Rented Tally License| Use and pay !

Rented Tally license is available w.e.f 23rd August, 2009

Now a user can test the Actual Tally.erp 9 software before opting for a permanent license. This is  really a very good initiative by the Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd. As explained earlier implementing an ERP requires a heavy investment by way of money, time and man power and if after installation the ERP software does not satisfy your expectation then whole the investment shucks

Rented Tally License : CONCEPT

It may be for a period of fortnight or monthly base. the user will have a choice to extend the period or to move to permanent license.

This is really a very great offer for tally learners who can get a very good experience and can acquire confidence on use of tally after using the education mode for learning purpose.


Further the facility will be very useful for tally freelancer who work for part-time. they can use tally.erp 9 licensed version whenever they got a project/accounting work on outsource base. by this way, their money will not be blocked in the software.

I remember one of my friend got a task of preparing of books of account for full one year which was prices to Rs. 6000. however my friend doesn’t have a tally licenses so at that time he couldn’t benefited from the said opportunity.


Tally.ERP 9 Silver on rent (Quarterly**)
Tally.ERP 9 Gold on rent (Quarterly**)


If you like the concept of Rented Tally license than please consider  to get it  online