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If you want to repeat last narration of last voucher, then go to narration of the voucher and Press Ctrl +R  it will place the last narration and will save your time to write to write narration again and again

You are entering vouchers and suppose you made a mistake in entry however the voucher was saved now you want to alter it, then you will need to follow a big long procedure.

But I will explain you here by which you will be able to modify the voucher without going to related ledger account and without leaving voucher entry screen

Hit the page up button from your voucher screen and you will find the last entered voucher there. now you can modify it easily alter the voucher.

Similarly you can edit any voucher by this way by selecting a date and pressing page up button again and again and you will find voucher entries one by one for that particular date.

Sometimes Ago, I already explained how to create a new ledger account when you are in the middle of a voucher just press ctrl+c and you will find the ledger creation screen

and if you want to alter name or group of any ledger you can also do the same without leaving the voucher entry screen. just recall that voucher select the ledger you wanted to alter press enter one time you and go the amount field now hit back button and come back to the same ledger account and press Ctrl+Enter here you can modify name ,group or any details you want to modify

You are entering amount and suppose you want to do calculation and you need the result of these calculation to be entered in the amount field. Here is a short cut for this too. Go to amount field and Press Ctrl+C and you will be redirected to calculation pane at the bottom of your tally screen.Make your calculation and after that Press ENTER the amount will be automatically field in the amount column

Wanted to send a screen shot of your tally voucher entry of tally screen or even a ledger ?

okay go the screen for what you wanted to take a screen shot and press PrtScr button of your key board (top right side of your keyboard) now go word press or excel and just press Ctrl+V and you will find the screen shot of your tally screen. you may send this through email to any body you wish so.

If you want me to check your voucher entry you may send your screenshot to me at my email address by filling up the contact button on this blog.

Wanted to delete a voucher ? okay go to that particular voucher and Press Alt +D

More tips and tricks next time.

125 thoughts on “Tips and Tricks in Tally

  1. mohammed.saleem says:


    My ?….. is how to do Bank Reconcile and Party reconcile in tally9 or tally.erp9

    1. mohammed.saleem says:

      sorry to disturbe U
      when will i get the ansr to my ?

      1. I have already write about reconciliation. No accounting software support for party reconciliation. you have to do that job manually. You can apply bank reconciliation rules for party statement re conciliation

        1. JITIN Sharma says:

          Hi there,
          Great information by the way. 🇮🇳
          Is there a way we don’t have to enter both sides of bank transaction every time.
          Like now for every bank payment entry like bank to cash, again bank to party, bank to cash
          To save time is there a way- to avoid typing same bank account over ( like we do in day book in columnar format instead of entry format for voucher of reciept and payment) and over again as like day book where u just select one account and then make all entries related to that account by changing date and amount

          Like can you tell me a way how i can input all bank related entries in one go
          by just changing date by F2 and cash/party account name and amount. ( OVERALL I JUST WANT TO AVOID TYPING BANK ACCOUNT MULTIPLE TIMES AND MAKES ALL ENTRIES OF BANK ACCOUNT AT ONCE)

          1. Hello Jitin,
            Thanks for the comment and you put a very valid point.
            In Tally this is not possible but That’s why I am developing my own Software where I can make things this way to reduce time, Automation and so on.

            This is indeed a very good observation and suggestion and I belive it is quite useful too.

            So, I will plan to add this feature in BizMitra.
            in Tally it might be possible thorugh some TDL but nativelly It won’t be possible.

  2. Mohammed saleem says:

    Hi Mr.Mahendra
    Thanks a lot for ur ans about reconciliation,

    My next q is iam a Graduate want to do P.G(like or M.B.A(Finance) or any other course which makes good future)

    Pls suggest me P.G Course which is best for a holder and for also accountant(person who is working as Accoutant in the office who’s Background is


    1. Hi Saleem,
      I am not a right person who can help you in this regard. Its you only who can take a better decision. by advising on you such matter without my qualification, is like a risky job!

      1. Mohammed Saleem says:


        Will u Pls explain about the Bad Debts – with example’s journal entries & how it effects in P& l A/c and Balance Sheet.

        1. Hi Saleem,
          Thanks for your input. I will cover this topic at the earliest.

          1. Mr.Mohammedsaleem says:

            Thanks a lot for ur answer to my question about “Bad Debts”

            My next querry is
            company has some previous year expenditure like Travelling expenses,Hotel Room Expenses Etc., it is not prepared any journal entry or Trading ,p&l nor any b/s
            how should i transfer the previous year balance amount into next year a/c please suggest it

          2. Dear Mohammed,

            Sorry, I am unable to get you.please explain it with more details.

          3. Saleem Mohammed says:

            Hello Sir,

            1) How should i maintain credit card transaction in my manual book or else in tally software.

            how to create credit card ledger a/c in tally software and how to write the journal entry for credit card transaction….

          4. Dear Saleem,
            The answer to your question relating to recording credit card transaction can be covered by a detailed post.
            I will cover this topic with examples and will post on the site.
            Thanks for your continuous contribution to and I appreciate it

  3. if a person decide to maintains his accounts in tally in middle of the can he start can he know his capital
    plz reply

    1. Dear Afu,

      First of all, he needs to create a company. just follow my article on by step company creation in Tally.ERP 9 he needs to set the date of starting books of accounts as the middle of the year.
      About capital, its the proprietor of the company who can decide it best. One can not give you correct guidance in this regard without knowing your correct relevant information, last year business /history etc.

  4. Saleem Mohammed says:

    Hi Mr.Mahi
    1) How should i pass the journal entry for petty cash vocher’s & Credit card Collection & how should i enter in tally software,

    2) how should i transfer the profit or loss into next year

    3)diffrance between the cash flow and p&l a/c

    4) what is the common between b/s and p&l a/c

    5) will u pls send me the link of BRS Explanation Notes to my Email Id

    1. Dear Saleem,
      I will revert to by evening with all the answers you have raised here. since at the moment I am bit busy. please bear with me till date

    2. Dear Saleem,
      Why you want to pass transactions of petty cash through Journal? Petty cash should be accounted through contra or receipt payment vouchers.
      Credit card transactions, I will cover it in my next post schedule.
      Transfer of profit/loss to the next year is simple. If your entity is not a company, then the amount is transferred to proprietor/Partner’s Capital Account at the year end hence profit/loss does not need to c/f.
      Difference between cash flow and p& L account requires an independent article
      your point no. 4 and 5, you may discuss with me on my yahoo ID/Gtalk at any time

      1. R/Sir

        How I work at exise in tally pplease give me its

        1. Munna Lal
          you may contact your TSP or the person from whom you have purchased the software. We are busy in solving queries of our own clients

  5. Hi,

    I am employee and maintain my books of accounts in tally. I also have other income from Loans & Advances( Assets). I have complted the books for 2008 09 and the profit is x. Now when I open the books for 2009 10, I still the profit as x and any profit in the year 2009 10 is adding up to the prior year profit. Can you tell me how do I transfer the profit in the Profit & Loss Account to Capital account so that when I open the books for 2009 10 I see the prior year profit added to Capital Account.


    1. Dear Sreeram,
      Plz pass a j.v. on 31.03.2009
      Debit profit and loss account
      Credit Capital Accounts ( if it is a partnership firm, then do it accordingly partner’s rate of shares in profit/loss)
      and its all done. If problem persist, please revert back to me on my yahoo messenger of Gtalk ID

  6. Hi,
    Plz tell me how to use Forex Transaction in Tally & what are its effects.

    1. Dear Sangeeta,
      Please, have a look to how-to-enter-multi-currency-in-tally/.
      For more details, you can contact me at any time.
      As per the Income tax Act, an Assesses has to show forex gain/loss on all the forex transactions in the profit/loss account due to price fluctuation in foreign currency. Using multi-currency in Tally.ERP 9, you can quickly post forex/gain loss in an automated environment. It will capture forex gain/loss through a forex voucher based on your transactions.

  7. Hello sir,

    my problem is that i am using tally ERP
    today i am getting eror in tht tally is tansmgr.900.
    pls help me as soon as possible.

    1. Dear Narendra,
      This service is chargeable. Please contact me for more details

  8. munesh kumar says:

    i have some ploblem in journelentries in tds vat . plz help me because i am preparing accounting interview

    1. Munesh,
      I have already written several articles on the same. you should study it and can do some exercise by downloading the educational version of tally.erp 9.

  9. Dear Sir,
    Can you help how to avoid zero entries in the balance sheet.

  10. Dear sir,

    Is it possible to enter the details in tally without using the voucher entry module.

    1. Nagraj,
      I am unable to understand your motive ? because in accounting, voucher entry is the base and without voucher entry you can’t record transaction. However you may post your entry in excel or other software and then can import the same but again it will be require customization and additional cost.

  11. ChandraShekar says:


    I need to know about entering Stocks in Tally ERP 9.0 Package. Like op stock , Sales.

    plz response.

    1. Dear Chandrasekhar,
      Please post your query on support center Because here at comment section I have to repeat answer everytime

  12. Dear Sir

    Can I enable TDS feature in the middle of the year? Will it affect the existing entries/accounts? Please reply

    1. Dear Bala,
      If you enable TDS feature in middle of year, then Generally it will not affect your accounts but if you have passed any manual entries for tds, then u need to enter the same again with new configuration. otherwise you will not be able to get form no. 16a correctly. Also past entries relating to tds ( if applicable) though not deducted you have to enter again

  13. DearSir,

    Our company has avail the packing credit loan in foreign currency USD & EURO please provide how to account the same in tally.erp9 and how to reconcile the same.

    1. Karthik,
      Pl. use support forum to raise your query

  14. Dear Mahendra
    Thanks for your reply regarding enabling TDS feature. I shall try the same and give the feedback and in case if there is any doubt, shall come back to you, for your valuable help.


  15. Dear Mahendra
    i am using tally 7.2,the accountant who has worked before me has splitted the company data for 2008-09 & 2009-10 but the opening balances of 2009 doesn’t match with the closing balances plz suggest me the way to get the correct balances i tried to do it manually but i was not able to complete it.

    1. Jayanth,
      Please check your opening and closing balances are in line before data splitting.
      Tally only will return what you have did.
      Further to above, I would suggest you to migrate to tally.erp 9 as now no one provide support support for Tally 7.2 as the same has been obstacle and outstanding considering today’s complex scenario of changed laws and requirement

      1. Dear Mahendra Thank you very much for your reply,But before migrating to tally erp i have to finalize my balance sheet for the year it possible to combine the data for 2 years 08-09&09-10 and split my data to get correct balances

        1. Dear Jayanth,
          Nope, I don’t think that you can combine two different years data.

  16. sneha shah says:

    i m working in manufacturing department.first i completed manufacturing process next we go for packing of materials that time some loss will to find loss of materials.

  17. Dear Sir,
    I m working diamond jewellery company dubai and we are using tally 9, as now its the time for ur to male p/l and balance sheet i have some queries.
    1)how to adjust closing stock
    2)and after everything balance sheet shows differnce either side..why that difference is coming up? is that closing stock?

    1. Neelam,
      you need to mention your Tally serial number to get free support on Tally related query.
      however your query is simple, I can guide you here.
      Balance sheet difference arise in a case when you put the opening balance that does not match with closing balance of the last year ? first check your closing balance of the last year? is that balance sheet tallied itself ? after doing that, compare it with Tally’s opening balance sheet.

  18. Dear Sir,
    We received an invoice in which 2 types of VAT are charged. x amount @12.5% and y amount @5% in a single invoice. How can we enter the purchase voucher with two different VAT Classes?

    1. Rajesh,
      All support only if you mention your Tally.erp 9 serial number

    2. Hello Rajesh,
      For this purpose go to voucher entry screen/menu
      Press F9 in purchase entry mode
      Press F12
      set No to use common ledger account for item allocation (if you passing entry in invoice mode)
      set yes to allow selection of vat tax /class during entry to yes
      now for item which comes under vat rate 12.5% select purchase ledger 12.5 and the item which comes with 5% vat, select the purchase ledger 5%
      after that, select both duty ledger one by one and the vat amount will be captured automatically.
      Please revert back, in case you face any problem

  19. Can you please help me regarding
    1 I have to prepare accounts in IGAAP April to March
    2 I have to prepare Accounts in IFRS from Jan to Dec
    I create a new company every financial year.

    How to Merge Data of one company Jan to March with April to December of another company and prepare a TB. Any other suggestions welcome

  20. Sorry my serial No. is : 7xxxxxxx

    1. Hello Rajesh,
      Thanks for mentioning your Tally Serial number.
      Now first of all, I would suggest you to upgrade your Tally.erp 9 to Release 2.1 since you are using Release 1.81 which does not support many changes in Vat, TDS and service tax.
      You are eligible for free upgrade without any cost.
      Regarding your query for different vat class, I will send the solutions here in evening after office hours. If possible will send you the screen shorts

      1. Thanks Mr. Mahendra,
        I’ll wait for your response…

  21. hello sir,
    i am using tally 7.2 version and i want to consolidate two financial year so plz help me

    1. Simmer,
      No help to Tally 7.2 user.
      I would suggest you to upgrade your software to Tally.erp 9

  22. How to copy ledgers and stokc items from a earlier created company to other?

  23. omkar reddy says:

    I want a after prepare the invoice (shoe the custumer Order Number) in day book or( display & account & Ledger)

    1. omkar reddy says:

      i want a short cut latest ERP-9 key,please send my mail ID

  24. when I want to import masters from an existing a/c, there is a message in the IMP file that ‘currency has no meaningful character’, and I can’t go further. pls say how to outcome this. I am using tally erp 9 version 3.0

  25. shrutika salekar says:

    i want to know how will be delete the repeated entry. i make entry in purchse and sale voucher of same reference no. so i want to delete last entry of the same reference no.

  26. dear sir,

    Ours is a sole proprietor ship business.My boss uses his credit card for personal as well as office use.i want to track the total credit card transactions using tally(any version including tally erp9.0).

    Is there any option for setting the credit limit of a credit card in tally.
    for example,say a credit card limit is Rs.50,000.on every usage or purchase,the credit limit will be reducing.i want to keep track of these transactions similiarly in tally.kindly help.

    i want to know the journal entries also for maintaining credit card transactions.

  27. M.RANJITH KUMAR says:

    i am a chartered accountant student, when i am going to various client office first i take back up of tally and then only i will work in the tally back up. my problem is after i taken back up, client office accountants are passing entry in the earlier date. i want to know how to trace the person who passed the entry after i took the back up of tally. please reply to my mail as soon as possible. My mail id is “”

    1. Hello RanjithKumar,
      Being a CA student, you should advice your boss to install Tally.erp 9. he will get a Tally Gold MU with Auditor edition for free. You can do audit sitting at your office and you won’t need to ask for back up from your clients.
      However if your boss is not comfortable for Tally.erp 9, than there is only way to do is to advice all your clients to buy an add on. There is a beautiful add is available which gives complete user wise reports. I have purchased that add yesterday for 2 of my clients and they are very happy with it.

      I will be writing a review for this add on shortly.

  28. Sir,
    While entering stock the calculation goes as not weighted average method or first in first out method?Please suggest a method for solving this problem.

  29. Hi Mahendra,

    We are a family business (contracting) in Doha, Qatar. We have a rudimentary tally system in place. I would like to avail your services for a month in Doha to set up our accounting system. We do not have accountants, but we do have data entry clerks. Till now it sufficed. Now we are bringing partners in and the accounting system needs to be right.

    Do you think you can help? Visa and stay can be arranged. I need an expert in tally and accounting and I think you are perfect to set the accounting system up.

    Thanks and regards,

    1. P.S I dont expect your services to be free.

    2. Dear Stun,
      Thanks for the offer. Definately I can set the best system and just in last 3 months I had set up accounting attracted system for 2 of of my clients.
      However at the moment I don’t have a passport!
      I wiil send you a personal mail for your offer by today.

  30. vinayagam says:

    i want to have cashbook+day book with running cash balance, is that possible ? what would be the charges for it?

  31. Sir,
    my company is now started new business in gold. so ask me to do Accounting in this. Generally others type of business like products A B i knew it But i am not able to understand how i should gold items make bcoz if a ring we bought & another time we would buy a new which will be different weight & other metallic. Even if we bought gold & make ring by giving making charges then how should i make items, ledger & entries. please help me! Thanks You.

  32. when printing multipal sale voucher i dont want to print page nos how to configar

  33. syamsundar says:

    Dear Sir,

    When i am entering bank payments in Tally ERP,in narration field, for “Being Ch. No.” always i’m typing the same, but earlier versions it was pre formatted. So, pl. suggest me is there any short cut is there.

  34. sir
    i want to type more characters(unlimited) in narration. is it possible.please replay me how to change settings for that?
    thank you

  35. sathisgopi says:

    Dear sir,

    how to create excise invoice with additional duty and vat5% calculation including additional duty. please reply.

    Thnk u

  36. Debabrata says:

    Dear Sir,
    How do I adjust Opening Credit Balance(On Account) with Current year Invoice (Dr.) in debtors outstanding. I have already split the company.pls suggest me…

  37. Sir
    I want to know the complete details of Journal Voucher

  38. sudarshana says:

    can u tell me how can i differenciate the expenses as per their head means according to the site expenses in tally 7.2?Eg: I hv two plot on construction & i want to see seperate exp. of the each plot. Plz tell me thnxs in advance

  39. Amit maurya says:

    dear sir,
    i want 2 ask u the journal entries of bank loan installments paid as EMI, can we show it as expense for the bussiness.
    another thing i wanna ask that there is a bussines who has build his employees rooms and he also provides fooding so can all construction cost of the building can be taken as expense of the business.
    kindly assist me

  40. Dear Sir

    How Tally calculates weighted average method. I couldnt able to cross verify since it matches with my sales calcutions but when i do it with the purchsase it differs. Could you help me in sorting out the Weighted average calculation.? pls

    Thanks in advance

  41. Dear Sir,

    How to debit or credit reconciliation in tally 9.

    Please Reply the answer I am waiting for your reply.


  42. when we are making service invoices, it should not affect inventory more ever it should affect only to sales

  43. I am a fresher to the office work. i have to work under Tally for the whole day. I just know the basic feeding of cash book entries and purchase bills. But don’t know more than that. I want to know about e-filing, VAT, IT filing, Central Excise filing. Can I have your mail ID, so that I can mail all my doubts under TALLY. Im very much interested to learn Tally more. Please do help me.

  44. nanda kumar says:

    I have just started a company, small company. I cant afford to pay salary to any accounts person. so can u please guide me the ledgers and its group. This is a trading company only purchase and sales, no manufacturing is involved.
    I will be very thankful if you can guide me also how to pass entries.
    nanda kumar

  45. Sudhanshu Malwal says:

    Sir my firm purchased a car from xyz auto co. Cost of Car is 500000/-, we paid Rs. 200000/- cash & remaining amount finance by DLB bank. Please tell me what is the entry of purchase a car & entry of cash paid to auto co. & remaining installment entries of Rs. 300000/- & interest entry also.

  46. hi
    i am using tally erp 9 multi and i want to stop back date voucher entry how it is possible pls tell me

  47. Raghavendra says:

    While importing the ledgers from Last year to new year following error is appearing in Tally.imp

    ERROR: Currency: ?
    Currency Name has no meaningful characters!

    Could some body help me out.

  48. hi Mahendra,

    can you please help me to list out debtors who are not make any cash payment during current year from tally erp.9

  49. Hello sir,

    i want to merge two different companies in to one…

    how can i do it????????

  50. ABDUL BASITH says:


    How could reach out the Approximate figure of closing stock, for example opening stock is 50000, Purchase is 100000, sales 850000, Gross Profit I kept 3% i.e 2550, closing stock will be 67550, but in my practice, closing stock shows very high value, reason is purchase of x item is 100, and sale price of that item is 500, 1500 like that, or in other word purchase bill we are getting at very low price,

    Please give me the possible solution of my query,

  51. Dear Sir,

    My Boss name is (Ramesh )taking 124,000/- as a Loan, He wants to give those amount monthly wise,

    How to enter in Tally ERP 9 ? Please can explain clearly.

  52. MDBaharuni says:

    i m doing account of my small dry business firm.

    We Purchase Fresh Fish and make it dry

    If we purchase fresh Fish 1000 Kg After Making It Dry We Got Only 300 Kg

    And Out Of That 300 Kg We make 4 different items of the same fish

    How to do adjustment of the same in Stock


    How to enter two rate of VAT bill in one purchase voucher

  54. how can I show telly vault

  55. abdul gafoor says:

    My name is Abdul Gafur- I am working in an MNC company.

    This is the service company handling different contract of building maintenance.

    Before that I was worked in trading company so here am really confused.

    Here we have..

    1- How to handle different projects in tally? I created one cost category- Under that I put different cost centers.

    So every payments and receipts am selecting those cost center. Is it right way or not?

    2-Parties ( Contractees- Customers) they are giving the deal for building maintenance.

    My Doubt? Which kind of vouchers and entries I want to make for the Due and Receipt of money from them?

    3-Sub contractors- We are giving some kind of work to them under this project.

    Doubt? Which way I can make the payments to them? Under which account head they will be?

    4-Purchase of Materials for the work- We r purchasing steel, stones etc from the different suppliers and shops credit and cash for the different projects.

    My Doubt? Under which account head I can make them? Which voucher using for the payment of that particular purchase?

    Some purchases are not related to projects , that time what can I do?

    If you can Kindly advise me as a brother! also pls send me some example works?

    I am really confused! Pls
    Abdul gafoor

  56. how can display bill-wise ledger vouchers in tallyGold 9.0.

  57. Dinesh Shivbedi says:

    sir i have kept all records in tally 5.4 of 2012 but while am trying to next records in the date of April 1 – 2013 then ” above date like this the message comes ” . Now i am puzzled how to do next entries of April month 2013 in tally 5.4 . Plz sir just suggest me . I wiil be very – very gratefull to u .

  58. Kindly advise me that can we able to know the date of which we have put the last entry in tally ERP9.

  59. vishal gupta says:

    if a debtor ,, purchase goods with 10000 rs.and paid 8000 rs.than how can i enter this entry

  60. Pratiksha says:

    Respected Sir,
    When i import data from one tally erp 9 company to another, at dat time following error is come up
    Currency Name has no meaningful characters!

    pls tell me y this error come up and what is the solution on it?
    pls giv rply as early as possible. i m waiting………….plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  61. Sir,

    opeing balance is not showing for a income ledger . Even thou if changes made in confinure also it not showing. Please help me sir.

  62. hi,

    I am using Tally erp 9. just yesterday my forign currency was converted in to local currency with very high conversion the amounts started showing in to trace on wrong entry and how to set as default?


  63. Varun Arora says:

    Plz tell me the basic concept regarding rhe the entries….
    and also clear me the the sales as well as the purchase entries Deaply…..

  64. lalu ram sharma says:

    hello sir, how sotck journal auto take prodution to cosumpion after doing one like
    100qtl paddy produce 67qtl rice 15qtl bran after that 900 qtl paddy take auto production of rice and bran

  65. hello
    i have problem of including vat rate
    how can i do entry in petrol pump account

  66. Our Tally Serial Number is XXXX. I have posted 4500 sales journals with inventory vouchers with auto serial number option. Now can i change the sorting method. For better understanding i am furnishing here under the example.

    Present Data :

    Date Voucher S.No. Party Name Amount

    01.01.2012 001 ABC LTD 100
    01.01.2012 002 ABC LTD 100
    01.01.2012 003 XYZ LTD 100
    01.01.2012 004 XYZ LTD 100


    01.01.2012 001 ABC LTD 100
    01.01.2012 002 XYZ LTD 100
    01.01.2012 003 ABC LTD 100
    01.01.2012 004 XYZ LTD 100

    Kindly inform is there any easy method instead of changing the date and arranging in to the specific order.

  67. Is there any way to see the ledger account without leaving the voucher entry screen.

  68. sir if i want to transaction in credit note to return transaction i press ctrl+f9 its credit note but ctrl+v keys is not working then how to solve this question and to work in credit note plz give me ans

  69. sir,
    I am sri, i have doubt in tally relating to how to merge two companies data into one which means not to create group company for instance i have Xco.,& Y co., now i want to combined both companies data into one like in xco., salaries entered& inyco., rent paid entered now i want to see both in one company is it possible in tally. please give me a solution

  70. hello sir…

    it’s manufacturing company and as well as service company. where should i keep stock items on ledger or stock inventory.i’m confused. can u suggest me please.

  71. Jayraj Jagada says:

    How can we know the date of voucher entry, like for example today’s date is 10/11/2015 and I am making entry dated 01/10/2015.. and in future if I want to know in which date I made the entry how to know that ?

  72. our working tally 9 have no company now in data folder data is sowing

  73. VISHNU B N says:

    Dear Experts

    plz clarify my problem

    In tally erp 9 im not getting receipt and payment and Banking option plz guide me……..

    Thanks and Regard

  74. while calculating amount in calculator after calculation it displays some of amount again want to Enter in amount column want to post automatically want shortcut

    1. Hareesh,
      When your cursor is in the amount field, press Alt+C and then calculate your calculation, and then press enter it will be posted in the amount field

  75. Hello Sir,

    Good day,

    We are registered under central excise now.. we are maintaining a/c in tally erp 9. till date we were using vat format bills entry.. now we should start with excise details invoices.. how can i continue invoice number. (ex.. sales tax inv. no. end 123. central excise invoice shld start from 124.).
    Pls help me out.

  76. Mahendra Pandil says:

    Hello Sir,

    I want to get list of ledgers having Closing Balance in Foreign Balance for Getting the same entered as Opening balance in New company,

    I have screen view in multi ledger alter option, but can not export the same for comparison.

    Can you guide me alternate method for the same?

    Thanks in advance

  77. mohammed parvez says:

    hello sir
    i have multi user i want to give user right ..
    only on sales voucher and ledger creation …..nothing else and they dont have to excess any thing else
    how to give the user right

    1. That needs customisation.

      If you wish, I can develop a tdl for that purpose.

  78. Hello sir,
    We have splitted the company financial year to 14-15 & 15-16 without checking the closing balances of previous year and now we found the differences in opening balance and the changes done in 14-15 is not effecting the 15-16 opening balances .Is there any solution for this.Please Advise what to be done.
    Thank You.

  79. hello sir i know to shown our outstanding in making sales bill in tally erp 9 how i shown outstanding amt in our sales bill as note

  80. I wanted to know about reference number

  81. joel lewis says:

    one of the debtors has over paid an invoice and is asking us to adjust the overpaid amount to the next invoice. Tell me how do i do it.

  82. hai sir,

    I always trouble to face the reducing of closing stock value in jewellery segment. we are maintaining the tally erp 9 accounting with inventory system. we maintain the weights and values. Always closing stock value shows the high value. how can we adjust the closing stock in accounting with inventory system. Kindly guide me, and give the appropriate tip or trick for reducing the closing stock value in tally inventory system.

  83. Sohan Advani says:

    in tally, very long names of accounts don’t show properly, what can i do to show them properly.

  84. i want to know that how to create ledger in tally for fish feeds purchases, fish strings ?

  85. Ohene Agyemang says:

    please i have a company with over 12 branches my problem is this,

    the head office makes purchases and transfers this goods to the branches where the branches make sales, the headoffice also sells to to external customer,
    please how should the transfer from the headoffice to the various branches be treated in tally ERP9 to that we can measure the profit of each branch.
    thank you.

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