As a Chartered Accountant student, I am fond of Tally.ERP 9 not just because it is very much easy to operate but because of its varied uses. Tally.ERP 9 is so much vast and basic that you can use in your own way just like you can use MS Excel in your own way.Let’s understand best Advanced Features of Tally.ERP 9

After the release of Tally.ERP 9, more functionalities have been added for the ease of users so that you do not have to go anywhere else or into any other software for your business operation needs.

If you have a business and want to handle everything from billing to accounting to staff management, let me tell you that all of these functions along with  other useful functionality for running your business smoothly are present in Tally.

In this article, I will introduce you to some of the advanced, useful and time-saving features of Tally. These will definitely help you in the upcoming future in running Tally efficiently.

Let’s see one by one useful yet amazing features that Tally possess.

Maintenance of Payroll – If you have employees in your business or you have apayroll menu in tally client in whose business there are employees then this feature is a must for you. No matter how many employees you have, everything can be managed in Tally.

You can take employees attendance, have payroll register, and check the employee profile along with the employee head count, all in Tally.

Even pay slips and pay sheets can be seen at any time for your reference and taking better business decisions in Tally.

Budget Management – Budgets are made in every business no matter big or small and the reason for this is to measure the performance with what we estimated at the beginning of the year.

You can create budgets in Tally easily and compare it with actual expenses and clearly see the differences, if any, in the form of reports.

For your reference, there are two type budgets in Tally. One is On Closing Balance and other is On Nett Transactions. In the first, the comparison is done between the closing balances of budgeted figures and actual information. The Second one sees whether you have entered transactions more than the amount set in the budget. That is of a great help.

Banking – This is one of the features every business has a need and is a great timeBest Advanced Features in Tally.ERP 9 saver too. You can save a lot of time because it includes cheque register, bank reconciliation in tally and cheque printing features. Yes, you can print cheques directly from Tally.

Bank wise cheque register will help you easily have a look at how many cheques are left and how many cheques are issued.

Along with the above features, there are two other features Deposit Slip and Payment Advice which is a record for all the deposit slips and payments issued. All these information at one place isn’t it awesome!


Storage & Classification – This is one of the advanced features which is available in Tally. If you have godown or some kind of storage space where your goods are lying then this feature in Tally can handle all that too.

Every information relating to the godowns are stored in Tally. Suppose you have a place where all the goods are manufactured and a different place where all the goods are stored after they are manufactured, then this feature is very much useful in segregating all the information to the relevant storage places.

Order Processing – For a manufacturing business this option in Tally will save a lot of time and will make the work a lot easier. You can have Purchase and Sales Order Processing as well as Job Order Processing.

If you want to take a purchase order from a customer then this will help you. Similarly, it is done for sales orders from your customers.

If there is a particular job to be done as per the requirements of the customer than Job Order Processing will help you in that. By using these features, you will gather information in a smooth way and that too all of it at a single place called Tally.

These were the five best-advanced features of Tally according to my opinion. Though you may have a different opinion and that is very much okay. There are other features like VAT, TDS, TCS, Service Tax etc. but I find these features advanced from the point of view of a business.

Which is the feature that you used the most in Tally till date? Leave your answers in comments.


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