actual cost per unit after addition expenses]other than creating a Purchase Voucher Classes for cost allocation. although we are passing seperate voucher entries to book these expenses, and it is not effecting on the P & L A/c. but on purchase entries.

Please suggest,
Thank you

Mahendra Rana - 6 years ago Reply

Yes, there is an option available for the same. Please contact your TP/TSP who provided you the software

piyush modi - 5 years ago Reply


i m using tally tallt erp9. i want to know can i create field at the time of purchase or inventry

Deven Thakkar - 5 years ago Reply

Sr. No. 7xxxxxxxxxx

How can i add Batch details in daybook report.


Mahendra Rana - 5 years ago Reply

Hello Deven,

Go to Daybook, use filter F12 set batchwise details to yes
else go to Display, inventory books select Batch

Trust this response will help you

mayur - 5 years ago Reply

how creat indent in tally

Dipak H Shah - 5 years ago Reply

I have recently upgraded Tally 7.2 to Tally ERP 9 and my Tally License Serial No is: 75xxxxxxx also Tally Version is also upgraded to Release 3.2.
Now many of the Data I have migrated it to Tally ERP 9 from Tally 7.2.
At present while Migrating I am getting a message showing in Migration Tool message ” Failed getting License information from Tally ERP9 ”
I will highly appreciate your good self if you can help me or suggest me to solve the above problem.
With Regards

Mahendra Rana - 5 years ago Reply

Hello Dipak H. Shah,

Thanks for contacting us.We understand your problem, however due to our Company policy, we are unable to offer free support except to our clients.
You can opt for paid support from us.

shiva - 5 years ago Reply

Hii Mahendra,
How to put freight charges while making item invoice, in which ledger it will be added, i think it comes under direct expenses.


jeenu ezhava - 4 years ago Reply

i want to know the entry of equity and commodity trading account in tally, how can i manage day to day as well as investment of share equity and commodity and ipo application transaction in tally. so that end of the financial year i come to know loss or profit for whole transaction period, and can submit IT return with in due date

sharath - a couple of years ago Reply

sir i want tdl files plz send me my mail most of i want urgent excel to tally tdl

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