how to create CST purchase ledger ?

All sales and purchases within the territory of a state are known as local sales/purchases while cross boarder sales – purchase transactions are known as Inter-state sales and purchases for which a supplier may require to issue form “C” against the purchases and require to collect form “C” against all such sales

Interstate purchase and sales attract less vat duty as comparing to local vat rates. read my article to know more about CST and various forms under CST Act, 1957

It is mandatory to account all such transactions properly and a list of C forms issuable and C form receivable for all such purchases and sales respectively

tally.erp 9 supports proper accounting of all such interstate transactions and satisfy all requirements due to such cross boarder transactions.  however it is possible if you keep certain things in mind and record all transactions properly.

before you go further, create a company if you haven’t crated any company in tally yet !

first you should create purchase against C form ledger Account.Here is a detailed screen shot showing how to create an interstate purchase account

go to accounts info from the main menu and then click ledgers as shown below :

Now create a new ledger

Name it Purchase against form “C”

Select group as purchase

Set used in vat return as yes and select vat-tax class as interstate purchase

set use for assessable value calculation as No

and accept the screen

Now create a supplier a ledger under the group sundry creditors

fill up required details including address, city, pin, state etc

alter vat details and and type of vat dealer as interstate  dealer and fill up supplier’s CST number

now accept the screen and its all Done!

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  1. shakuntala Aswaney says:

    I would like to know how to go about deduction of TDS and printing of TDS challan / service tax challans etc in tally
    Pl con me on 9819052512

  2. Ashish says:

    Maine party ka tds party ko 200000/- paid kiya or usne mujhe 190000/- ka debit not diya. or uska bill 35000/- ka hai. to tds me kitne amount pe katunga?
    Best Regards

  3. praveen shetty says:

    is there is any direct function for c-form entries.because,if i create a ledger has u said like purchase against c-form it again added in purchase it is confusing.plese tell me what should i do?

  4. dipak Parmar says:

    How Can i Print state wise sundry creditor & debtors list
    next Export All Leger (Creditor & Debi tors ) Name,Address,Contact In to Excel

  5. kushal says:

    Dear sir ,
    how to prepare sales tax against C-form , Please provide brief information
    about inter-state sales

  6. pradeep kumar says:

    first u go in account home page.after that u go in account vouchers and click that.than u see account vouchers creationand there u tye u do puruchase like that u do sales ,payment,gurneral forthat u see in side

    if uundrstand than plz reply

  7. radhakrishna says:

    how can entry in single purchase voucher from different taxes like cst purchase and service tax in single entry

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