Tally Prices : Its time to make changes

We have discussed a lot of about learning Tally, Voucher Entry, learning Tally TDL

Today, We will talk about Tally and Tally Prices !

guess what is it?

Tally is life line for common Indian Business-life!

We can’t imagine a business without Tally!

Tally Prices most affordable

Tally is the most affordable to its users no other competitors can offer the Product/service what  Tally is offering!

Just imagine a default software which a small trader can use at a small village of Kerala and the same software can also be used by a big manufacturer company or even by a service provider  unit! or a school or  a hospital!


Oh guys do you know that ” even Gods from Tirupati to Vaishnodevi are “maintaining” their accounts in Tally”

Anyway, Servicing through a default platform/mechanism to its users which is spreader to more than 25 States 1000s cities and yet it is  having  its own land mark achievements.

No Company in this world can design and offer a default software as useful to  a flower shop or a company having sizable turnover and above all which also fulfills all states legal requirements/formalities/returns/forms etc.

During the last several years we all are witness of :

Petrol/ Fuel prices are going up every alternate month!

Cost of our day-to-day living  is rising every 2nd or 3rd Month.

Indian Rupee is depreciating more rapidly  than your 1000 CC car Depreciate!

Entertainment, State Transport almost every thing which you can buy is tends to rise every 6 month or 12 months.

Salary of staff almost increased 200% to 500% during last 5-7 years!

Even the almost 100% business owners have increased price of their products during last several years!


In spite of enjoying a leading role in market and day-to-day business life (almost like a monopoly state?),  Tally prices were remains unchanged/stable unaffected!

Think how it would be difficult for the management to survive without reviewing Tall Prices?

For a private management if the prices does not reflect the depreciation in Rupee value, rising cost of Day-to-day living.

This is  called Credential of management, its ability to cope up the situation even without a price revision. This should be a matter of proud that a private limited company has not revised it prices for so many years and yet always offered the world class product at a throw away price!

AND we will be surprised if Tally products prices are not going to revise

Because every good things have an END! so now its time Tally prices should be revised! if not then it will be impossible for a company to survive in the market! We Can’t expect a cup of tea to cost us Rs. 5 for life time!… We need salary increment, we need higher margin in our business, we need to pay more to run our vehicles then why we should have a resistance to pay more for a software which helps us to run our business smooth otherwise we all knows it would be impossible to run  a business without Tally!

We are not sure but sooner or latter Tally prices will go up definitely in couple of Days, in a week time or more but it will be for sure.

Because we can read what is written on the WALL!

A wise person is one who can predict the future in advance and can decide the best! You have time to grab Tally products or renew your TNS before the price rise becomes effective!

IF your TNS is about to expire even after 5 months, you can revise and can save from the possible price rise! TNS will be @20% of the product prices!

So, don’t think more and get your Tally license today or renew your TNS at the current prices!

What should be the new prices from your view-point ? Tell us by commenting here. We would love to have your opinion.


Finally, there is an official confirmation about revised Tally prices and accordingly now Single User will cost Rs. 18000 and Multi user will cost Rs. 54000