One of reader Akash requested me to explain the how to deal with manufacturing entries  in tally.erp 9.Many other reader esp. newbie also facing how to deal with inventory entries in tally.erp 9

Tally.erp 9 provides  a seamless and easy to manage inventory entries. but first one should understand how to manufacturing process works.

In a manufacturing company some items consumed that is called input and the item which is produced is called as output or a product which you have to sell.

So, we can conclude that suppose you are purchasing two items as raw material one is steel and second is paint so both these are will be known as input item or raw materials that is consumed in manufacturing process.

Now it will give you a new product that is painted steel. It is called the output product which you can sell in the market in other words it is a finished good.

So, the question is how to deal with the same. because Raw materials you have to purchase and hence in your incoming/stock quantity it will be recorded whenever you make a purchase voucher.

Also the painted steel (finished Goods) will be recorded in tally as outward materials whenever you account a sales vouchers.

So, how you will tally it ? that is you have to pass production entries in your tally.erp 9 whereby you have to show the raw materials as consumed and then to produce a new item that is painted steel.

You must enable inventory features in your tally.erp 9 to record these transactions.

Go to main menu of tally then select Inventory vouchers

I am sure it will help to Mr. Akash and many other readers who are seeking how to record inventory transactions.

Do, let me know if you require any further information in tally.erp 9

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76 thoughts on “Inventory entries in tally.erp 9

  1. Akash Garg says:

    Dear Mahendra,
    Really sorry for late response,
    And Heartly thankful for this article.this article is really useful for me.
    And really thanks for the test.
    Sorry I mistake in one Question of 2 mark.(First Question). But I try my best.

    1. Dear Akash,
      Thanks for your input. I am happy to see that you like it.
      No problem Akash, people learn from trial and error. Do read more and more on, share your experience and make entry as much as possible on educational/activated tally.erp 9 software. I am sure by following this field you will become an expert in tally.erp 9 and accountancy. In case you face any problem, I am always here to solve the same

  2. anil dutt says:

    what is difference tally.erp9 original version and cracked version

  3. Ganesh Prasad says:

    My name is Ganesh I want one year manufacturing voucher entries ( one entry of model ) required.Including Closing Voucher entries,all taxes adjustments voucher entries,error entries retification etc. I am waiting your response.


  4. Mr Mahendra

    How we can enter damage items in tally 9.3
    Currenly i am entering as journal ( Accouing voucher ) and DEBIT DAMAGES EXPENSE ACCOUNT AND CREDIT STOCK ACCOUNT.



    1. Sameera,
      I am not sure if the treatment you are using for damage stock is correct.
      If I have to manage these transactions, then I will simply pass the inventory of damaged goods in consumption.
      the valuation of the stock will be reduced automatically.

      1. Sir, can you explain me briefly about the damage entry?

        1. Sanjay,
          You need to learn basic of accountancy. once you learn it, you will be able to post such entry.

  5. Thank your attention & reply for my matter Mr Mahendra,

    I am working in Qatar and we are using tally ERP 9. This is licenced softwere. I am confusing this sometimes becouse this is too advance..

    Please can u tell me wchich button i should use above my quiry and what are the Ledgers i should create for this. becouse inventory should be reduced & cost should go to as an expense .

    1. Sameera,
      I am sorry last for fews days, I was very busy. I will need to know your query in more details to resolve the same. I will send you a mail please respond the same

  6. how to enter inventory in tally 9.1

  7. Can you explain it with an example???????????

    1. Vishal,

      You can do it yourself with an example!. if you can’t understand it from the simple text given than I am sure you won’t be able to understand it even from example. Please develop a habit of doing things on your own if you want to get it free else join some paid classess

  8. Sir, can u explain me what is the entry of damage stock in tally 9 and what additional ledger i need to create for that.

  9. narender singh bisht says:

    how we will do entry of inventory in tally erp 9

    1. Narendra,
      I don’t help people who give fake Tally serial number.

    2. Deep Desai says:

      Mr. Narendra,

      Pl. refer our site . . And any query pl. feel to contact us on mob. +91-98xxxxxx
      Deep Desai
      Mob.: +91-94xxcccc
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      1. Hello Jaymin and Deep,
        I am sorry but I do not allow such kind of advertising on my site.It will be an injustice to my paid advertisers who are purchasing ad spot on our site. So I have removed your contact details
        If you are really serious to help tally community than you can buy an ad spot on our site n surely help people..Thanks for visiting our Tally community

  10. Mr Mahendra hi
    i want to pass a entry damaged stock(which i cant enter in debit note cause of supplier is not replacing for it) in Tally 9 im trying like this
    Damage A/C Dr
    Stock A/C Cr in Journal voucher but Stock A/c is not showing in Journal Voucher let you explain how can i pass the entry

  11. Dear Sir,

    Could you tell me how to pass the following transaction:-
    1. We received some of Stock Quantity free of charge from supplier we want this to be reflected to our ivnentory system.
    2.And from free sample received and we distributed to prospective customers for Marketing & Business promotion purpose.
    3.Material purchase in regular price & we distributed to prospective customers for Marketing & Business promotion purpose.

    I am eagerly waiting for your valuable response.

    Take Care


  12. tushar patel says:


    i need a how to manage entries for a production line,,,

  13. tushar patel says:


    i need a how to manage entries for a production line,,,(manufacturing company)

  14. Dear Mahendran Sir,

    How to Entry on Packing Silp Entry……
    and No Effect to original Items….

    1. Gokul,
      Sometimes its hard to understand query especially, I am totally clueless when you write “No effect tot original items ” Only can understand what you meant to say ?

  15. Hi,
    I am also interested to join your team and become a tally master

  16. Dear Friends, I want to know there is any option in tallyERP9 for entering serial numbers of inventory items. Please send your replays to my mail

    1. Pradeep,
      You can use part Number in Inventory to enter serial Number

  17. MOHD DANISH says:

    how to make production entry in tally……..where raw material used for finished goods

  18. kundan patel says:

    hi, how to record a voucher for raw material,production consumption,finished goods in tally9

  19. Hi
    Thanks In Advance

    My Question is while passing stock entry i am unable to type it’s serial numbers please help as i hav 400 to 500 handset a day purchase….all have serial number …I can’t enter single single numbers….

    as i choose tally except other programs was easily available in market with easy function

  20. hi i would like to know how to make entry for the scraps and wastage during manufacturing in  tally9

  21. Can i maintain serial number wise stock in tally.

  22. sir

    raw metirail stock entering with purchases voucher but how can enter finished goods entry in tally to sale them and to know present stock.

  23. suresh g h says:

    hi sirr how to pass the plant entry in tally 9.ERP please reply me


    hi sir how to make a entry for brs in tally erp.9 reply

  25. sir i have a problem in accounting plz help me to get it solved,
    i have a garments firm and i got bills of purchase of cloth but i need to convert it in to garments. but problem is, how to book the fabrication exp. and as per fabricator what amount should be in billing, only fabrication amount or total pieces amount, after that i deliver the cloth to fabricator then what entry should be made for cloth transfer.

    i ll wait for ur response plz reply soon and if it is possible then send me format of bill of fabricator.


  26. hello sir,

    I am a computer engineer, married since 1 year. my family (in- laws’) is running own business of generator supplying and control panel manufacturing. now for accounting and inventory we are using one DOS based accounting system since years. I want to switch this program from DOS to tally as it does not provide entry for consumable items for our panel manufacturing. Since i am not from this field i am trying to learn our existing software, but now i want to learn tally and will shift the existing data in it.

    can you please provide me source from where i can learn tally 9 erp from net?? please give me some web links or reference book name to start tally with scratch as i am not from commerce field.

    thanks in advance

    1. Jaydeep Patel says:

      You can join any tally champ class and do basic course. As a computer proficient, you can understood the software perfectly but you also need the accounting terminology to enhance your transactions and finalisation of accounts. All the best.

  27. being a new unit and there is no opening stock, how I will enter the closing stock manualy.
    thanks & regards

  28. being a new unit and there is no stock, how to feed closing stock in tally 9 mannualy

  29. Rahul Vadhvani says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am sorry to tell you that the entry which you are showing is for transfer of goods form one place to another. For example if goods transfer from Godown 1 to Godown 2 , for this thing this entry is passed. Its not correct entry for manufacture of goods

  30. Dear Sir
    I want to know how to enter loss in tally. For eg: Purchase 30 kg of X (Input)and through manufacturing entry it converted to product Y (Out put or finished good). While processing 3 kg loss happened. How can I enter this loss. I want this lose to be reduced from stock and at the end I require the statement of total loss occurred. (company is not come under VAT so there is no need to treat any Tax/VAT

    Thanking You.

    1. Anil Das
      That is possible through production/manufacturing vouchers using BOM and scrap items

  31. vivek.k.n. says:


    thanks for your support though this site , i am a books dealer , i try to use tally for my shop for inventory but i found it is not compact able for this trade .
    reason for this is every year the book editions keep changing , but in tally it will not allow duplicate entry similar tittle , and alteration of part no (isbn),author when new edition is printed .

    in this field a single author ill write a multiple books and there are same tittle with multiple authors with same title in different authors

    i am sorry to say that i installed a pirated tally to check if i can manage the inventory in tally but failed ,if it could have success i would buy a original tally , may be i am wrong in tally configuration or no body to guide me

    hope you may help me to solve and use tally and promote to buy a original tally after

    once again thank you

    1. Vivek,
      Thanks for your valuable feedback. By applying a little bit customization, you can secure your requirement. I forget the name but a famouse book seller company is using Tally.ERP 9 for its inventories e.g. books. You may find the details in case studies at

  32. hi.mere naam raghu.i want 2 solutions to main 2 problems

    1.with out sales effected stock can be decreased

    2.with out purchase effected stock can be increased in tally ERP. 9

    Please give me solutions,please

  33. Hi, please help me how to make the consumption entry in manufacturing compnay.

    1. How to make receipt note entry in tally of Imported material


      How to add labour cahrges of a particular item which we have sent for JOb work

  34. how to manage buy 10 get 1 free items in tally erp

  35. I want to transfer stock from H.O to branch The Value or the Quantity of the stock is not reduced from the Books of Accounts when material out voucher is used in tally .please let me know how to do it

  36. M. Balasubramaniam says:

    HI how could i maintain scrap entries in tally

  37. dear sir
    i want to maintane stock in inventory and closing entry next year

  38. Dear sirs,
    Am new to learn tally how make purchase orders in tally pls replay me

  39. Narender kumar says:

    Dear Sir

    please help me with below entry in tally erp 9 (Inventory held for repair).

    we are purchasing repair parts to use in car. I have entered purchase entry maintain stock of repair item but at the time of consumption of stock for repairing of car I wish to debit repair a/c and credit stock in journal voucher as below

    Repairing A/C Dr
    To Stock A/C

    but I can not see any Stock A/c to credit in Journal Voucher what I see is purchase a/c, sales a/c and other ledger.
    now I can not credit sales because its not sales its our self consumption of stock for repairing of cars.

    Can you please advise me if I am doing wrong or why stock account is not getting credit in journal voucher.

    Thanks for your time and help


    1. sir i have a problem working with damaged goods which received from customers.
      i want to enter these damaged goods into tally but it should not include in the present stock lies in the go down
      so please anybody help on this . i want to create separate location for damaged goods without getting change in the present stock and the balances of parties as well

      1. Create a new Godown say Damaged Goods storage and then in stock journal show the materials you received from your customer in the producution(Destination ) column side

  40. Dear Mahendra

    Can you help me if I pass a Journal Voucher for Stock what will be the impact. Without effecting Party can i Create stock in books.

    1. Hello, Javed,
      Stock entries in Tally can be entered in Inventory vouchers.
      You do not need to use accounting journal. Instead use Stock journal voucher
      Yes, you can create stock in Books. Revert back to me in case if you need any further assistance

  41. Dear Sir,

    Iam working in under one reputation firm, Now i face small trouble to posting cost centre entries, last F Y Salary payment entries done under paymet and journal basis now i should these entires directly done through cost centres by payment voucher. is it correct are not please define.

    i will wait for ur reply

    By sreenu
    Assistants Accounts Manager
    District Level
    Andaman & Nicobar Islands

  42. i created new company, voucher types, stock group, stock item and when i start issuing materials, then checked in transfer, its not showing, what could i have gone wrong

    1. Hi Ras Fibo
      In your company did you enabled Accounts with inventory?
      Better you post a screen-shot so that I can look it

  43. Brundaban Rout says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have a problem in Accounting in Tally ERP Please help me to get it solved,
    I am working as a Medicine Stockiest. But some syrup bottle is damaged. How to pass entry in Accounting Loss / Theft / Damaged of Stock Item? So please solve the problem and send the details.
    i ll wait for ur response plz reply soon and if it is possible then send me format of account in loss / damage of goods.
    Brundaban Rout

    1. Hello Brundban,

      Please pass a stock journal entry for damaged items.
      Use zero valued entris via F11

  44. Arindam Jana says:

    Sir I am work as a stock keeper. I donot entry materials in tally erp9 which are come to repairing. Please help me.

  45. Shivangi kandari says:

    How to make an entry for stock item distributed for business promotion in tally erp9

    1. Hello Shivangi,
      Pass a zero valued entries in Sales invoices where only quantity will be accounted without the value of the item

  46. sir i want to know that how construction company maintain or create its work in progress account under stock in trade?

  47. Sir my name is Hussain. I want to maintain stock of items with same name but of different company. Supose one item is pencil but it can be of natraj or apsara. So how to make bils with company name???

  48. Pranav Bhattacharya says:

    how to create spare parts of machines and than consuming it during repaires. we are using tally 9

  49. Dear Sir,
    I want to ask you that how to entry of sticker, logo, packing material(branding) under which head in tally. It is expense or raw material?

    Kindly give response

  50. How to profit inventory stock tally erp 9 and ya manual profit and loss

  51. K Vijaya Gopal says:


    a) In a Cement manufacturing company, Raw Materials like Limestone, Laterite and Gypsum are consumed that is called input and Cement is produced is called as output or a product which you have to sell.

    b) In the same manufacturing company maintenance activity consumes some general stores like Iron and Steel, Electrodes, Bearings etc. The company has various process sections like Quarry, Mills, Kiln and Packing Plant

    In part “a” above, we can purchase raw materials and the same is consumed in the manufacturing process as input and cement are produced as output. This transaction can be recorded in tally using stock journal /manufacturing journal / BOM method. This part is very clear and it is being discussed between various users of the tally.

    Now, the problem is with part “b” above, where the general stores are consumed internally (with no output and common to each of the sections/departments) between various departments viz. Electrical/Mechanical/Production and sections viz. Mills, Kiln and Packing Plant.

    Your kind suggestion is requested:

    1. Whether stock journal can be used to record the transaction

    2. How the cost centre/department is captured?


    Any other method to record the transaction as mentioned in part “b”

    Raw materials and General Stores have to purchased and it is incoming/stock quantity where it will be recorded through purchase voucher.

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