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“A genuine and Professional business can’t afford to use an outdated and pirated accounting software”

Renewal of subscription help to get the updated tally.erp 9 software as well as many other feature like remote edit, managing your subscription, and many other facilities which will not be available if you don’t renew your subscription.

Government policies are subject to frequent  change due to so many Socio Eco factors and it is more true regarding taxation policies and rules. We all are witness of constant and major changes relating to rules and rates of Vat,TDS,Excise service tax etc etc

As and whenever there is such changes which affect accounts, the user needs to change the accounting software immediately. During last 3-4 years, I am a witness of all the updates made by the tally solutions to assist its users to meet the statutory compliance required by the various government department.This task is not easy because apart from the national level policy, there is frequent changes done by individual states also. I am not sure, but as approximately there were about 100 release made by Tally solutions only regarding statutory version during last 3-4 years only.The latest version state release 105 is to comply with the Rajasthan vat rules for new vat rate @5% and it is expected more such stat release to come out to comply with changes made by other State in recent days.

TDS  limits will also  change  w.e.f. 1st July, 2010 and which will make the presence method of calculation of TDS will become irrelevant and useless and people will be required to update their software.

No software provider company can afford to provide such updating for free ever.Tally solutions is also not an exception to this rule.

To  assist tally users to update their software as and whenever it requires and also to offer some other great features, tally solution have started a new service that is TALLY.NET.

This service is based on yearly subscription base as per below rates as on date :

Single user : Rs. 2700 Per Year

Multi User : Rs.  8100 Per Year

If your subscriptions is about to expire, then I will recommend you to renew it at the earliest. is just not a tool to get free update but it is also very useful for other many functions. e.g. remote view of data that is you can view your data remotely. If you are not aware of this feature, then you should read how to access your data remotely.

Also, in the near future, tally user will be able to edit and execute data remotely. In that case, accounting free lancer professionals will be benefited very much as well as business users also.It will generate additional sources of income for such professionals.

Let me explain you this possibility. Suppose a business units in Delhi is not able to find a suitable person to look after their accounts or they do not have a qualified accountant. Now they wanted a person who can review their accounting data and can make changes accordingly. The unit contacts me for this purpose. I am living at Rajkot and I can do that work staying at Rajkot  through and without visiting clients office at Delhi. The client will get accounting professional service at a very competitive rates and free lancer like will get additional area of work and source of income.

If you like a freelancer professional to look after your accounts and/or to assist your local accountant for training and to take care of your accounts, then you may contact me by contact us page. I will also set up entire payroll processing system for your business through service.

A person who wants to use remotely, do not need a licensed software!

So, I recommend all tally users to renew their  subscription to avail the present and future great benefits and keep your accounts update in a professional way.

11 thoughts on “Why you should renew your subscription

  1. Outspoken says:

    So this means I need to have Tally.NET subscription to upgrade tally ERP 9? Previously, tally used to offer free upgrades to users, depending on which version they currently use.
    Example, from ver 6.3 to 7 to 9 etc.

    I would like this clarified please.

    Rs.2700 per year is too much for software like this.
    If this is true, then Tally is worse than Microsoft, at least they provide updates to my 9 year old XP purchased for Rs.6500 till 2014!! [Total 13 Years, and this is an Operating System! ]

    1. Well, Once you have downloaded and activated your tally release 1.61 version, you will not be able to get free updates if you do not renew your subscriptions.
      For updation from older version to tally.erp 9, they were also not free for ever. Most users have updated the same under some scheme.

  2. I am unable to make voucher entry in 2010-2011

  3. naveen kumar says:

    in our Tally,ERP 9 vat 13.5% class is not created and how to create that, please help me. .

  4. naveen kumar says:

    Our Tally,ERP 9 Version is 1.5,

  5. Assainar.M says:

    Dear Sir Now am in Bahrain …am using Tally ERP 9 Multiuser and i have also taly silver in another branch .Now my Nett Conectionis alredy expired i want renew this how to do and how to pay money …send me please all ideas……your quick replay will be higly appreciated….

  6. Uttam Laisram says:

    Dear Mahendra, many Tally experts have told me that Tally is not suitable for use by Government Departments which use Cash accounting system and has a 6-level classification of budget head of accounts. Is this true? Thanks in advance.

    1. Dear Uttam,
      I personally believe that is a myth and not correct. Many government agencies /government accounting system are using Tally. and probably there is a dedicated and special Department to address it’s government business.

      In case if you need it for a government accounting, please drop me a line here or any mail ID and I will be happy to assist you

  7. sikiru akanbi says:

    plc i want ur help me in this acc i want berilant in the acc so help me god god help u sir.

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