So, far we had a discussion about how to create a company ?,  Creating a company in Tally is the first step is  learning the basic of accountancy . Now you need to create some ledgers and assign the applicable group to the same.

Today, I will let you know how to post receipt voucher in tally.

Any money/cheque received from debtors against sales Invoices or on Account and  or for all transactions where money  received will be  accounted or entered into Tally.ERP 9 using the Receipt Voucher.

You can use reference  as advance receipt, New, Against or on account if you have enabled bill wise entry in Supplier’s ledger master. It will help you to record transactions bill by bill

To view the Receipt Voucher screen:

Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounting Vouchers

In Tally F6  is  used to enter receipt voucher whether it is a cash receipt or a cheque receipt. No other type of voucher  will be booked through this option.

  • For example, if your company receives money from a customer for an earlier transaction say sales, then the same will be passed  through a Receipt Voucher:
  • Credit the customer account and debit the Cash account, if you receive cash or
  • Debit the Bank account where you need to deposit the money, if you receive Cheques.

Note: Similar to Payment and Contra vouchers, the Receipt voucher can be made using Single entry mode or Voucher mode.

Special Keys for Voucher Narration Field
  • ALT+R: Recalls the Last narration saved for the first ledger in the voucher, irrespective of the voucher type.
  • CTRL+R: Recalls the Last narration saved for a specific voucher type, irrespective of the ledger.

Suppose the company receives a payment from a customer against a particular invoice and a Formal Receipt has to be issued acknowledging receipt of the same.

To activate this facility:

Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info > Voucher Types > Alter

  1. Select the Voucher Type Receipt.
  2. Set the option Print Formal Receipt after saving to Yes.
  1. Click Accept to save.

The printed Formal Receipt is shown as below after making the Receipt Entry:

Note: An additional field Name on Receipt appears in the Receipt Voucher screen. The receipt will be printed either with the Ledger Name or the name given in the Name on Receipt field.

To print the Receipt voucher,

Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info > Voucher Types > Alter

  1. Select the Voucher Type Receipt.
  2. Set the option Print after saving voucher to Yes.
  3. Enter a receipt voucher and Tally.ERP 9 prompts to print the Formal Receipt (to be issued) and then the Receipt Voucher (for the company’s records).

If you have any query relating to tally or accountancy, please post it on support forum only.

Special Note

Download all major bank cheque printing configuration from download and installation section of the forum. Thanks for Mr. Manoj Garg, Guest author of for the same

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    1. Dear Rupesh,
      I am sorry, Due to my full time job, I am not able to provide remote support through team viewer. But I am visiting Surendranagar during 2nd and 3rd October, and can provide on site support if you wish so.

  3. how to print ICICI Cheque in tally erp9 and what is the sizes of icici cheque

  4. Hi, dear mahendra,
    I am using tally9, here let me know how create a stock control in tally without adding amount? only stock transaction entry inwards and out wards along with the separate 2 ledgers, can u help me?



    1. Hyder,
      Its so easy! Just enter the item name and qty in the consumption for raw material and in production section for finished goods. Leave blank for value

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        thanks lot mr. Mahendra, i am working in Saudi arabia your prompt reply really quite appreciated as well as fruitful.

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  5. Hi,
    Nice post
    Could you please help me.

    how i can put party details in money payee address, cheque no, bank no


  6. after enter Receipt no. 1 and had accept how to go to next enter of receipt no.2

    1. Dapz,
      Once you enter a receipt voucher, after saving, it will find the same screen where u can enter another N number of receipt voucher
      Alternatively, at any time Go to voucher entry and then press F6 or receipt voucher and just enter a voucher

      1. hai sir ,while preparing recepit entry ,how to change the vocher number, i couldnt change the voucher number ,can u pls help me,

  7. dear sir;
    i have to give money receipt to my client. client provide me cheque. so it is necessary to have cheque date, bank name in receipt statement. how i can do this. please help me

    thanks lot

  8. Mudassir Shaik says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am working in foodstuff company at dubai. We are using Tally for accounting system,as iam trying to pass reciept entries but in that when ever i am trying to pass entry against reference some bills are not shown in that list,please guide me how to deal with this.
    Than you.
    Mudassir Shaik.

    1. Hello Mudassir Shaik.
      Thanks for contacting us.
      However I have repeatedly said so many times that now no one can get support on this site without mentioning their Tally.er9 serial number.
      So, please mention your Tally.erp 9 serial number otherwise your query will not attended.

      1. if tally serial is tally erp 9.0 then how we will create because i am facing same problem. plzzzz help

        1. Hello Komak,
          I am sorry not able to understand your query

          1. I am trying to pass reciept entries but in that when ever i am trying to pass entry AGAINST REFRENCE some bills are not shown in that list,please guide me how to deal with this.TALLY VERSION IS ERP 9.0. RPLY BY TODAY PLZZZZZ

  9. Dear sir,

    I would like to know how to use tally erp 9 to manage my accounts …

    I do not sell or purchase goods. I provide web services. I know how to create company, create ledgers, etc. I would like to know how to post voucher entry when I invoice my customer … (as I do not sell products). how to treat them in tally.

    thanks for your help.

    1. Sri,
      I will be glad to assist you if you can provide me your Tally.erp 9 serial number otherwise, all I can say “Sorry”

  10. hii..
    i need to enter recipt voucher for last year invoice.. but wen i enter i cnt get the invoice number of last yeat.. i can just enter it on account not as on which invoice..

    plzz reply asap…

  11. Anita Singh says:

    we have issued a cheque in favour of our client,after sometime issued cheque was cancelled due to some reasons, what’s the narration i can write in Tally

  12. Bajrang Goyal says:

    i would like to knw that,is this necessary to wrire bank name bank receipt voucher? because someone has told that bank is the irrelevent data

  13. in sales and purchase only it s taking 1 and 2 dates but it s not taking any other date way please replay

  14. ShabeerAbdulla says:

    i would like to know ,how we can print receipt voucher from tally

  15. highwaycabs says:

    In Receipt Voucher (Cash/Bank) not showing any Against Reference (In Invoice entry we are giving New Reference only) Now What I can do? Please send me the solution as early as possible. Thanking You

  16. we are started the new firm howto enter the chequs details in tally erp9. could u plz teach me

  17. Dear sir,
    I would like to know How to enter the self cheque in tally, after withdraw that particulars also can we enter in tally how it is.

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  19. Abhishek Das says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please tell me while print a receipt voucher how to genarate party address in that.
    e.g if i received rs 1000 from Mr A of 12, MG Road, Delhi. I want to have 12, MG Road , Delhi along with Name( Mr A) in received voucher.

  20. hi sir,

    pls tell me how to create cash voucher entry and altering for the financial entry 2013-2014.

  21. tripurabhavani says:

    who to enter the entry for payment received from client (its bpo co.)

    1. use Receipt Voucher (F6) Credit the client ledger and debit Cash or bank ( e.g. the bank name in which account you are depositing cheque received from your client)

  22. Arnold Ekka says:

    how can i show bill detail with cheques paid cr of a sales ledger in tally 9?

  23. i have open bank of maharashtra a/c under bank a/c, but does not appears will entering the voucher

  24. Hi,

    When i try to post a receipt voucher against bill it does not work. The bill ref. is for items not received by the client. I want the bill ref. to appear to refer to the bill against which the customer is paying whether the item is received or not.

  25. what entry will be done in tally erp9 ,when i receivd cheque against any previous sale,when i used reciept voucher my cash increases ,although i didnt deposited it into bank yet

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