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Tally Add-ons are the ready made Tally TDL extensions to the Tally software which gives additional functionality, features to the Default Tally.ERP 9.
Since 1990, I was working with Accounts and Tally.ERP 9 and for past few years, I started to learn Coding and eventually I learned Tally TDL Coding. It was really an amazing journey to learn the coding. Even I was a a commerce background I never felt that I can’t learn the coding because in today’s life the educational background is of no meaning. if you have  a burning desire, you can learn anything. Almost anything you wish so. Those who have a doubt that only a programming background can help you to learn the coding

Its been two years, I started to develop customised Tally solutions for my client. During the last 2 years, I learnt so many great stuff and many developers helped me in my journey of coding.  I am thankful to all of them as well as to those clients who supported me during this journey.

During last 2 years, I developed some amazing Add-ons and slowing I am making them available for the public.

Now, the you can buy the Tally Add-Ons online and empower your Tally.ERP 9. We offer the best coding and best support to our client.

For more details about the Ready Add-Ons please browse our Tally Add-Ons page and select the best which suits your needs.

These TDLs are the ready made TDL and can be deployed immediately. if you need any changes than the same is chargeable extra.

Our First Ready Made Add-Ons is the Basic SMS Modules in Tally.ERP 9 and soon we are launching the Petrol Bunk, Auto Payment, Auto Depreciation and many more TDLs along with some amazing Vertical Solutions for the industry specific needs.

So, how do these Add-Ons Works?

Well, you will need a valid Tally.ERP 9 license and you need to quote your Tally Serial Number while placing your order. We will compile the Add-Ons and will tie up the same to your Tally.ERP 9 serial Number and a  secured TCP file will be delivered to your electronically through your mail ID within the 48 working hours after the successful confirmed order.

Will you give any support related to the Add-Ons Once I buy the same

Yes, Absolutely, you will get the free support if you face any issue with the TDL. The support is free for the first year and if in future the Add-Ons doesn’t work with the updated Tally.ERP 9 software( The ERP software continuously updating) We will amend the code for a nominal charge of @20% of the original price of the Add-Ons.However, there will be rare chances of the non functionality of the Add-Ons after the software is being updated.

If I need some changes in the Add-Ons Can you do that?

Yes, Absolutely, but the same is chargeable extra except some minor modification. But keep in mind that if you need the minor modifications, we will need some extra time to make the changes. We won’t charge extra for some minor modifications while a special requirement is chargeable extra.

Here is a list of some Awesome Ready Made TDLs

SMS Modules(Basic)

Petrol Bunk (Coming soon)

Transport Modules (Coming Soon)

Auto Payment
Auto Deprecation

Axis Bank RTGS TDL

Online Sales Order Processing (Coming Soon)

Excel to Tally Import

Print Invoices in your native language