Temple and Trust Management in  Tally.ERP 9 is a business specific solution for clients who belongs to temple and trust which involves a charity and religious activities. Since the day-to-day transactions in a Temple and Trust  differ significantly from the normal commercial activities, recording of the Temple and Trust  in accounting needs some specific care


I have written a series of Business specific ready-made Tally.erp 9 articles to suit your business need. Temple and Trust – Tally.ERP 9 is one more article in this series.

To account Temple and Trust in  Tally.ERP 9, let’s understand the operation of a Temple and Trust then we will go ahead for implementation for the same.

Temple and Trust Management |  Tally.ERP 9 | Practical Example and Entries

We will take a few of them :-

  1. Money is received from a trust and basic expenses are to be maintained in Tally. However, even this usage calls for some tips in Tally in certain areas such as the one where one has to compare the expenses with respect to the last year’s data and submit the reports.
  2. Often we might be having multiple people who are actually giving  the money on behalf of the trust and we would also have to generate a report of that.

Ans -This can easily be solved using cost centers – but I would suggest you think of an alternative method because our purpose here is to develop the simplest solution.


So we will be entering the data from 1-4-2011. ( typing as 1”space”4”space”11) or you can also try ap”space”11

Let us see the ledgers we need to have:-

Temple and Trust Management | Tally.ERP 9


The below screen will explain you how to create a bank ledger and under which group it should be categories.

Temple and Trust - Tally.ERP 9


Before you proceed further, I suggest you read out below two detailed tutorials to understand the concept of voucher entries.

How to enter Receipt Voucher in Tally ?  and how to pass journal entry in Tally.ERP 9

Now let us say we received a sum money from trust 1 into our bank account.

Receipt voucher in Tally.ERP 9



Now this receiver company also has to maintain its expenses for which it receives the sum of money.

Let us take the example of travel expense only for the time being.

Similarly receipt amounts and payment amounts are made for the month of april.


Payment voucher in Tally.ERP 9



How to record a receipt voucher in Tally.ERP 9



Now once the receipt is made for may as well. and this we continue until we reach the end of FY 2011-12

Now comes 31st march 2011 and regular voucher is passed.

On the next day that’s 1st april 2012. Simply change the date and change the current period from the main page.



How to change date in Tally?


How to view monthly ledger in Tally.ERP 9?


Once this is done , you can continue using the same company for the next year. Splitting company is recommended only if the data volume gets huge or if you don’t want to keep the company’s data of previous year in this year’s data.

Now receipt is made for april -2012 and similarly expenses are also entered.

we will see the report how we can compare the expenses of this year to that of the previous year.

Tally reports configuration

now comparing the reports as required.

10_comparison_reportThus our work is solved. The 1st assignment that we had can be solved like shown above.

Now coming to the next problem, where we have to take account of who has given how much from the trust

Solving the 2nd scenario where we might be receiving the money from various people and we want to have the information of the same. – we will not be using the cost centres and would rather choose a simple concept of writing in the narration, the name from whom the money is received.  Let us say for the month of april-2012 the money is received from Miss Sunanda.

receipt entry in Accounts



Voucher Entry with narration



Temple and Trust Management | Tally.ERP 9 9



This step is done to get the report in a desirable form:-



And in the month of July again Miss Sunanda gives the money for year 2012 and we want to know in the year how much money has Miss Sunanda given.

Go to the columnar report as above : and then press Alt-F12

15_range_searchTo get the amount from a specific party :-



This way we know Sunanda Devi has given 9,00,000 in the year 2012 till 31st July. This is a very simple and yet powerful method of maintaining details in tally.


I am confident that this tutorial will help you to manage simple temple and trust management in Tally but if you are looking for a full fledged, complex solutions for temple and trust in Tally then you should have a look for the specific  solutions designed by Tally partners  to meet your requirements.

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