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One of  the tallynine reader Mr. Ali from Dubai are some other requested me to create some online test so to check the tally.erp 9 and accountancy knowledge as well as to learn tally.erp 9. Sometimes ago, I have posted a questionnaire however there was no method to check the result. Here is an advanced tool to evaluate your knowledge and skill on Tally.

Here  is a pilot test for all tallynine readers. If you like this, then  Definitely, I will prepare some more advanced online test.

If you are ready then, go to the above link, then select pilot test.

This test is for 10 minutes only and once you hit the start button, the time will start counting….

Of course, I am very hard for evaluation and so be careful the passing mark is 70%

right now there is only 6 question.

I will wait for your response and interest for further such test and development.

If you are interested, then go ahead.Best of luck

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  1. pavan kumar says:

    Thank you for providing these test.It will be very helpful for us to gain knowledge in tally.Kindly provide the test in depth of tally for best results.

  2. LEENA.L says:

    These questions are very simple one and cover in primary area only.. so u select good questions.

    Thanks and Regds

  3. Mahendra says:

    Welcome to Free Learning tally 9 Accountancy Community.
    Yes questions are simple and primary and further the test is a pilot only.
    For experienced persons it seems very simple but please also think from the view point of a newbies who may even don’t know which key should press after installing tally.erp 9 and who wanted to learn tally.
    So, starting from ZERO knowledge is always good to reach to TOP level.
    You are always welcome to share more questions for your fellow readers and we will appreciate the same with thanks. If you wish to write for, then please let me know, I will create an id for you

  4. Mahendra says:

    Thanks pawan for your input and sharing your views.
    Although atleast 20 students have already availed the test however most of them felling shy to share their comments. Soon I will declare the result. Con grates you for passing the same because 50% of them FAIL.
    I will publish the name of students who have successfully cleared the test. Those who failed, I will advice them not to disappoint. and to try again. No problem.

  5. ALI says:

    Thank you so much sir, I really appreciate it , I attempt the paper which it asked 5 query out of 4 was correct answer. But dont mind sir its better to ask more & more question in less time then its also good for everybody.

  6. Mahendra says:

    Thanks for your feedback. It is new thing and experience for me too since I am testing it how it is working.
    I am designing some more test with more advanced feature. restricting number of attempts, etc. because almost 80% of candidate cleared the exam in second/third trial. Soon I am going to declare the result of successful candidates with 1st attempt

  7. ALI says:

    Its such a grt thing to make online test paper through this website.I m sure it will be very helpful to everybody .

  8. Akash Garg says:

    Dear Mahendra,
    I really appreciate of that great article.(Yet I can’t clear the test in 1st attempt)that paper told us where we stand.
    THank you very much.

  9. meblogger says:

    Mahendra – I am leaving this comment on your site to show my appreciation for you for sharing your knowledge around a niche technology completely free of cost. Good to see an evangelist like you promoting people to learn ERP to increase their employability.

  10. Mahendra says:

    Dear Meblogger,
    Welcome to Free Learning Tally 9 and Accountancy Community.
    Thanks for your feedback and I am happy to see that you like it.
    BTW, I have seen your blog on ERP and I like the content and subject you select there.
    why Don’t you write for ? I am making as multi author that is now any one
    who wish to write relating to tally.erp 9 , ERP solutions, Accountancy can write on
    Even a reader can post their experience relating to accountancy commerce, business etc.
    I will be very much happy to see you as a guest author on
    If you wish to write as a guest author, please register
    Again thanks for your feedback

  11. tashi dorji says:

    Dear sir,

    The free learning tally initiative not only make the tally users more knowledgable but, it influence the people go with Tally softwere since it is very much a user friendly and one can solve almost all the day to day problem by keeping themselves in touch with Tally learning facilities provided there in. In addition, the Tally test realy encourage us to test our own capability. We tally users are deeply encouraged with your initiatives.

    Where ever we go and work, the first thing we do is encourage the proprietor/MD of the firm to buy tally software.

  12. Mahendra says:

    Dear Tushi Dorji,
    Thanks so much for your inspired feedback.
    Rest I fully agree with you, that wherever we go we should insist business management to buy a genuine tally.erp 9 Software. Believe me, I never do job in a firm who can’t invest money in a genuine and easy to manage accounting software like Tally.erp 9. IF a firm can’t evaluate the value of a software then how it will be able to evaluate it’s staff ? So, my advice to all the fellow tally community that never do job if a firm which is not using a genuine tally.erp 9 if you want to develop your career in the field of accountancy.

  13. Pradeep Gupta says:

    Hi Sir,

    I want some information regarding Tally 9. We have 2 branches in different location. Want entry can be made at branch Accoutant but it will not posted till it is authorise from Head Office.
    Has this feature in Tally 9 ?

  14. ramesh says:

    Hai this is Ramesh from hyd.Is there any Jobs in Dubai In Tally erp.And What type of salaries are available.Plzgive me replay as sonno as possible.


  15. Jaison says:

    Hai My name is jaison working in TALLY ERP 1.52 for accounting only

    if i can possible to use manufacturing unit

    1 how can make INDENT voucher (Purchases order Requst) from other department if i can get popup window

    we 110 Cr turnover company

  16. Mahendra says:

    Since you are using Accounting only then you will not be able to do entries for manufacturing. For this purpose you must set your company for accounts with inventory!
    For indent, you need to create a new voucher under Purchase Order. If you are not sure how to create an indent voucher, then please post your query on support fourm or contact me at gtalk my id is mkr2005

  17. Jaison says:

    thaks for quik response

    nw we are using inventory system also not much more using tally we are suppose to install the my factory we are manufacturing unit and some TDL how can i contact by mobile ?

  18. Mahendra says:

    I had sent you a personal mail with the concerned person’s cell number. you can contact him at any time and he will resolve your problem.

  19. tajunnisa says:

    Dear Sir,
    my name is taj nisha im working tally erp 2.0 for accounting only.

    tally online test is very nice it was very help full of get a more knowledge in tally.
    please give some more questions. as soon as possible.

  20. Jaison says:

    am jaison kinldy adv. how can create indent voucher in tally erp 1.52 and if can create worker order and due date and work order amount.etc..

  21. umesh manhas says:

    dear sir,
    I am from Jammu,it is also a great thing online tally test is very nice give some more question

  22. imichand says:

    plz help me about free online tally-erp test for preparation exam
    send me link of site
    imichand solanki

  23. RAJ says:

    dear sir mahendra it is nice and very helpfull bloag for me and evry fresher person. i found evry solution telly probl like legar. acount .grup. i m regular visit theare nd sug my frnd too. i m thankful to u

  24. kumari says:


    Iam working in accounts dept. Here is one problem while calculating the VAT manually for Sept’11. The 4% & 5% sales are 3,05,000/-, 7,96,285, taxes deducted. (taxes are 12,200/-39,814/-). In Sept the credit note value is 7,30,080 and 4%tax is 30,420/-.

    Please let me know the calculation of vat for Sept month manually.

  25. Sunil Patil says:

    I have participate in your piolet test on tally ERP-9
    on 10-11-2011. I like the same & wish to partcipate more test on tally ERP9 in future.I also interested to know about free student subcription Rs.450/-.
    Please guide me.

    Thanking You

  26. Faruk says:

    After long time we got online tally test question. I think its get me better treatment.lots of tnx for this

  27. saqib says:

    dear mahendra sir..
    this is saqib here…i have taken my test…and am too happy that i hv scored 100%..plzz give some more question so that our knowledge related to tally and accounts should increase…by making this portal u hvae helped most of the students…thank u so much..go ahead..

  28. Praveen M R says:


    I did take the pilot test.

    Nice initiative. It was easy for me but I feel as you say it will be much difficult for a beginner.

  29. seema says:

    Our company has taken 3 HP Workstation from supplier for Demo for the period of one month and same workstation we gave for Demo to our client and raise invoice for 1 month and paid 1 month charges for the supplier how to enter transaction in tally 9.0

  30. Rupan modak says:

    Dear sir i want to know that …can inventory affect tha purchase or sale voucher….as a example a computer dealer sell computer of different company but he sold it as party name account dr to sales account cr…than wat effect it get on inventory …plz tell me

  31. trashiv says:

    i want to know that do we need to book all expenses before passing the entry of payment of expenses pls reply

  32. Vijaykumar.V says:

    Hello Sir,
    2 year ago we had bought a counting machine & now we replace the same with upgrading with new one by paying some amount. Now what accounting entry has to be pass for the same.

  33. c.kasthuri rangan says:

    tally accounting software very interested & inventory purpose 24 languages I will work tally experience 20 years c.kasthuri rangan

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