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Sometimes ago, I have written about how to prepare balance sheet in tally. If you read my old post, then you will know about some basics of accountancy which as accountant you must know. Accounting of journal entry of prepaid expenses is  a must for preparation and finalization of accounting statements as well as to find out the actual profit/loss during the time by the entity

Proper accounting of prepaid expenses is such a basic accounting feature which an accountant must know and understand the same. So you must know what expenses should be  determined as prepaid expenses for journal entry purpose.

In a computerize accounting software like tally, preparing a balance sheet is not as easy as ABC or just pressing certain keys of the key board. However it will be a half-cooked  balance sheet as an accountant should be needed  to pass several journal entry before he generate a perfect balance sheet.

in my earlier post on how to prepare a balance sheet, I have covered several journal entry that should be posted   in the books of account. Today I will explain one more such journal entry that  needs to pass for finalization of books of account. This journal entry is about prepaid expenses.

What is pre-paid expenses?

As the name suggest, it is an expenses which is paid in advance and mostly these expenses are relating to Insurance expenses. A prepaid expenses is calculated and decided on the base of the period covered by that expenses and period covered by the books of account.

Let me explain you with example

A company paid insurance premium on plant and machinery for Rs. 1,00,000 as date 1st June 2009. Now check the period of the policy document. The period is stipulated by the insurance policy is starting from 1st June 2009 to 31st May, 2010.

Now as per the Income tax Rules, books of accounts are required to be prepared as per financial year e.g. from 1st April to 31st March.

So, in the above example Insurance premium pertaining to the period 1st June to 31st March, 2010 only will be accounted in the books of account for the FY 2009010 (In other words it will be debited to profit and loss account) and the balance insurance expenses for the month of April 2010 and May 2010 should be debited to the profit and loss account of the FY 2010-11

So, in the FY 2009-10 two months insurance premium will be shown as advance payment of expenses (Pre paid Expenses under the group loans and advances or current assets) and on the first day of the next year (FY 2010-11 in this case) prepaid insurance expenses entry which was made on 31st March, 2009 is required to be reversed.

to calculate prepaid insurance in the above example, divide entire expenses of Rs.1,00,000 by 12 months it will come out 8333. now multiply it with 2 months period that is relating to next Financial year and will be accounted  as pre paid expenses

Now, Let’s see how to pass this entries in the books of account,


When the insurance premium of Rs. 1,00,000 paid as on 1st June, 2009 the entry will be made as per below :

Dr. Insurance premium Rs. 100,000.00

Cr. Bank account Rs.100000.00

(Being amount paid towards Insurance premium for the period…… vide policy number…..)

On 31st March 2009, prepaid expense journal entry will be passed as per below for the above expenses

Dr. Prepaid Expenses   Rs. 16,667.00

Cr. Insurance premium Rs. 16,667.00

(Being two months insurance premium transfer to prepaid expenses account)

On 1st April,2010, the above entry will be reversed in the books of account by Dr. Insurance premium and crediting Prepaid Expenses with the same amount i.e. Rs. 16,667.00


As explained above, any expenses paid in advance as on date of closure of books of account is to be treated as pre paid expenses. Generally following types of transactions are to be looked for prepaid expenses and for this purpose the period covered by the expenses is very important to determine whether an expenses consist a portion of the pre paid expenses

If you need further explanation, then don’t hesitate to drop your comment here.

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  1. Hi Sir

    Can u jst give me examples for advance rent , office rent

    Thanks Regards

    1. Shamshad Qazi says:

      1. Advance Rent:

      (a) Prepaid Advance …..Dr. 72,000
      To Cash/Bank 72,000
      (Being Rent paid in advance for 6 months @ 12,000=12,000*6=72,000)July to Dec 2011.

      (b)Rent …..Dr. 12,000
      To Prepaid Rent 12,000
      (Being the rent paid for July,2011)

      So,the entry in (b) is passed every end of the month till Dec,2011. July,Aug,Sep,Oct,Nov and Dec,2011.

      1. Thanks for the answer i hereby request you please give the answer below question.

        1.How to pass the entry of depreciation. to pass the entry of Insurance.

        3.Trading A/c And Profit & Loss A/c And Balance sheet

        4.How to reconcile the supplier and customer and Bank.

        I will grateful to answer this question send through my above e-mail ID

        1. Biplab nandy says:

          Thanks for the answer i hereby request you please give the answer below question.

          1.How to pass the entry of depreciation.

 to pass the entry of Insurance.

          3.Trading A/c And Profit & Loss A/c And Balance sheet

          4.How to reconcile the supplier and customer and Bank.

          I will grateful to answer this question send through my above e-mail ID

      2. Sir i know how to pass the journal entry…
        but prepaid expenses should come under wat head?

        1. Ravi Shankart says:

          prepaid the group of (P&l A/c) indirect exp.head

      3. Hi Sir,
        How can i enter prepaid rent with VAT in UAE.
        i.e Yearly Rent 40,000 + Vat 5%

  2. Dear Sir,
    Please advise us journal entry for shop rent paid in advance on 1st June 2010 (4 quertly post dated cheque paid)

    1. Meghnath,
      Surely, I can help you but only if you post your query with your Tally serial number

  3. i have no idea to pass the entry & how to pass the entry in tally 9.0

  4. What is normal journal entry for pre paid expenses?

    1. When you pay for the insurance premium:

      Dr. Prepaid Insurance
      Cr. Cash

      When you recognize the insurance expense (end-of-period procedure):

      Dr. Insurance Expense
      Cr. Prepaid Insurance

  5. Hi Sir,

    Thanks for your valuable explanation. We might required you for further information relating to basic accounts.

    Thanks & Regards,

  6. Sir i want to know what type of voucher is prepaid expenses/prepaid incomes/ outstanding expenses/ outstanding incomes in tally

  7. An example of expensing prepaid expenses would be if a company had a one-year insurance policy cost of $1200. As each month elapses, $100 of prepaid insurance would be expensed to the income statement until the account is empty at the end of the year.

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  9. thank you sir

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  10. Dear sir,

    How we consider the Post dated cheq Payment for the Prepaid Rent .
    Example: My financial year is end of December and PDC Date is 31/March/2011
    do we consider the payment Or We consider the Expense for the Periode?

  11. hema kumar says:

    outstanding expenses 31/12/2011 expenses A/c Dr
    O/S expenses A/c
    next financial year we will pay to the expenses than how to write the entry

    1. Hema,
      That’s very year Dr.O/s Expense A/c and credit suppliers

  12. sudheesh o v says:

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  16. madani kk says:

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    regarding the above explined prepaid exp. inthe case of insurance which one we transferd to prpaid exp how will post next year

  17. Alkesh Patel says:

    Thanks a lot sir
    for giving these ready to use manual for Accounting tips which are very useful for all of my friend who are in this same filed.

    Again Thanks a lot

    Alkesh Patel

  18. Sagar R Sah says:

    Thanks for the articles. Its really very helpful in order to clear the concepts and rectify the errors. I want to know about the entry in the case where there is LOSS DUE TO THEFT/FIRE, in Tally. What & How the entry should be made.

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  20. sir, the entry for payment of outstanding expenses is
    Outstanding expenses———————-Dr
    Cash a/c—————————————Cr
    In tally 9.0, I am not able to enter it in the payment voucher. What might be the reason please reply

  21. Chetan Kalyan says:

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  30. Dear Sir ,
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