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Tally.erp 9 is one of the simplest accounting software,any person having a good commerce background knowing basic of accounting can handle it easily. however, notice people and esp. those who have a different background found it very difficult to create ledger and post entries in tally.
Excel is the simple Microsoft application and anyone can handle it very very easy.
as in Excel, all you need is just to feel up the cells and save it!
So, what about if there is a utility that you type entries in excel then import the same in tally ? Is it hard ?
yes really hard but I made it easy for you. I have developed a utility a very simple utility for you guys now you don’t need to learn tally.
All you need is just download the utility. The utility is simply superb as per screen shot shown in the figure, all you need is just to type your entries in excel sheet. then fill up the required details and hit the import button and your entries will be posted direct to Tally. No worry to see if the ledger is not created in tally. The utility will check itself and if ledger is not created, it will create the same automatically.
Don’t know tally ? want to to know how to post voucher entry in tally ?
I have been found to many inquiring about how to import entries in tally.erp 9
and then you can write your codes in TDL and can import your data easily in Tally. 

Learning TDL is not hard if you have a strong passion.
You can start with our basic free tutorials
Also you can have our free video tutorials on learning TDL online
If you know TDL, you can import data from Excel to Tally, online order processing or web integration.
Learn TDL


  1. abhay

    This utility is not working properly. Please check, there might be error.

  2. Arif

    This Utility works with excel XP/2003
    However if you can explain what ERROR there is?

  3. arifmassani

    After Downloading this file Please Rename file to “E2T (V. 2.0).exe” wihtout quotes before opening it

  4. prabhakar

    sir/ medam

    iam prabhakar from vijayawada iam working in private company a account, i confushad company invoice & agecencyinvoice

    1. Prabhar,
      I am more confused about your query as I am not able to understand what exactly you wish to know ?
      I rememebr in past you have posted comment asking 25-30 things in one comments !!! it is not a suitable way to learn something. You should post your doubts/confusion/questions at the support forum in a very systematic manner.One question per post please so that other people can also learn from others experience.

  5. vinayagam

    after download,Norton says virus alert and removed from my system.

    Help me

    1. Vinayagam,
      I have tested this utility successfully here. further other user also downloaded and no one have face such virus alter.
      Please download it again or repair it with your anti virus software. It is just an excel file.

  6. Tushar Deshmukh

    May I contribute my code free of cost for this session.
    Mangal Bhavna sahit

    1. Raj

      Dear Sir,
      This is to request you to that If you have code for Excel to Tally data importing please provide it at my email id

      If you kindly take action for above matter i shall be highly appreciated

      Thanks & Regards

      1. Hello Raj,
        There is no tailor made solutions for this type of requirement. Each and every requirement have different codes different programming. Sample code are given for learning purpose only.
        You can hire any professionals to solve your particular need. No one have that free time to send you any free codes

  7. sampath kumar d

    Sir, I want to know how to enter in Tally for wages on unit basis? ex. One 300 mm dia RCC Pipe 180/- will be paid for production, these wages are to be debited by default as raw materials consumption under bill of materials? Kindly inform at an earliest.

    Thanking you sir,

  8. Sampath,
    your query is a specific one. please it from your tally.erp 9 support center in favour of I vision Infotech.

  9. Paresh Sawant

    provide me the correct contact number of Mr.Arif Mansoorali Massani
    as above number not working

    1. Paresh,
      I have the same contact number. I will pass your message to him

      1. Paresh Sawant

        Dear Mahendra,

        can you give me your contact no. so i can contact you to get the details of of your software.

        1. Dear Paresh,
          The software Excel to Tally is not built by us.
          We are just providing a market place to Tally Software/Application Developer and trying to build a bridge between the person who are looking for such application/integration.
          Only the maker of the software can help you or if you wish to customize your application or need something such then surely, we can help you but that will be our own product.
          For this purpose you may fill up the contact us form provided on the site

  10. Raj

    Dear Bro,
    This above link is expired please give me another link.


  11. Mahendra Singh

    Dear Sir,
    – I have been working in tally for 5 years
    – I am Graduate, One year diploma from Aptech and ‘O’ level passed and good typing speed in both Hindi and English
    – I want to convert excel data to tally, please guide me in this regard
    – I want to learn customising tally according to individual’s need
    – Can u please guide me that how can I make my career in Tally (I want to earn more)


    Mahendra Singh
    Abu Road – 307026
    Phone : 0xxxxxxxxxxx

    This comment is edited by the admin and removed all the address and phone number


    dear sir, i want to know how to transfer the data from excell to tally 9 & vice versa.

    please guide me

  13. rajendra mehta


  14. NikhilKumarPC

    Dear Sir,

    Please let me know the formats of inventory purchase and sales excel formats for import into tally 9.

  15. DevendraGehlodDev

    please upload it again it is not available.

  16. NikhilKumarPC

    Dear Sir,
    Please let me know the formats of inventory purchase and sales excel formats for import into tally 9.

  17. sunder

    Dear Brother,
    do you have any multi currency format for export to tally from excel ? Looking forward your reply.

  18. Harish Choudhary

    from where can i download this utility file. can any1 mail me this utility at xxxx

  19. Rajesh

    Goods distributed as free sample, what is the treatment & how i implement in tally Software?

  20. ROHIT

    i can’t download

  21. Jai

    I upload bulk payment entry in Tally 9 ERP but I want to upload with cheque number. Please provide such template or in this regard any help .

  22. DK

    where to get this utility from?
    best regards

  23. Yogesh Gadhiya

    How your excel sheet useful for updated version of tally with gst configuration and also for e-commerce traders accounting ??

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