How to enter Vat, CST and Excise in Tally 7.2

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Using tally 7.2 ? and confusing where to seek help ?

First of all, I would like to advice you to upgrade to Tally.Erp 9 if you are really keen to account your business in  a professional way with more accuracy, speedy to keep pace with the latest statutory compliance. click here learn how to accounting perfectly for vat, excise and cst in tally.erp 9

If you like tally.erp 9 then you can download the latest version of tally.erp 9 by clicking here

Normally, I do not provide support and guidance for tally 7.2 but considering  a huge request from tally 7.2 users, today, I am giving some tricks and tips for tally 7.2

If you want to enjoy auto calculation of Excise, Vat, CST, Discount etc then first of all, you need to configure your tally as given below:

Go to main menu of tally  and Press F12


Now, select Invoice/Order Entry


Set “ use of Excise format to “ Yes

and at the other options

Set “Calculate tax on current sub-total “ to  Yes

Press CTRL + A to accept the screen

Now open a  new ledger for duties i.e.

Excise, Vat ,Cst etc and if you already have opened it then alter it as given below :


For creating Excise, Cess and SHE select the duty type as others from the drop down menu

Set Inventories value affected as No

& of calculation 8 for excise duty, 2% for Cess and 1 % for SHE (rates prevailing as on the date of posting this article

Select method of calculation as on total sales for excise duty, Additional duty for Cess and and SHE


Now accept the screen by pressing Ctrl +A

on the same way, either create a new account for input vat or modify the same


Select Vat as duty type from the drop down menu

select vat class as input vat @4% from the sub screen


Set inventories values are affected as NO

rate of calculation and method of calculation will come automatically


Now accept the screen

on the same way you can create cst @ 2% on purchase ledger or can modify the existing ledger

just select CST as duty type

vat tax class as interstate sales

% of calculation  as @ and method of calculation on total sales


And its all Done.

Now, while posting a purchase bill Select item invoice

and when you will select an item of purchase, just type rate and quantity and then select excise duty and press enter, the duty will automatically captured by the system

Then select other duty type, i.e. Cess, SHE vat or CST etc and it will be automatically calculated

press enter until you finish the voucher or ctrl +A to accept the screen

If you face any problem, do not hesitate to ask me via comment  or sending a mail to me.

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  1. Mahendra says:

    Without accessing your data or viewing screen shot, How I can resolve it ? however go to voucher entry, select F8 or sales entry, then click configuration, set calculate tax on sub total to yes and then check.

  2. jasmine says:

    how to enter sub-screen in classification of vat 5% …. if u know just
    send me mess or tell me brifly


  3. Mahendra says:

    Dear Jasmin,
    I almost can solve any problem in tally. all I need is to know your query in more details. exact at which location/field you are facing problem or what you want to do ? A detailed query always help for a correct answer. So, please be specific while raising your query

  4. hitesh kalra says:

    i can’t use as invoice feature in tally 7.2 because it is not displayed in right side of window when entering sales voucher.

  5. Pankaj says:

    I am using tally7.2. I want to add 5% in Vat/Tax Classification. How can I add 5% in Vat Tax classification. Kindly help.


  6. Mahendra says:

    Dear Pankaj,
    If you are using licensed version of tally 7.2, then please contact me on my Gtalk Id mkr2005 along with your serial number

  7. jayall says:

    sir how to make journal voucher. in tally 7.2

    ifinput credit is rs 5000.
    and out put is 1000
    so out standing amount rs 4000

    how to create jv

  8. Vinay says:

    Hi Mahendra,

    I am a software consultant and want to know how can I implement calculation of “service tax” in my billing.


  9. SIBABRATA DAS says:

    Dear sir,

    I am using tally 7.2 and tally 9 of crack version. now I want to transfer my data from tally 73.2 to tally 9. I have already tried it but in failure.

    Suggest me the way.

    Thanking you,

  10. Mahendra says:

    Sibabrata Das,
    We do not provide support to hackers and crackers
    Sorry, you can continue your efforts on your own or the guy who provide you the crack version.They surely can help you.
    We provide help only to genuine users who purchased a software for a price

  11. Venkatesh says:


    i’ve Purchase VAT 10000 and Sales VAT 5000. Please help me how to make an entry of the VAT Carried Forward of VAT Amount 5000 in Tally.

    Please give step by step.

  12. Mahendra says:

    Dera Mr. UmeshKumar
    Thanks for your response However I believe CA’s should take the advantaged of the updated software. Still so many CA’s are using Windows 1998, Tally 4.5 or 54. which have bee become outdated software as on Date. I am not sure How CAs are able to do business using the old aged technologies. The only reason may be that they never tried an updated software.

  13. Calculate Tax on MRP says:

    I have purchased a Tally ERP 9.2.14 newly. I have to make sale Invoices as Item A = 500 Unit with Free = 100 Unit Item B = 200 unit with Free = 50 Unit tax rate = 4% for Item A & 13.5% for Item B. How can i? Kindly give me your mail id so that i can send you templates of my facing problems.

  14. Mahendra says:

    Hello Suman Chakraborty
    My first condition to hep anybody is that a help seeker must mention his/her serial number.
    and if you do hesitate to mention your Tally.erp 9 serial number than All I can say Sorry.
    Please sort our your problem on your own if you can’t mention your serial number

  15. sarika says:

    Plz asked me in tally 7.2 add excise duty,cess,shec on total sales but i want to calculated cess on excise plz tell me how calculated cess on excise duty in tally 7.2??

  16. Mahendra says:

    Tally 7.2 doesn’t support Excise, VAT so, you won’t be able to set up Excise.
    You should upgrade your product to Tally.erp 9

  17. Mahendra says:


    No, you can’t add new Vat class in Tally 7.2 as Tally 7.2 is a discontinued product.
    only people who can’t pace with chaining legal and technology arena are using an outdated product like Tally 7.2

  18. chhaya says:

    pls give me tips for how to make acconting for resort & hotel.
    It means in sale of food, we make journal f7 or invoce f8?

  19. Mahendra says:

    The best tip I can give you is study the basic of accountancy and gain some experience by working under some experienced people.

  20. Pravesh Kumar says:

    Hi. All explain how to create a vat classification in tally 7.2. when it is not given in the purchase classification ,,,, like Purchase@4 / 12.5@ , etc …

  21. Mahendra says:

    Aarti giri,

    1. Your email Id is not working what you typed here in comment section
    2. You can not use vat 5% with Tally 9.0. You have to upgrade your software to Tally.erp 9

  22. Sam says:

    i have some problem in accounting like we have 1`4 % tax on input and out put but i am not able to see in vat class it says 15% CAN YOU PLEASE SUGGESTE me on this issue by sending mail.

  23. Mahendra says:

    You might be using old version of Tally.erp 9. I have asked you to mention your Tally.erp 9 still you did not shared it.Sorry We can not help you in this regard.

  24. parveen kumar says:



  25. sarika says:


    Please tell me all expenses pass journal entry yes or no.if yes then tell me personal expenses (e.g.kishore sarees,credit card etc.) how to make j.v??? plz tell me.

  26. Syed says:

    If we purchase from interstate, but office is in Bangalore, they will give bill CST 6% & CST 12%, how to take in vat 100 ?

    please give me answer

  27. malar says:

    i am using tally 7.2.i want to add 5% in vat /tax can i add 5% in vat classification.
    kindly help me.

    regards ,

  28. Rasmiranjan Satapathy says:

    How can I create a VAT/TAX Class of 13.5% in Tally 9 Release 2.14 version. Anybody can help me on this please do.
    Thank you

  29. MITLESH says:

    we have tally7.2 account package
    small problem [vat4% to 5%]
    how to change vat 5%
    pls send the information

    pls contact me
    MITLESH JALANDHAR 99xxxxx,99xxxxxxx

  30. Mahendra says:

    Tally 7.2 is a dead product and no one can do it ?
    Either you still enjoy 7.2 as it is life time without spending money for up gradation or upgrade your software to take advantage of the ever changing business and technology.
    Choice is yours but no one company can offer life time free upgrades.

  31. vivek banka says:

    Dear mahendar

    sir we are using licensed tally 7.2
    we have to change vat to 14.5 % instead of 12.5%
    suggest how to do it


  32. ravisankar says:

    Dear sir,

    how can change a excise duty code trading and manufacturing when will make invoice
    pls help me this issue

  33. Debashish Dalai says:

    Sir; I work with Tally 9.In it Tax rate 13.5% is not available by which I can’t work properly. Plz, help me.

  34. ch.anandkumar says:

    before going to setup vat rates or etc what are the basic steps i have to follow tally7.2
    kindly give ma a reply

  35. PRASHANT RATHI says:


  36. shilparaghunath says:

    Dear sirs,

    sir we are using licensed tally 7.2 we have to change vat to 14.5 % instead of 12.5% plz suggest me how to do it

  37. Mahendra says:

    @shilparaghunath Tally 7.2 is a dead product! All support has been discontinued. This product had served more then its value to Tally user. To obtain all benefits of latest technology, Statutory Changes, I would recommend you to upgrade your software to Tally.erp 9. Since you are a licensed user of the software, you may upgrade it to Tally.erp 9 at a lessor price. If you need our assistance in upgradation, then just drop your reply here and we will help you for the same.

  38. Dear sir,

    I follow your suggestions about vat entries but one problem will be ac cure that is the vat class list not include 14% and also i dont know how will be the entries are done. -plz give me a suggestions.

  39. nisha says:

    your comments on the queries r very not able to mail any of the bills to any of the clients…… so plz can you help me with it….i have given e mail server as gmail,server address as,SSL as yes, SSL on std as no, frm as unique mercantile, email as r mail id, authentication user name as uniquemercantile.ghy, and the password and format as excel….and remaining is proper…..i have a doubt that ther’s some fault in this thing itself so can you plz help me with it……..

  40. Abhijit says:

    How to caalulate VAt after discounting ( MRP is 100 – 25 discount = want to calculate vat on RS 98 )

  41. kajal says:

    we used the tally 7.2 from last 8 years , we split the data of 2011 -2013 to 2012-2013 on 21st may 2012 but in bank reconciliation the 31 st march 2012 date’s which was uncleared cheques not shown in the bank reconciliation of april 2012

  42. monu says:

    is it possible in erp 9 that i just enter item’s rate with vat and system automatically deduct vat at last? if yes than how?

  43. ARJUN says:

    I want to know every tax including tally and also other tax and that tax must be how to enter in tally erp.9 or tally 7.2 plz help me…

  44. julu pal says:

    sir , i am use tally 7.2 for maintain daily record . but it is not the genuin version of tally . mean it is download from internet and activated by crack .

    in that case how can i work with vat@5% ?

    pls help me

    waiting 4 ur reply

  45. ameen khan says:

    dear sir,

    can you send me tally 7.2 backup…
    for learn vat and cst entree and calculation..

  46. Arup says:

    Respected Sir,
    I have a computer training centre . I want to introduce the Course Tally ERP version in the course. Is there any educational version of Tally ERP so that I can purchase it at low cost than the commercial version. Waiting for our answer.
    With thanks,

  47. Vinita Rajpoot says:

    Dear sir,
    sir hmuri problem ye h ki jab hm tally 7.2 me entry krte h tb usme jb hm vat lgte h to wo point me leta h exmp.amunt h 554054 or vat ke baad value 5540.54 hm ye chahte h ki jo point me value aa rahi h kya istra nhi ho skti 5541 esha nhi ho raha h please explan sir please.

    From:- Vinita Rajpoot

  48. prasanthi says:

    Good morning sir,
    I want to divide the commodities (like tax,items in the ledger) in purchase registry without clicking enter key. how it is possible please tell me sir…

  49. prasanthi says:

    Good morning sir,
    I want to divide the commodities (like tax,items in the ledger) in purchase registry without clicking enter key. how it is possible in Tally 7.2 please tell me sir…

  50. Arindam Saha says:

    When I’m trying to enter a Purchase Entry in Excise Purchase Voucher, Excise and Input VAT both are calculating in the same voucher if I enter only one Inventory Item. But when I’m entering the voucher for multiple Items, only Excise are being calculated…Input VAT @4% not calculating. Amount portion is blank.
    I’m using Tally.ERP9
    Please help

  51. Nitin Agarwal says:

    It’s not showing VAT @ 5% under the VAT Tax class and in Purchase Account
    Pls suggest

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