Recently starting from May, 2014, Karnataka vat department introduced uploading of e-Return and e-UPaSS along with vat returns. In simple terms it is known as uploading monthly sales/purchase registers to vat site.

This is a very good initiative by the vat department and its really business community friendly however, if you are using other software then Tally.ERP 9 then surely complying this statutory requirement will make you feel lot of pain and time consuming.

First let me talk about why this system is assesses friendly and how it can save you from any other possible future trouble.

[box type=”info”]Benefits of e-Return and e-UPaSS[/box]

Its a common experience of all us especially using Tally.ERP 9 Gold or simply known as multi user that once a statutory return like VAT is filled, we pass back dated invoices which we receive latter or sometimes, ignorant user amend any old entries, delete it or make changes and thus it creates a mis match with the return data already filled on state website. Since most of the state vat returns are to be filled monthly within the strict dead line, such unintentional changes to back dated entries creates mis match with the data given to vat department which then needs a lot of investigation and time spending to find out the cause of difference. Now imagine a situation what if the VAT department gives you all the details of bills, supplier/ customer name/ invoice number, date qty and amount etc whatever you had filled in the vat department site! how it will be useful for you to track with your amended data and you can convince to the department what actually was went wrong!!!


Recently, one of my supplier requested me to send the C form for the quarter which was just ended 2 days ago. Earlier it takes minimum 10-15 days to process c forms for the quarter ended but trust me I processed the form immediately in 15 minutes!! and the supplier was impressed how quickly I processed the form! This is all due to the facility introduced by the KVAT department for e-Return and e-UPaSS. Once you upload this features it needs only 5 clicks  and 5 minutes to generate a C form in favor of your supplier.

So, here the e-Return and e-UPaSS under Karnataka VAT department serves comes to you like a blessing and I really like this new system very much. Of-course many of you won’t like it because its not that easy to comply with this statutory requirement but if you follow me, I promise you it will be very easy for you to upload these returns just by pressing few clicks and it will take only 10 minutes to upload all these returns!


I am personally using this facilities and i will explain you the whole process that will make your life easy and stress-free.

[box type=”info”]Overview of e-Return and e-UPaSS in kvat[/box]

Once you logged in at Karnataka  vat web portal, you will find an option of Purchase and Sales statement which will consist various sub option like Local Purchase, Inter state purchase. Here are two options available to vat dealer. One is either direct entry that means each and every purchase you have to enter manually. In other words e Return and e- UPass is also known more popularly as uploading sales and purchase statement to KVAT Site. It is compulsory under KVAT to upload sales and purchase statement before filling vat returns under KVAT!


I use the alternate option that is uploading a file because Tally.ERP 9 provides an accurate mistake free instant generated Sales and purchase xml file which I just need to upload to the vat site and this process requires only 2 minutes. I repeat 2 minutes!


e Upass in Tally

So, think How Tally.ERP 9 makes your life easy by helping you to comply uploading sales and purchase statements under KVAT!

If you like my help relating e-Return and e-UPaSS in kvat then I am just a tweet away from you! and yeah don’t forget to renew your TNS or to buy Tally.ERP 9 online

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