Inventory entries in tally.erp 9

One of reader Akash requested me to explain the how to deal with manufacturing entries  in tally.erp 9.Many other reader esp. newbie also facing how to deal with inventory entries in tally.erp 9

Tally.erp 9 provides  a seamless and easy to manage inventory entries. but first one should understand how to manufacturing process works.

In a manufacturing company some items consumed that is called input and the item which is produced is called as output or a product which you have to sell.

So, we can conclude that suppose you are purchasing two items as raw material one is steel and second is paint so both these are will be known as input item or raw materials that is consumed in manufacturing process.

Now it will give you a new product that is painted steel. It is called the output product which you can sell in the market in other words it is a finished good.

So, the question is how to deal with the same. because Raw materials you have to purchase and hence in your incoming/stock quantity it will be recorded whenever you make a purchase voucher.

Also the painted steel (finished Goods) will be recorded in tally as outward materials whenever you account a sales vouchers.

So, how you will tally it ? that is you have to pass production entries in your tally.erp 9 whereby you have to show the raw materials as consumed and then to produce a new item that is painted steel.

You must enable inventory features in your tally.erp 9 to record these transactions.

Go to main menu of tally then select Inventory vouchers

I am sure it will help to Mr. Akash and many other readers who are seeking how to record inventory transactions.

Do, let me know if you require any further information in tally.erp 9

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