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Business specific ready-made Tally.erp 9

So, far we all know about the default tally.erp 9 which is suitable generally to any business type without any advance integration orcustomization.

Now many Tally Integrators have built very comprehensive business specific solutions in several areas, some of which are detailed below. I am sure many of you will love this business specific ready-made tally.erp 9 for your requirement.

  1. Educational Institutions
    The education solution covers the management of areas like Fee management, Transport management, Hostel Management, Stationery & Inventory Management, Department Management and Payroll tightly integrated with Accounting. This helps your institute avoid the need for multiple & scattered IT applications. These are mature solutions and are in use across the country.
  2. White Goods
    The White Goods & Home Appliances solution addresses Sales Management, Purchase Management, Branch Management, Service Management and more. Our partners have implemented these solutions in many reputed businesses successfully.
  3. Hospitals & Nursing Homes
    Comprehensive solutions

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address book TDL in tally buy it now!

We have seen some articles on how to set up tdl in tally, how to write a basic tdl and how to create a new filed in Ledger Master in tally

TDL is useful to add value to your existing Tally software and by using a tdl you can enhance the usage of your default tally.

No, Software can suit  needs of everybody. This is true for Accounting software as Accountancy is a result of day-to-day commercial activities and legal compliance and changes in the laws make the accounting software more complex.

However good thing is that there are professionals who prepare add-on for a software which fulfill the gap between the general feature of a software and the user specific requirement.There are professionals who develop various TDL which are useful for tally user who need it.

Address book  TDL is such an add-on for tally users helping you to

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Understanding Release 1.6, Build 258 of tally.erp 9

UPDATE : as on date 5th April, 2010, the latest release of tally.erp 9 is release 1.61 build 3 which you can download from the download section of my site

As anticipated,Tally just released its latest release 1.6 and I guess it might be the last release for the current Series A as Tally is planning to launch now series B as per its calendar at any time after April, 2009.

The highlights of this release are listed below. However I will explain you the same with more insight. Bold sentences are my personal comments under each highlights

Data Synchronisation for Distributed Business Environments

Data synchronisation is now revamped with new capabilities and behavioral changes to make the process simple, fast and wide-ranging. Some of the new capabilities include enhanced performance, one way synchronisation, online snapshot and sync after save.

This feature is more useful for branch accounting as they

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step by step company creation in Tally

Company creation in Tally is the first step to start working with Tally.erp 9.So, today we will go through company Creation in Tally.ERP 9

company creation in Tally | How  to go ahead

Once the software is downloaded, start the Tally.erp 9, and the below  screen will appear. It will prompt to create a company, if there is no company created or loaded and so, the  Select option is  disabled automatically. Now just read the full articles here for company creation in Tally.

company creation in Tally


Now hit Create company button and you will find below screen

company creation in Tally | First step to do?


Type  the legal name of the company and its mailing address.

company creation in Tally

Note : You may alter name and address at any time latter on you wish so.


After the address, select your county.Then select Stat

company creation in Tally
company creation in Tally


If your office location is in

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e payment TDS | quick tool to make life easier

e payment TDS now days becomes compulsory for almost all tax payers. Here is a very useful and handy tool to make e payment TDS more efficiently and without any error

e payment TDS Concept of online payment of  TDS

Nowadays online, payment of TDS and other taxes is mandatory for most types of accesses and every time the tax payer is requires to fill up details of name, address, PAN,TAN and other details. Its  a boring work and if you have made mistake in TAN or AY etc. then you have to deal with bank/Assessing Officer which will bring further trouble to you.Today, I am giving a wonderful utility in excel file which will help you in a great way.

e payment TDS |Excel based software

This utility is  developed by Fast Facts Computer Systems Ltd and I have found it through net though not remember exactly from where

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Basic of TDS

Tds is  a vital statutory compliance in accounting department. tally.erp 9 makes TDS process easy and automated. It also help users to prepare TDS certificate without any manual work. However before starting tds entries in tally.erp 9, one should understand Basic  of TDS and should become familiar with the provisions of Income tax in this regard.You may also refer to the official website of the income tax department to know more about Basic of TDS

TDS Stands for TAX Deducted at Source
Any payment made or payable to any contractor /firm/companies
Any payment made or payable to any professional or technical person/firm/companies

Any rent paid or payable to any person/firm/companies

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How to create a payment Voucher Class

What's in my bag(s) - July 5th, 2008
Image by SharonaPayGott via Flickrym

Today, I will show you how to create a voucher class in tally.

I will give example of cash payment voucher class

by creating a cash payment voucher,while posting any cash payment voucher, you don’t need to specify a credit(cash Ledger) account. just enter the debit (expenses/recipient ledger) account, type the amount of voucher, date of voucher and narration and its done.read here how to make speedy entry in tally

it will help users for speedy and error free posting of entries in tally.
hope you will enjoy it.

more such important features I will let you know in future

the link for downloading the screen shot for voucher class is :


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Getting Started with Exise : PDF help File

Much awaited Excise Module has been integrated by the Tally solutions with its tally.erp module which should be appreciated.otherwise, Tally users have to purchase it separately at a cost ranging from Rs. 25K to 35K. Though some users are facing difficulties in proper accounting with vat and excise, I will recommend that for learning purpose this is very good and tally team will surely solve some problems associated in the process of excise and vat.

Here users can download the pdf version of the file for knowledge purpose it will help them to become familiar with excise in tally.erp 9


Tally ERP 9 : Getting Started

Those who are even not familiar with Tally 9 or earlier version they are always confusing how to get started with tally. Tally.erp 9 make it simpler to install and starting with tally.erp 9.

Here reader will find an easy way how to activate the tally.erp 9.
However first all you need to download the tally.erp 9 and download tally reference manual and then create a new company in tally to start your work. Once you have created your new company you may set voucher entry configuration and should create some ledgers .You should also understand some basic rules of accounting

For learning purpose you may use an educational version of tally.erp 9 which does not allow you to enter accounting entries on dates except 1st and 2nd of any month. That is you can’t use an educational software for commercial purpose. If you want to use a licensed

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Accounting principles | First step to Accounting Career

Accounting principles knowledge is  the first step to Accounting Career. An understanding of the Accounting principles Guarantees a success in the Accounting Career

We have already read about basic of accountancy and some thumb rules relating to Accounting principles

Concept of Accounting Principles

As This is a world wide fact, there are 3 Thumb Rules in Accountancy related to Accounting principles and in our earlier article, we have already read about  the 1st Rule of Individual Accounts. now let’s see further understanding  of Accounting Principles.


Rule No.2) Goods/Assets Account


Debit whatever comes in


Credit whatever goes out


All, you need is just remember this rule

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