If you are new to accountancy and Tally.ERP 9, you should read understanding sales transaction, before posting an actual sales invoice entry in Tally.ERP 9. It will boost your accounting and Tally.ERP 9 skill.

The short code to activate Sales voucher in Tally.ERP 9 is F8. Alternatively you can select the Sales Voucher from the right side panel of Tally.ERP 9 from the voucher entry screen itself.

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How to import ledger master in a new company

You are instructed by your boss to raise a sales invoice to A Customer Suren Brothers  for wooden table item 1000 nos for Rs. 195 per Nos.

You are also instructed that the prevailing vat rate on the said item in your state is 5.5% .

So, let’s see how to raise this invoice in Tally.ERP 9

Let’s of all, create customer ledger Suren Brothers Under the group Sundry Debtors

Then create Sales ledger @5.5%  or applicable vat rate in your city.

Step 3 : Now, create the output duty ledger : Output Vat 5.5%  under Duties and Taxes sub duty type as output

Now, create an item ledger master

for wooden table item

Now, Go to Main menu of Tally.ERP 9 and then press Accounting Voucher then Select Sales voucher from the right side bar or press F8. Then select Item invoice as explained in our earlier post.

Set the date if the date field skip then press F2 and fill up the date.

Enter sales invoice number and press Enter.

Select the customer Suren Brothers and press Enter

It will ask you to fill up the supplementary details. (If not then press F12 and set yes to accept supplementary details)

Now the field will ask to select the concerned sales ledger  select the appropriate sales ledger e.g.Sales 5.5%  ledger here. It will automatically take the vat/tax class as Sales 5.5% and will skip to item details

Select the item ledger Wooden Table here a pop up window will appear asking item allocation details:

Sales Invoice in Tally

Set Not applicable and press enter

Enter Quantity as 1000 and then enter Rate as 195 and press enter. it will capture the amount automatically. You have an option to skip the rate and just enter the total value e.g. Rs. 195000. It will capture the rate automatically.

press enter it will ask for tracking number. Press enter or select End of list from the pop up

The screen will return to main screen.

Press enter two-time now it will ask you to select the output ledger and press enter. it will take the vat rate and the vat amount automatically.

We will discuss how to create output ledger in our next tutorials

Other field may appear in your Sales Voucher Entry screen depending on the state in which your company is registered. For e.g. if your company is registered in Karnataka state, you will find option related to e sugam. You may need to fill up details prevailing local vat rules.

press enter till it finish.


3 thoughts on “How to raise Sales Invoice in Tally.ERP 9

  1. hello sir,
    first i want to thank you for education you are providing.
    i have a few question,
    1) i am using tally 9 when i have to open tally i need to RUN the tally after put data folder on tally icon.
    2) i try to do payroll i prepared all head, unit bt when i want to pass payroll voucher entry it cannot take the amount automatically like Basic amt nil while i already prepared the basic ledger with all information how to do?
    3) now there is a problem the tally icon not showing is it means tally corrupted?
    4) and the last one is how do i ask my problem is it the only way to ask you by replying any comment of post????
    Please help sir.
    Thank you.

    1. Hello Rehman,

      Please fill out the leave a message which is available at the bottom right side of every page. I need to understand your query in more details.

  2. Hello Mr. Rana,

    I would like to know that, in Tally can we make an invoice through delivery note?

    Suppose we have sent the goods through Delivery Note,
    and after a day or two want to raise the invoice.

    Is it possible to convert the delivery note into invoice?


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