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Memorandum Voucher when to use in tally?

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Tally 9 allows users to record memorandum vouchers which is a non accounting voucher and entries through a memorandum voucher in tally 9 does not affect the accounting books.

In other words, Tally.ERP 9 does not post memorandum vouchers  to ledgers, but stores them in a separate Memorandum Register.Memo vouchers can be of any kind, i.e. receipts entry, payments, sales,purchase or even journal entry You can alter and convert a Memo Voucher into a regular voucher when you decide to bring the entry into your books. Memo voucher is useful for passing temporary entry in books which are of such nature that does not affect the accounts, however the user should know and can make the regular entries for the same.

let me give you an instant example, you have issued/received post dated cheques, then you should post such cheques in the books of account through memorandum voucher entry and when the date of deposit/clearing dues, you can easily transfer from memorandum to normal receipts/payments voucher. Reversing voucher is also a kind of memorandum voucher.

Some of the uses of Memorandum Vouchers are:

Making suspense payments

Consider that a company gives its employees cash to buy office supplies, the exact nature and cost of which are unknown. For this transaction you can enter a voucher for the petty cash advance, a voucher to record the actual expenditure details when they are known, and another voucher to record the return of surplus cash.

However, a simpler way of doing it is to enter a Memo voucher when the cash is advanced, and then turn it into a Payment voucher for the actual amount spent, when the details are known.

Consider the following Example:

The Company pays its employee Rs. 1000 as petty cash advance for Office Expenses/purchase of goods or other expesnes

The following entry has to be passed.

To use Memorandum voucher, Enable the following option from F11: Accounting Features

  • Use Reversing Journals & Optional Vouchers

Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounting Vouchers > Select Ctrl+F10: Memos from the Button Bar or click Ctrl+F10.

  1. Debit misc expenses or related accounting head for which the amount given
  2. Credit Cash Account
Vouchers not verified at the time of entry

If there is no clarity with the details of a voucher you are entering, you can enter it as a Memo voucher and amend it later when the details are available.

Items given for approval

Generally completed sales are entered into books. In case items are given on approval, use a Memo voucher to track and convert it into a proper Sales voucher. You can cancel/delete the memo voucher if the sale is not made.

Memorandum Voucher Register

To view all the memorandum vouchers:

Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Exception Reports > Memorandum Vouchers.

Note: You can also view memorandum vouchers from the Day Book.

You can alter and convert a Memo voucher into a regular voucher when you decide to consider the entry into your books. Use Scenarios to see the effect of Memo entries on reports and statements.

If you use memo vouchers, then Don’t forget to share your experience with me on this matter

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Mahendra Rana

Mahendra is founder and CEO of the I Vision Infotech, Authorised Tally Sales and Service Partner and helping Tally users to learn Tally and accounting free through this site

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Purnima - 6 years ago Reply

Hi Sir
This information helps me a lot to understand this concept.

Mahendra Rana - 6 years ago Reply

Thanks Purnima, and welcome on board.

iraphan - 6 years ago Reply

sir plz tell me your phone number i want to be taught by you. my phone number is 9470444323.I try my best to solve many question through your instruction.plz call me on my number or e-mail.

Mahendra Rana - 6 years ago Reply

Dear Irphan,
I have been in a Full time as a chief accountant and it is not possible for me to discuss matter over phone due to my busy schedule.
Whatever query you have, you may post on the support forum I will resolve the same definitely.

Ibrahim - 6 years ago Reply

I have read the article about memorandum. However I cannot enable in my Tally software. Am using Tally V 9. F10 Button in the ‘Accounting Voucher Creation’ page cannot be clicked (enabled). Pls help. Thanks.

Sumer Acharya - 6 years ago Reply

Hello Sir
This information helps me a lot to understand this concept. Now i am using it.

Mahendra Rana - 6 years ago Reply

thanks for your feedback. Please do not hesitate to share your experience with us on tally

devapriya - 6 years ago Reply

i wont to buy user manual for tally 09.

Mahendra Rana - 6 years ago Reply

Tally user material is available free of cost from download section or site. Why you want to pay for it ?

ravi - 6 years ago Reply

dear sir,
Please tell me in which case it may help

Aabid - 6 years ago Reply

Dear sir,
Thanks for providing information about Memovoucher

Mahendra Rana - 6 years ago Reply

Welcome on board and Glad to see your feedback.
Please do not hesitate to share your experience if you use Memo Voucher and how it is useful for you

venu - 6 years ago Reply

how to use of memorandum?

shiva Kumar - 6 years ago Reply

Thank You verrrry Much Mahendra for such great information about Memorandam voucher

agnelo tellis - 5 years ago Reply

thanx such a wonderful information you have shared on dis site……

Sajid - 5 years ago Reply

Thanx Mr. Mahendra,
I have been negleting memmorandum vouchers for the last few years since I dont know it’s significance.

Please let me know if there is any way to change the font & font size in sales invoice. I also want to know is it possible to increase the height of the content portion of the invoice (My invoice s contains 20-25 items in one invoice. so it will be too many pages for one invoice. hence I dont want more space in the header or footer section . Can you help me??)

jagdish Salian - 4 years ago Reply

How to make entries for franchise distributor ??

Sita ram manna - 4 years ago Reply

Thanks for ur notes,sir i like u

Sunil Gosalia - 11 months ago Reply

Awesome explanation sir, u used very simple language to understand confused entries….
Thanks a lot sir ?

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