The modern business is that of Shopping malls, Super Markets and products having bar code

These Malls and units have 1000 or even more product to dealt with and it is almost impossible to manage these inventory through a traditional Accounting software.

Generally Product sold by these malls contains a bar code which make it easy to identity,manage, accounting and billing of such products.Here Tally Solutions come out with its innovative software called Shoper 9 to handle all types of requirement of such Malls.

This retail management software product convincingly addresses pain points such as data exchange between head office, warehouses and stores, providing a robust interface. Favoured by leading Indian specialty stores, Shoper 9 has catered to the apparel, footwear and textile segments with tremendous success.

The Shoper 9 philosophy is ease of use. And there’s a tested support system in place to ensure its smooth functioning. Professional support for Shoper 9 comes from the Tally Integrators and via Tally


When you have more than one store (whether it is your on store or of a franchisee) and one or more warehouses, managing your enterprise centrally may be required. Shoper 9 HO fulfills these requirements.

What can you manage centrally? Since reporting and control are best managed when the same SKU (stock keeping unit/item code) and categories are used uniformly, you can define these at the HO and have them flow to the POS locations. Other masters are also supported, including price lists, promotions, discounts, customer & supplier lists and taxes.

Keeping in mind that connectivity can never be 100%, the data architecture is de-centralised. This means that each store has its own local database, and these databases are replicated at the HO. One additional advantage this design brings is that you have two copies of the database – this will come in use in case of a disaster and no backups are available at the stores!
Data transfer between POS & HO is via the Internet and several methods are supported depending on the local connectivity conditions – each store can employ the connectivity that suits it the best. This data synchronisation can be scheduled to happen at regular intervals – even this can be controlled by the HO.

All decision support is available centrally at the HO and you get access to over a 100 reports that you can take across stores & groups of stores (grouped any way you need to).
When you need to add another store, Shoper 9 HO supports rapid deployment – you can bring up a store to full operation in about half a day. Specific store settings and configurations can be copied into a template and deployed at the new store. All master information can be automatically pulled in from the HO.

HO supports centralised management of indents from the store, generation of consolidated Purchase Orders and integration with warehouses for dispatches.

13 thoughts on “Shoper 9 |A product from Tally 9 for Malls & large inventory

  1. Is tally shoper pass automatically sale entry after just scaning the product sold by bar code?

    1. Dear Vinod Kumar,
      Welcome on board.
      Though, I ever used Shoper 9 of Tally.erp 9, but I am pretty much sure it offers sales entry with all calculation just by scanning the bar code printed on the product.
      Shoper 9 in itself suggest a complete solution to large department stores or shopping malls.

  2. sandeep bhaskar says:

    sir we have two stores and a warehouse . we are looking for a software that takes care of all operations involved in the business.some suggest tally erp 9 some suggest shoper 9 . kindly help me out in deciding the software to use

    1. Thanks Sandip for contacting us.
      Selection of software depends on many things as it requires a huge investment and a wise decision.It must fulfill your major requirement and help to cut your cost and increase your business potential.
      What kind of items you will be dealing for ? does both the stores and warehouse located within same area ? number of items you will have to deal? if the items bar coded than i would recommend you to go for Tally.erp 9 shoper license
      otherwise you may call Mr. Bharat on cell number 09824212130 he will guide you thoroughly

      1. sandeep bhaskar says:

        sir we deal with stationery goods (wholesale/retail).our units are located in different places in a radius of 2kms.we are looking at barcoding for retail counter.we need a system where we deal business at the store and despatch from the warehouse.

  3. dhiraj agarwal says:

    sir,what i want to know is some of us also deals in goods which is excluded from vat,how to make a bill including those items along with vat included items,in same categories

  4. ajay barha says:

    tally 9 account & barcoding and billing for priyadarshini super market at bhopal

  5. ajay barha says:

    tally 9 account & barcoding and billing for priyadarshini super market at bhopal how to cost

    1. ajay barha says:

      plese give me a price of software

      1. Hello Ajay,
        The Tally shopper will cost rs.13500 for SU n 40500 for MU

  6. Hi,

    I’ve a questions – how to create a deal code in tally9 / shopper9. Basically here is what I want to do:
    1. Generate a deal code (say for 20% discount) applicable to certain SKUs
    2. Pass this deal code to my coupon vendor to distribute this code
    3. When a customer comes to me with a coupon with this deal code, the customer should be able to get the discount on selected SKUs
    4. I should be able to create a report on how many times has the deal code been used and what was the transaction volume.

    Please let me know how to do above in Tall9 / Shopper9.


  7. rajsekaran says:

    sir, i have a furniture and vessels hiring company with a huge stock, it is my ancestoral business, we dont have sales in our business and we have many godowns in different areas for our stock, we shuffle stock regularly inbetween the godowns, i want ur advice on which software should i go for the SHOPER 9 OR TALLY ERP9 . i also want everything watched from a diff location or on the go.

  8. Birendra Sha says:

    hello Mahendra Sir

    I recently joined a company in which I have to deal with the HR section.

    Kindly give me advice hoe to use tally to work smoothly .


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