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An Accounting software is useful when it provides some facility to work with easy, accuracy and speedy or offers its users some short cuts to save item and resources.

Fortunately, in Tally.ERP 9 there is  a lot of some additional features are available out of which we have already discussed. One such tally tip is creating multiple ledgers in tally in one go. Multiple ledger creations in the software save your time by creating many ledgers in one go without any need to create a ledger one by one.You may select different ledger group for each different ledger under multi-ledger creation.

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today, I will let you know one more useful feature of tally.erp 9 that is creating multiple ledgers in one go.This facility is very important when you are creating a new company in tally and pulling your opening balance from other accounting software or a manual book of accounts.Creating ledger is many important and first  function in tally after creating a new company in tally and without creating ledger, you will not be able to post anyvoucher entry in tally.

Sometimes ledger creation in tally is a boring work esp. if you have to create a large number of the new ledger with opening balance, but this feature will help you to do this work interestingly. for this, you have first to take all ledgers to a particular group say first let’s enter all ledger belongs only to sundry creditors.

Go to your tally main menu then Accounts Info

now select ledger and then select Create under Multiple ledgers

You will find the following screen, it will show you first of all default group. if you want to create a new group, you can do so by clicking ALT+C

otherwise select a group, say, sundry creditors

and then hit the keys,the  serial number will be auto generated

star typing name of sundry creditors  and just enter the opening balance

select Cr/Dr balance whatever the ledger has

You can type and fill up any number of the ledger you wish so. at any time, you may accept the screen

all your new ledger account will be created in one go.

Those who wanted to learn tally from basic, they should use this facility to create as much as possible to understand how tally system work. I highly recommend this feature for all new tally learner. it will save them from any undue confusion of selecting a wrong group.

Do, let me know if you have any problem or share your experience on any such tally tips and tricks

19 thoughts on “Create Multiple ledger in tally|tally tips

  1. Dear Sir,

    What should be done in Tally.ERP 9 to close accounts of last financial year and then bring forward balances when opening accounts for the new financial year.

    If you are unable to give a direct answer, could you give me a clue to it?



    1. Ajay,
      In tally.erp 9 to bring fwd the balance of previous year to the new year just start making entries in the new year in the same company. For this purpose, from the Gateway of tally.erp 9, select new accounting period e.g. 1.4.2010 to 31.3.2011 and start doing entries and its all done.

      Further to close the accounts of previous year. and to separate the two financial year within the same company e.g. after creating new financial year, you are required to split data.
      In case of further queries, please post your query on our support forum

  2. snehalatha janalila says:

    hi sir i have i doubt that in company accounts iam not able to understand that how multiple ledgers can be posed and how vocher entry can be done can u suggest me sir please

  3. Dear Sirs, I have 4 company accounts in Tally 9 so i i try to cost center but all ledger maintenance in cost center , please Help Me,immediately

    Thanking You,


    1. Suresh,
      Your query is not clear and you need to post it again with more details.If you can’t describe your problem properly than you can’t expect any solutions.

      Further, you must mention your Tally Serial number while posting your query. Else the query will not be attended.

  4. mir mujtaba ali says:

    thanks to u who ever has post this answer ……………………..

  5. sir how to create Ledger under sub heading. I mean wen we refer the trial balance, tally should show – for Eg. under Direct Expense – Employee cost as sub-heading – wages as ladger.

    1. Anil,
      Use Category! but it is not meant to trial balance. For Trial balance purpose you can create sub groups under subgroup-main group

      1. sangeetha says:

        Hi sir
        i have basic tally knowledge…undergone for a am working.Here we started to work on accounts in tally. I want a guidelines of yours how to implement…with any demo clips…..pls sir guide me

  6. sir i want to create an sub ledger with same name under different accounting heads in tally but when i am creating its showing warning message duplicate entry. how i can create ledger with same name in different accounts head pleas help me in this metter

    1. Hello Sj,
      A ledger can’t have a sub ledger. Are you referring to sub groups ?

  7. king fahad says:

    hello sir can u show me how to create a company how to make ledgers and how to post the inventory in tally 7.2 or 9 it will be a great help for me as i am not from accounting background but trying hard to learn things i hope u will help me

  8. king fahad says:

    hello sir can u show me how to create a company how to make ledgers and how to post the inventory in tally 7.2 or 9 it will be a great help for me as i am not from accounting background but trying hard to learn things i hope u will help me

  9. hi sir,

    i want to change the unit of measures for a stock item which was already created but while altering the stock item the tally cursor is not going to change that option , pls reply how to change units


  10. In Tally up to How Many Ledgers we can create?

  11. Avinash Dubey says:

    Dear Sir, I wish to add an existing party i.e. the existing ledger under Loans group, into sundry debtors group also since I am billing some items to him. The momemt I am trying to add him it does not accept and says duplicate entry. However during sales voucher creation the party doesn’t show up since it is under a different group. What is the solution.

    1. Hello Avinash,

      It is advisable to create a new ledger with some suffix say party -A-Sales and in the mailing details just write only the name of the party
      Why two separate ledger? There is a logic in not allowing sales/purchase transactions to loans grouping accounts as because of the IT rules, we need to show them the ledgers of all loan details. If we mix loans and sales/purchase it will create unnecessary doubts and will lead to further enquiry.

  12. What is benfits of tally

    1. Tally.ERP 9 is a software which help to manage your Accounting, administration and statutory compliances.
      If offers inventory management, Post-dated cheque management, complete banking solutions payroll and all the statutory compliance without any hurdle.
      The biggest benefit is that one do not need an extensive trained man power to manage the Tally.ERP 9 software

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