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Syndicate Bank Cheque Printing in tally.erp 9

Syndicate Bank Cheque Printing will help to configure your Tally to print cheques from Tally for the Syndicate Bank customers. In day-to-day Accounting people needs to issue cheques to different payees. now preparing this cheque manually and again posting the same to Accounts is a time consuming job and subject to human Errors.

An accounting software which supports the in built feature of cheque printing is always welcome to avoid repetitive daily tasks.

One tallynine.com reader Ms.Purnima has successfully set up cheque printing dimension for SBI and Syndicate bank after reading articles on Axis bank cheque printing and ICICI bank cheque printing.

On our special request she agreed to publish dimension of both SBI and Syndicate Bank  Cheque for the benefits of fellow readers and we are thankful to her.

I will not repeat the basic set up which requires for cheque printing that is through F11.

To set up

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New and Improved Version of Execl to Tally.erp 9| Excel to Tally

Excel to Tally is a useful utility created by Arif Masani who is expert in Excel.

Excel is a very easy and yet most useful utility which is almost used in most of day-to-day office work. Arif Masani who is expert in Excel and Tally come with an integrated utility to import-export data from Excel to Tally which will be very useful for people who don’t have hands on Tally.Those people who do not get enough time to learn Basic of Accountancy may find the utility very useful.It will be a great tool for those who are not familiar with Accounting principles or Tally.erp 9 and are struggling here and there to learn Tally.erp 9. All you need is just fill up data in Excel and then import it

By using this utility, just enter the vouchers or ledgers in Excel and import it direct to the

Excel to Tally

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Data Synchronisation in Tally.ERP 9 | How to set up

Data Synchronisation  refers to a process wherein data is replicated between Computer system located at different geographical locations.

Recently one of Learn Tallynine Reader Mr. Benz asked us about the process for setting up Data Synchronisation. There were some misunderstanding about the Data Synchronisation among the people so, let’s understand how the Data Synchronisation works in Tally.erp 9

Gone the days when people use to take the back up of their Tally data and than send it to the Branches or head office or even to auditors through mail, CD.removable media etc. There were lot of hurdles in the process like the data size as most of mail clients accept attachment only up to certain limits. The another fear was about damage to removable media and also the process was time consuming and there were fear of virus during the transfer of data through removable electronic media.


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Using A hacked Software ? look before you leap

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I just posted an article why I love original tally to use and I found some interesting response from some of my readers which reveals that there is mass unawareness in the public and people are not aware the benefits of using an original software and so they work with inferior quality goods/services.

Piracy is a global Issue however India is the softest target for hacked software users and developers.

The cause of high level of piracy rate in India is mainly due to public unawareness. People are not aware that using a hacked software is a legal crime, an anti moral action and one should not use the same. It is like an act of theft. Further to above, people are even not sure the immense benefits they can avail as a genuine customer. They are just misguided by some criminals who sells cracked software.


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Tally License | Why One should buy a paid Software

Nothing is more pleasure then using a licensed software and same is so true when the matter comes to using worlds most simple to use, yet powerful business accounting software. Tally license is the right to use the software legally and to claim the support in case of need.

We can define a licensed software  as a paid Software which comes with all features including the awesome support from the Company itself as well its Service partners

It is like India’s Microsoft (Windows)  due to poor copyright protection rules and lack of strict legal provisions for software protection in India. Further to above, Many small computer and software vendors spreading  a misleading information about not to use original license just to earn some 2-3 k.That is why out of every 10 user, 7 are using a cracked version of tally.erp 9. It is a matter of common sense that goods

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Lower Deduction of TDS in Tally | How to manage

TDS is in tally.erp 9 is the biggest helping hand for me as it help me to avoid manual work relating to TDS compliance. Since entire system in tally.erp 9 relating to TDS is automated all you need is to make some one time set up for enable TDS in tally.erp 9 and then just concentrate your attention only towards making entries. Your tally.erp 9 will take care of TDS calculation, TDS return, Form no. 16a and every aspect relating to TDS including automated payment challan for TDS. If you are not aware of TDS features in tally then you should referTDS help file for further reference

One more interesting feature available in tally.erp 9 is to manage lower deduction TDS rates for certain suppliers

By virtue of Section 197/197A an assesses can get  a certificate of lower deduction from the ITO.

Such certificate will include your TAN number, Assesses

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New Interface of Control Panel with advanced features in Release 2.0 of tally

As we have read about release 2.0 and some of its advanced features, today we will see the revamped control center in release 2.0 of tally.erp 9.

Control Center is a very very important feature in tally.erp 9 however very few tally user are aware of the same and rarely use it. This is one of my favorite feature and I use it frequently.It is also useful to create remote user and to access your data remotely.

Those who do not take care of some basic understanding of managing a software, feels a lot of problem latter. So, if you are not aware or not accessing your control panel, then I am sure, one day you might face difficulty.

What it can be

The first thing is that Control Panel is the biggest source of managing your license. And a person who used his/her email ID to activate/reactive your tally.erp

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Tally TDL how to modify company features F11 ?

My articles on TDL created a buzz in students who wanted to learn Tally TDL many of them successfully write their own TDL after reading the some posts published on this blog.

Here is one more TDL to modify the Company Feature F11.

;; Sri Ganeshji : Sri Balaji : Sri Pitreshwarji : Sri Durgaji : Sri Venkateshwara

Objective(s) –
–    This code demonstrates the usage of UDF
–    This code is written to add a new line into Company Accounting Feature screen and associate an UDF within Company

Last Modification –
–    Altered on 09-11-2009

[#Part: CMP AccFeat Right]

Option    : TSPL Smp NR CMP AccFeat Right    : NOT $$IsRemoteCompany

[!Part: TSPL Smp NR CMP AccFeat Right]

Add    : Lines        : CMP Student Fees Feature

[Line: CMP Student Fees Feature]

Fields      : Medium Prompt, CMP Student Fees Feature
Local       : Field : Medium Prompt : Info    : $$LocaleString:”Enable Student Module?”
Space Top   : 0.4

[Field: CMP Student Fees Feature]

Use        : Logical Field
Storage    :

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Zero Valued Entries

Dear Friends,

On special Request of one tallynine reader Mr.abhimanyu, I am posting today concept of Zero Valued Entries

Zero Valued entries are those entries where a voucher entry is made without any values, i.e., one of the parameters (Qty or Rate) may not have a value but needs to updated in the records.


Zero-rated VAT or Exempt from Tax Account. You are permitted to make such an entry. The Exempt Ledger account can be viewed for all Exempt Sales.

The items which are given as Free Samples.

Note: Zero Valued entries are allowed only in Sales and Purchase vouchers only and are not available in Receipt, Payment vouchers and journal vouchers.

For enabling Zero Valued entries, Go to F11 under General under General Tab for accounting/inventor set yes to Allow zero valued entries .

Now suppose you are selling an item under a scheme of buy 3 get

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How to Generate TDS Certificate in Tally

TDS certificates in Tally offers simplification of Statutory compliance related to Tally. I still remember those hazardous days where we prepare Manually TDS data, TDS certificates and so on. Thanks to Tally team for enabling the TDS in Tally.erp 9 and making TDS simplest Task to manage. A detained Step by Step guideline with Example is also available at TDS certificates in Tally

How to generate TDS certificate in Tally

To print TDS certificates in Tally, you must first of all, Enable TDS features to yes, in F11, then set TDS masters for ledgers wherever TDS is applicable. set Advance entries in Ledger master yes for TDS option.


Also make set up for Expenses ledger master and enable TDS to yes.

TDS in Tally How to account Voucher Entry

After setting up necessary master set up for TDS, you should take care while passing a journal or a payment voucher and ensure that while passing

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